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Monday, August 01, 2011

Free exercise for those who have nice weather or just want to get out of the house: find different neighborhoods, parks, wildlife areas, beaches, or even malls (if people watching/AC are your things) & WALK. Studies have show it can be just as good as running/jogging as a form of exercise (less calories burned in short term, but much better for joints or those starting to get in shape again). It is free! If you have stress, this is a great reliever & getting out & about can help with depression or just the "life is overwhelming" blahs.

Anyone have a fav place to walk?

I live in San Diego where we enjoy nice weather all year, I'm very lucky. I'm also lucky in that San Diego has tons of green belts scattered through out the city which have walking trails. The beach provides good exercise & many beaches have trails around/near them. I find that when I am feeling blue, exploring a new neighborhood can perk me up. Sunday, the fam & I went walking near Seaport Village. As the name implies, it's right on the water & in connection with some parks, has miles of waterside "trails" suitable for walking, biking, skating, etc. We discovered an outdoor theatre used by the San Diego Symphony for outdoor summer concerts. We're going to have to make a point of taking a walk near there during concerts ;) We also discoverd the stories of stairs on the back of the convention center. Forget a stairclimber at a gym, you can get a great workout going up & down these a couple of times!

Helpful(?) hints:
make sure you are wearing good shoes for walking. You don't need expensive walking shoes, but do make sure they have good support.
Make sure you take water with you are at least take advantage of water fountains. Avoid Gatorade, Powerade & the like, unless you are doing an extreme work-out causing buckets of sweat to pour off of you, you don't need the extra electrolytes. Sports drinks are bad for your teeth (up there with soda) & give you needless additives & calories.
Don't forget sunscreen. Put it on 15-20 min before going out if possible. Don't neglect the sunscreen just because you don't burn or have darker skin, you can still get sun damage!
I prefer to walk in the morning or evening when it is cooler & the sun less harsh. This is a personal preferance, though I have read that the sun does more damage between 12pm & 3pm. I just don't like being out in the heat.
Anyone else have a favorite free exercise?
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