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Some days you just need to cry...

Friday, July 29, 2011

If you are going on this journey with me ... then you have to go all the way.

Love all my Spark friends...I'm coming back around!
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    We are our own worst enemy, too true.
    You've never been deceitful about the challenges of this battle. You've never been one to blow sunshine up our patooties.
    It has been increasingly difficult to watch you underestimate yourself. Wait, 'underestimate' is not the right word, no, it's more of an increasing self-disapproval. It seemed like every step closer to your goal the more intense and dissatisfied you were. It's part of the journey these psychological battles and I don't have your answers, but, I'm here for you.
    I know you can have victory.
    If I was close and you felt like you needed one, here's a hug,

    2394 days ago
    Oh Sweetie...I am so sorry you are going through a rough time. I, of course, will be going down this journey with you. You have been an inspiration to me for the longest time and I totally miss you when you are gone!

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you going through a rough patch...I don't think there is one Sparker that has not gone through exactly what you are going through right now.

    emoticon to you....We all Love emoticon you dearly!

    You have an abundance of support here babe! emoticon
    2396 days ago

    I guess it's all about what is in a name.

    I encourage you to remember what you named yourself for Spark.


    You are worthy of all of your love.
    2397 days ago
    I'll go all the way with you sweetie! I'm here with you for better or worse.

    And I agree with you. It's so easy to look at the before and after pics and think "Wow, that must have been so easy" and it's not. And others will criticise you for sharing the negative part or for being hard on yourself....and perhaps there are people out there who can travel this road "emotionless" if you will, but I think there are more of us like you out there than you know. We just don't have the guts to put it out there. And make no mistake, it does take guts and I think most of us realize and appreciate that. It shows us that in those dark times, we're not alone. There is so much more to this journey than the numbers on the scale.

    You know I love you girl and you cross my mind often. I hope the day got better for you and that you're able to enjoy the weekend.

    2397 days ago
    Aw Adrienne- I am so sorry you're having such a bad friday and it DOES suck when the weight loss stalls( or goes up like I did over vacation) But I am going to challenge you- I follow all your blogs and you ARE REALLY hard on yourself. And more times that not you express negative feelings. I applaud your courage in showing everyone how you feel, I also applaud your complete honesty.( you got more balls than I do fer sure!) But my challenge is to share the good stuff too. I want your next post to be about something you are "Happy" with or about. I know you're not always sad and upset. I challenge you to find something that makes you smile- and share that with us.

    Your before and after picturse ARE amazing! And *most* of us know that there are many steps of well as many stops of Joy n every weightloss journey! You don't achieve what you have without some of both. I- and everyone else on spark will always be here to support you when you need it..hell- my last blog was a direct response to your vlog on deep thoughts( LOL) But we are also here to share the satisfaction that comes from overcoming the disappointments. As your thick to thin team leader- its my responsibility to "light a fire under you" every once in awhile.( and don't say I didn't warn you when you asked to join) And right now I see you wallowing in the bad my challenge is to look at your life and what you have accomplished...right THIS moment( NOT what you have YET to accomplish) and do a vlog on how THAT makes you feel, You can have an 8 oz glass with 4 oz in it and moan that it's only half full...or you can rejoice that it's not empty. So reset...take stock...and tell me something you're pleased with! It'll change your mood..and your day girlfriend. And that's what friends do for each other... so consider your hiney warmed( wink) I also hope this doesn;t sound heartless cuz I'm not. I just know that you have your moments- then snap out of them. So I wanted to help with the snap.

    2398 days ago
    Sorry this was a bad day for you. I was waiting to hear the cause of your pain so I could tell you things will get better and you will be ok.
    2398 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2011 3:07:47 PM
    My response will be in the form of a video. Love you!
    2398 days ago
    Hey Adrianne..Bravo!!..Thank you again for sharing your reality with us..There is so much self destructive mental mind rape that goes on..I find strength in your videos for having the balls to share and being that comfortable with yourself..I love you too..You are not alone..and I hope this is helping you the way your relateable blogs are helping all of us not feel so alone...I did something for me up before the sun..did some cardio and strength training..then had a nice breakfast..It felt good doing something good for me!..I am choosing today to beat down my inner bully!..I hope you do something nice for yourself today!
    2398 days ago
  • BEHAPPY0201
    Love the song in the backgroud at the end! Chin up girl
    2398 days ago
    Don't beat yourself up. The only person that suffers is you. Take these emotions and spin them into something positive. Remember how this feels, and use it the next time that you feel a binge coming on, a slacker-day coming on. If you want a laugh, please check out my ridiculously silly dance party for today.
    2398 days ago
    ohh A... it's so true. I cry on a regular basis... whether is be me just being emotional... stressed... or the weight. Actually I thinkt he first vlog you commented on of mine I was crying! :') Love you A... you inspire me all the time... even the crying, helps me know I'm not crazy... I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing babe... hope your day improves and you have an amazing friday
    2398 days ago
  • SARAHMAC1978
    Oh you are breaking my heart, Adrienne :(

    It's not exactly clear what is getting you down, but just know that it will pass and you'll be stronger for it, I feel sure. You'll get through it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Please have a happy and mentally restful weekend!
    2398 days ago
    Adrienne, thanks for being transparent. ((hugs)) This journey is HARD mentally as well as physically. Often times the emotional part gets overlooked.

    I'm so sorry today is a sad day for you and I'm praying it gets tons better. That internal voice that tells you negative things quiets down and your positive voice takes charge. emoticon

    I've cried, I've screamed and buried myself under a mountain of food more times than I care to count. Once again I thank you for sharing what is real.
    2398 days ago
    ok once you have cried, then pick yourself up and smile the rest of the day. Its not really hard. Blessings to you
    2398 days ago
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