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3 things: I. AM. BACK! Roasted Veggies. A Big Thank you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I put this on my feed but not sure if you can see it all

I ran upon this today... on spark and was tickled.

I love veggies BUT this makes them sound amazing!

Have any of you guys ever 'ROASTED" your veggies?
I have not but will be doing so this week.

BE sure and read lots of the comments on the article... there were lots of good seasonings ideas...

HEY I am BAAAACK..... (on spark)...... I have been missing for about 3 months.....

sure I browsed around about 5 mins a week here and there... but never commented or said much....

SO MUCH going on with my mom since April 20th, 2011 that my focus and priorities changed.

THANK YOU TO ALL that left me comments or goodies...

THANK YOU TO ALL that prayed and kept my mom/family in your thoughts!


PS over the last 3 mos. I have gained for sure. (20 lbs) YEP u read it right!

(PLUS I had already put back on 15 before my mom got sick.) (From Dec. 2010 to May 2011, I had gained 15 lbs so about 3 lbs a month....)

I am a stress eater and I ate my way thru mom's sickness and requirement for daily hands-on care. (I also prayed constantly and God was so good each and every day and I could feel His loving care during this hard time!)

I went back to my old ways...

I own it... (I hate it..! LOL) but I own it!

I stopped the gain and the bad habits last weekend...

I started back on my eating plan on Sunday July 23rd.

I WILL get it back off....

I will reach my goal weight/size

More blogs coming soon!

Gosh... confessing the weight gain was hard....... "WHEW"..... got that off my chest..... and I do feel better.. because accountability to you guys helps me stay strong and focused!

SO are there any of you guys out there reading this... that want to join me in this healthy journey and get ON track or maybe even BACK ON track?

LOVE you guys!


Member Comments About This Blog Post:
TEACHINMOM 9/13/2011 12:48PM

    Oh WOW!! I started a new job in April. I have been home with the kiddos for YEARS and so I've spent the same few months as you back in my old ways. Emotional eating, making excuses, whatever it was......I put 25ish pounds back on during that time and I too am back and determined to get this back off and get back to where I was AND MORE ~ because I just can't stand how I look and HATE how I feel!!
So glad you're back and I'm glad to be back ~ we can do this together ~ with the help of our dear Spark friends that understand!!!!
BIG emoticon

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KANSASROSE67 8/26/2011 5:41PM

    Glad you're doubt in my mind you will do great!

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BELLALUCIA 8/26/2011 1:14PM

    Welcome back Lady!

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LUNADRAGON 8/25/2011 9:45PM

    Thinking of you, and wondering how you are right now my friend!

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SHANTISHANTI 8/23/2011 8:05PM

    Glad to see you here again, my friend. I can't believe you've never roasted veggies, it's one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning to get ready for the week. Butternut squash, peppers, onions, beets, name it and I've roasted it. Some combinations are better than others, but they are all yummy! emoticon

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LDY_ALI_79 8/3/2011 9:51AM

    emoticon Sometimes our emotions just get in the way! I'm glad to hear you're back into the swing of these! Success is yours!!

Take care~

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Great to see you back Sherlyn!!

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JUST_TRI_IT 8/2/2011 8:17AM

    WOOHOO! Great to see you back. Sorry that life has thrown you some extra things to deal with. Sounds like things are settling for you now... and that WOOHOO! you are getting to a new place you want to be at.

Welcome back... D

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GLAZED-DONUT 8/1/2011 4:17PM

    I'm so glad to see you back sparking, even though I havent been on spark a TON recently, your sunshine was noticeably NOT fluttering around my friend feed.
I do hope your Mom is doing better. Sometimes (and no its not an excuse) but there are due times where things in life DO get in the way of our goals and in those times we may take a couple of steps back, but its the strides forward we take that really count.
Remember, sometimes we need TIME (T)things (I) (M)must (E)earn.
Keep sprakling my friend (hugs)

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WARMSPRINGDAY 7/31/2011 1:21PM

    emoticon and more emoticon

I so understand! I gained 20 pounds, too. Life is hard, isn't it? I'm getting back on track though, and you can do. It took me a long time to be honest too, but felt like a weight off my chest.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

p.s. And yes, I've tried roasted veggies and they are g-r-r-r-r-reat!

Comment edited on: 7/31/2011 1:22:28 PM

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SUMMERWINDS 7/31/2011 1:48AM

    Welcome back Sherlyn! I hope your Mom is adjusting well, I have kept your family in my prayers. I, also was off track BIG TIME! Now, reality has set in and I can't stand the way I feel, so here I am! Wishing you much succes:)

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MONKEYSNUFFER 7/30/2011 11:27PM

    I really missed you! emoticon

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LIFE-OF-LEISURE 7/30/2011 1:51PM

    Welcome back, One Of My Favorite Spark People!

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HEZZA2000 7/30/2011 10:15AM


I missed you and am so so so glad to continue on this journey with you!!!!!

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TEENY_BIKINI 7/30/2011 8:43AM

    Welcome back!!


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HAPPY92003 7/29/2011 6:35PM

    I LOVE roasted veggies! I usually make a batch and eat them all at once! (That is usually my whole diner:) I used the same article you found;-) My hubby broke down and tried them 2 weeks ago (I have been making them for about a year) and HE even loved them! I season with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and cumin...makes them very sweet:)

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FIT-WHIT 7/29/2011 6:01PM

    SHERLYN!! soooo glad to see you back! I was just thinking about you the other day!!!

