Finally! Total of 20 lbs lost!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well, here I am. Sitting pretty at 20 lbs lost. Woot!

I'm shocked, stunned and in awe. I didn't think I'd do it this week. I've had a terrible week, one filled with stress, focus on other things, lack of sleep and emotional eating. I only got exercise in when I could, not truly focusing on it or putting my full effort in to it. I emotionally ate at times, especially dealing with some pretty tough news the last 2 days. But, that's ok. I'm here.

And I'm 20-freaking-lbs lighter! (overall)

So, what is in store for me now? Well, I am still 5 lbs away from my first big goal - 25 lbs lost or a weight of 239. That is HUGE to me. I haven't been 239 in a very looooong time. When I joined Spark last year, I did manage to lose about 15lbs which put me in the 240's. But I never made it to 239. Since I've restarted my journey this year, I feel that hitting 239 will show that I'm really doing it, really committed and in this for the long haul.

And now I'm simply 5 lbs away. Wow.

But I can't lose focus. I can't lose my drive and determination. I really have to stick to it this time, now more than ever. I can't let my current stress knock me off track. It's already affecting my sleep. And we all know lack of good sleep can certainly slow weight loss.

I have felt myself slipping this past week or so. I've almost had a "blah" attitude about this. Where is my fire? Where is my passion? What new workouts have I been trying?

So, that is my focus/goal this week. Not necessarily a huge drop in #'s on the scale (though, that wouldn't hurt!), but more importantly to regain my passion and drive. I need to keep at this. I've got 2 months until another big life decision and I would really like to have this weight loss well on it's way by then. I don't need worry about my determination when I am dealing with other things. That should be something I can fall back on.

Goal for the week: Strengthen my resolve.

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