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Sharing from In These Rooms - Honesty, Willingness, Openness

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Many of you may know me from the 12 step programs I have been active in. I freely want to share my experience, strength and hope today. And remember that there is a solution today.
HOW it works for me. Honesty, Willingness and Openness. Today I am an open book, willing to go to any lengths for my health and wellness, so that I may be of service to others. So that I may live a vibrant and happy life. For me... Honesty is absolutely critical.

Yes, it takes Willingness. And Openness which for me was very hard, as I had a lot of shame issues. But I am done with shame. I am proud today, I am in recovery from compulsive overeating. One day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time, sometimes one second at a time. I get a daily reprieve if I work it, if I put myself in my Higher Power's hands, who gives me unconditional love, always...

Yes, I once used food as a drug, as a friend who was always there for me. Such poppycock, today, food is simply food. I enjoy food. I savour it. I use it to heal my body. Yes, it is mood altering, hence I make much wiser choices today, which has given me a new found freedom.

One Day at a Time.
Lady Di

from In These Rooms, daily meditation...

July 30

Keeping secrets is a foolish attempt to stay safe from the truth. We tell ourselves we are sparing another person or protecting ourselves, but all too often the secrets that we keep actually keep us. What people need from me in order to make sense of me is the truth. When I withhold that truth, I withhold myself. I am creating distance that no one can cross because the way across the divide is the way of honesty. I cannot make something better by lying, and I cannot be fully understood if I won't give the benefit of the truth. I can live my life in a web of lies without ever uttering a falsehood. The web of lies is composed of not just what I say, but the vast amount of honesty that I withhold.

There is a difference between considerate honesty and aggressive frankness. Honesty recognizes the personhood of both people and is an act of trust; but too much frankness can border on mean.

I see honesty as an act of trust.

The weakness of a soul is proportionate to the number of truths that must be kept from it.
Eric Hoffer
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