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Wax on - Wax off?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

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    Self control is TOUGH for me! My boyfriend, Bob, was under the assumption that I would quit processed food AND caffine... in the same day. Oh, he had another thing coming. I bought a diet pepsi today. I know one day I will give it up, but not as cold turkey.

    Good luck with finding a team that fits you. I just became the leader of Healthy Entrepreneurs, but it's been a ghost town for months. I'm trying to get it going again, so we'll see what happens.

    I haven't tried Zumba yet. I wanted to attend that class and a yoga class to see which fit me the best, but I keep forgetting to ask the gym for a class list, dangit.

    P.S. Love your Biggest Loser comment. Literally laughed out loud!
    2300 days ago
    Maybe it would help you go look at weight loss not as self-control and discipline, but as something more positive. Look at it as taking care of yourself. I noticed you eat a lot of processed food. Maybe a good place to start is to focus on getting 5-8 servings of fruit and veggies a day, and drinking 8 glasses of water. These goals are about adding, not subtracting or controlling. Don't worry about calories so much, but slowly change what you are eating/the types of foods. When you eat a lot of sugar and salt, you crave a lot of sugar and salt. When you move toward more whole foods, the cravings start to diminish. Also, maybe add a goal of getting 10-15 minutes of walking a day. Start small, and not overwhelm yourself. Once you build consistency, it becomes easier to build on these goals. When you have an all or nothing mentality, it is easier to put things off until the next day. When you build up gradually and act consistently, it's easier to change.

    Just a thought.
    2301 days ago
    You are asking yourself some very difficult questions here, but still ones that I have had to ask myself, and most of us here on Spark have had to do the same. The so often imponderable question of "Why is it, that I don't do what I know I should do, and yet, that which I know I shouldn't do, well that, I do!?" Sound familiar?

    That may be, because the question is roughly paraphrased from the words of the apostle Paul, and I figured that I'd better give him proper cred, cause I might get in trouble for ripping off the words of the greatest Christian missionary of all time! Just don't need that kind of trouble at all! Lol :o)

    But seriously, (and yes, that is possible for me!) there are three big questions that come to mind. The first, is have you been thoroughly medically checked out, for any physical causes for overeating, or excessive weight gain? My guess is that you have, but I thought it important to ask, anyway.

    The second question is, if there is nothing physically going on with you, to cause your overeating and weight gain, are there underlying psychological and emotional reasons for it? It sounds like you've been at least some of the way down this road as well, the only thing I would add, is if it is pyscho-emotional, are you getting help in real life, from real people, in real time for it? Online help can only go so far, and sometimes getting help IRL can be invaluably more effective.

    The third question, which is the one I had to look deep inside myself and ask, is just how bad do you want to lose weight, and enjoy living a healthier and happier life? Just how bad do you really want it? Here at Spark, you have all the tools you need, to succeed. But it is all wasted, unless you want that change badly enough to work, and work hard for it. Do you want to change, badly enough to do all that is required to change?

    Again, this is the hard question I had to ask myself, back when I was 90 lbs overweight and an unbearably miserable man because of it. And until I could answer that question with an answer full of genuine conviction, that I wanted to change badly enough to do anything required, to lose weight and live a healthy and happy life... that change was impossible for me.

    Here's a link for a Spark group that might help... it's called "The Calorie Killers". The link isn't live, so cut and paste into your browser.


    Wishing you the very best of success in working towards and reaching all your goals!

    2303 days ago
    You need to go get your butt in gear!! :D Love you!!

    As for your food addiction, there are many players. The biggest part is our upbringing. Were we taught values about food, was there enough food when you were growing up, and family influence. Often in the absence of a relationship, say a need to want a parent's love, we turn to something to supplement it. Food is always there and provides some sort of comfort perhaps?

    We all have issues with self control one type or another. Like my addiction to coffee, I needed extra energy to get through the day since I'm constantly running around and now I feel the need to still drink coffee. Now I have attempted to address it and instead of 32 ounces of coffee a day (typically those with espresso shots) and a red bull I have 16 ounces which also cuts down the sugar and the extra milk calories. It's better, but I still drink coffee. Which btw, I'm attempting to only use nonfat milk and splenda vanilla sweetener to eliminate my creamer. That's the vanilla flavored non-dairy creamer. Which I'm sure is horrible for you....

    I hope you can find a team that will help keep tabs on you... and be successful on spark.
    2304 days ago
    I just loved your blog this morning. It really got me to thinking.

    I hope you find a team that is a good fit for you that will motivate and push you toward your goals. emoticon
    2305 days ago
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