August Goals, plus pictures of me in a bathing suit!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

My measurments as of Today:

Weight: 191
Hip: 41
Waist: 40.5
Leg: 23
Arm: 12.5
Neck: 14.5

My goal for August is to lose 9 pounds. I will be happy with 8 though.

I want my waist to be under 40 inches. It hasn't been since I was a FRESHMAN in high school. Maybe even younger to be honest.

Any other inches lost will be much celebrated!!

This past week I went to the beach with my niece and some family. Pictures were taken and it was the first time I've seen a picture of me in a bathing suit and I thought I looked good!! I even put them up on facebook! Not ready for a bikini yet, but this gives me hope that one day I will be!!!

Me and my cousins

My aunt and I

It is really crazy how far I've come since last summer!!! How much I can move around and not get tired. I remeber so distinctly last year, walking on the sand and getting so out of breath by the time I reached my towel. It would take a few minutes to get my breathing back to normal. I would get so tired, that I wouldn't dare go back to my car until I was ready to leave for the day. Now this past trip, I made mutliple trips back and forth to the car and snack bar. Never once losing my breath!!

Little things like that make me so happy sometimes I could burst!
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