Dear Body, I am sorry.....

Friday, August 05, 2011

Dear Body,

Well here is the nasty, ugly truth. I haven’t been good to you. I have treated you terribly. I haven’t given credit where credit is due. I haven’t fueled you properly, I have taken advantage of you. I have lied, cheated and then lied some more. I have neglected you and above all else not respected you!

It is so sad to me that the one thing I can rely on, the one thing that has supported me all my life…. I have treated so poorly. Body you are truly so amazing and inspiring. You were once my temple. You saw me through years of swimming, basketball, cheerleading, soccer and running. You allowed me to excel and be my very best. Recently, you helped create a life and nurtured it and helped it grow. You housed my special baby boy for over 9 months. You tried your very best but when I couldn’t handle a natural birth you withstood a major surgery and bounced surprisingly quick. I only wish I treated you the way you deserve…. But yet I neglected you and was depressed and disappointed in the outcome of the birth and not being able to breastfeed.

NO LONGER!!!!!! I want to honour you and do you justice. Give you the fuel and the proper nutrients you need. Push your limits and reach fitness goal once again. Treat you like you deserve – like my temple.
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