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Sunday, 8/7 Tough week of work and dental work

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hi all,

My week has been absolutely hectic. I am doing okay, but it is hard to come up with a few minutes to blog these days. I know that this is what going back to work is about for me.

I was here last on Tuesday and had an appointment to see my doc the next day about issues with my lab work. After all of my plans to take care of myself, I postponed that appointment until Tuesday of this week. I decided that missing that meeting and having to go to other schools to catch up on the "Bloodborne Pathogens" mandated training and about six other things that the state of IL requires us to have annual training on was not something I had time to do. (Every year, we have to watch a video on bloodborne pathogens and how to protect ourselves against treating bleeding kids and ending up with HIV or Hepatitis. The nurse facilitates these videos, but after doing this for some 18 of the past 25 years, I am not sure what is new in this field. The videos are "cheesy" and pseudo-gross as well.)

Thursday was busy and I am still trying to select students and make a schedule, but I am waiting on the rest of the teachers to get back to me with their schedules. I have over 100 students who need a program and I cannot do that. I am hoping to do something innovative so that I can see extra kids by working within the classroom programs. I know that seeing more kids is a tough deal for me and different for them--but I can double the number of children that I see without working a lot of extra hours.

After work, I left for my oral surgery appointment. I had a lot of work done in my mouth and am still recovering now. I decided that with everything I had endured up until now, that I would opt to be awake and use local anesthesia for this work, saving money and avoiding that "sleepiness" from anesthesia. It is too late to do it over, but I should have went the other route. It took some 24+ injections to numb my mouth up and my face was numb for hours, especially up my nasal passages making breathing tough. Anyway, I had 7 teeth extracted and gum work done. I left with a mouth full of stitches and although it is improving, it isn't good yet. Eating is a real chore--soft foods that don't seem to be very filling. Applesauce and juice are my source of fruits and veggies right now--and I am craving stuff I never eat. Hmm, this is another sign that eating is emotional as much as physical (at least for me.)

I was able to go to work on Friday--far better than staying at home and feeling sorry for myself and I accomplished a lot behind the scenes. I still cannot start teaching as I am waiting for feedback from teachers and in getting my schedule finished. I am not feeling great about the new school year yet, but maybe, when I get to start seeing my students, it will come. Paperwork and meetings is the real down side to being an educator in this country I cannot think of anyone who got into teaching for that stuff. Meetings typically frustrate me because you are handed paper that explains the topic and the agenda--then you spend the entire meeting having someone read that stuff to you along with long periods of time debating items that don't have much significance to actual education.

Saturday was a bit better. I had lunch with my best friend--uh, soup for me, but we talked and talked and talked. I did some grocery shopping and some chores around the house. Then, I went to the water slide park with my youngest son and my 20 year old joined us. After we finished, we came home and regrouped--gathering my 22 and my 23 year olds and went bowling. I came home and had some macaroni and cheese for dinner. I went back to some spark time, but I fell asleep at the laptop. (I do that a lot--and I wake up during the night and sometimes cannot get back to sleep. I average 6 hours of sleep a night in pieces and parts.)

I am glad it is Sunday. We are having a Dixieland Jazz service at church today. I am going to try to do some videos or photos to share. We have flowers for the alter in honor of our 15 year old's birthday tomorrow. (Guess who gets her first drivers license this week?) We will go swimming somewhere today and we have to drive 45 minutes to the train station to pick up my 26 year old son who has been in LA at a wedding. He was supposed to get to go to Canada for another wedding this coming week, but he wouldn't have gotten back in time to start school at his new position. I am sorry that he has to miss that, but it is far more important for him to have a job doing what he is so gifted for doing. He will have this week to spend more time with me and in his classroom as he gets ready for his big first day of the school year. For him, my attitude about meetings won't quite apply and he will be like a hungry puppy taking in every second. The arguments about silly stuff like where to have children line up will have a different affect for him than they do for me.

From the way I feel, it will be another day of yogurt and cottage cheese for me. I really, really want a burger with slices of fresh tomatoes that my garden is producing by the handful now. Tomatoes are my favorite food and the ones from my garden are the best, big and juicy and yummy. I like them with cottage cheese, oh well, this will heal soon enough I guess. I go to see my doc on Tuesday and find out what is going on with my thyroid. (I now know what parts of my labwork were off. I also am now aware that sometimes thyroid issues plague women as they grow older and can mask themselves as some of the pain issues that my arthritis and fibromyalgia can cause. My doctor tested for a lot of things to make sure we were treating my health correctly. That makes sense to me--and I don't know a lot about thyroid issues. I am guessing that I will be sent to an endocrinologist for a more complete checkup.)

I cannot usually get more than a couple of blogs in a week during the school year. I have made a commitment to my body to get to the pool each day because it keeps me walking and moving with the least pain. With the fitness center still on their scheduled maintenance/ clean-up shutdown, I have to go earlier in the day at other pools, generally those outdoors and for "fun." It seems to take more time to work out at these pools, but it is also so much fun to be out in the fresh air when I exercise. I sure hope that you all have a great week. I recognize that it is still summer, our year round schedule is what has us back at school now.

Gentle hugs, one and all!!
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    Ouch on the dental work. I was cringing and I hope you are fully recovered soon.
    2415 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Taking care of your health should always be your first priority. So glad you have a Dr. who appears to be looking under every stone to figure out where your troubles are coming from. Here is to more success and more fixes for you. I live on fruit shakes. Got to admit mac and cheese was one of my favorite meals. Hope your administrative stuff is over with soon so you can get down to the real business of teaching..
    Feel better soon. That is a pile of teeth to lose :((
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    2415 days ago
    Glad you were able to find out the general area of the test results that are in question... so you aren't worrying too much! Sounds like you are progressing although schedules is not set yet! Knowing you are back to work/school, I understand totally about not being able to blog as often!! Things like Working Out are a lot more important!!! We are here, and we cheer ya on!!!

    2415 days ago
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