Yes, I LOVE roasted veggies! They're the best! My favs? Asparagus (drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with S&P) and peppers/onions/carrots/potatoes mixed together. Awesome!

It's good to get the confession out there! Definitely understandable, but doesn't make it easier.... It's tough when we encounter big challenges in life, but we work through them somehow and learn something in the situations!! Don't know if you knew or not, but since April when you were bopping around frequently here on Spark, I bought a house and MOVED!!! So that was exciting! Very distracting and stressful as well, though, and I gained about 5# since we moved. But this past week has been a BACK ON TRACK week, and I'm down 3.5 of those 5!! So, lady, you'll be right back at it as soon as you regain your focus and drive!! I'm here for ya!!

You can DO THIS!

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LIFEWALK 7/28/2011 9:05PM

    Welcome back! yes, I so understand, and know you can turn this around again :)

I haven't roasted veggies beyond baking squash, but what a wonderful explanation. Thank you for the link. We've been exploring them on the grill... yumilicious! Who knew?

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DANGEL117 7/28/2011 10:56AM

    I Have Missed You BUNCHES!!! I'm glad your back too!!! I'll have to try me some roasted veggies!!!

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HAPPYWALKER 7/28/2011 10:07AM

    So happy you're back, Sherlyn. You've been such a support to me while I've been dealing with my sister's illness. I've had you and your mom on my mind and hoped that things were going well.

I also am an emotional eater, and I gained back 20 of the 40 lbs. I had lost because I turned to food when my sister got diagnosed last Oct. The emotional stress was just too much for me and I returned to my old false friend, sugary, fat-laden treats.

And I am also back on track as of last Monday. It feels so much better to be in control of my eating and getting back to daily walking. I realize how much my poor habits weakened me at a time when I needed more strength. My sister is stable right now, but I know how things can turn on a dime. I hope to be better prepared if and when that happens so that I can continue healthy habits even when the stress is high.

We will both get back into the groove and drop the weight we regained, I'm sure of that. You've always been an inspiration to me, and your honesty and faith is so admirable.

All my best to you and prayers that your Mom continues to do better each day. emoticon

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KIWINURSE 7/28/2011 7:57AM

    From this day forward..........
Glad to read your blog and see a positive attitude shining through!

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LOOZINITNOW 7/28/2011 7:55AM

    So happy you are back and keeping a positive outlook despite the weight gain. It happens. We get back up and move forward. emoticon

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BAKER1009 7/28/2011 7:49AM

    I'm so very glad you are back Sherlyn! We have all missed you. Props to your sidekick (Nancy) for doing such a wonderful job. She is such a positive person!
You are always so good at saying it like it is, and that is what I love most about you. You help us all in a way that truly works. Not just saying, "Oh, that's OK", but "You messed up, now fix it!" LOL! But always in a heart felt manner!
I've been up & down myself since summer started. I hit 160 by Memorial Day weekend and was so proud of myself. Now I've crept up to the upper 160's and it's got to end! I was just 10 pounds from goal weight...why the self sabotage!! Why?!
Let's do this, together!! I'm here for you, always!


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TWO-TOO-MUCH 7/27/2011 11:53PM

    I'm so glad you're back, Sherlyn -- having you beside me on this journey has always made things easier. :) And yes, I've roasted veggies and love them that way. I especially love all root veggies roasted with a little spray of Pam and some Mrs. Dash -- squash, carrots, turnip, etc. :) You can so do this and I know you WILL! emoticon

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BLONDWUNN 7/27/2011 10:22PM

    Glad you're back! It was a hard, hard time, but my hunch is that little by little you'll see strength rising up inside yourself. You'll have a new compassion for people who suffer, and especially for those who endure "set-backs" that bring weight gain. You'll likely be able to help more people than your already bless!

So let's all get back at it. You already know that the journey is so worth it!

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LIVERIGHTNOW 7/27/2011 9:51PM

    I say WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!

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SERENAJL 7/27/2011 7:40PM

    Roasted veggies are the best!

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DONNA0256 7/27/2011 7:33PM

    emoticon emoticon
Good to see you back at it. Roasted veggies are delish! You have the tools you need, now it's time to focus on you for a bit! emoticon

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XFITSTRONG 7/27/2011 7:31PM

    Going to have to try me some roasted veggies! Welcome back... you were never far from my thoughts!

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LORETTA24 7/27/2011 5:50PM

    emoticon emoticon So glad you are back! You have been missed. I am so sorry your stress has added the pounds back. You have done this before and you will be able to do it again. Roasted veggies are awesome. I discovered them when my children were young and we would go camping. Roasted veggies were a staple for us back them. Enjoy! Keep smiling sunshine. emoticon

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GETFIT2LIVE 7/27/2011 5:11PM

    Glad you are back--know that hard as it was to confess the gain, you are loved regardless. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls periodically that can really throw us for awhile, but as long as we refuse to give up, we will make it.


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-GOT2FINISH- 7/27/2011 5:02PM

    I've been stress eating all month & so I'm right with you on getting back on plan!

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    emoticon back!!!!

You will have that gain long gone before the end of the year. You are one determined lady!!

Good to have you back, you've been missed!



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2BFREE2LIVE 7/27/2011 4:21PM

    I am glad your back, and that your Mom is being cared for so you can take care of YOU. Sandy

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LOTUSFLOWER 7/27/2011 4:06PM

    emoticon back! Missed you!

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SKFEREBEE 7/27/2011 4:04PM

    Roasted vegetables are easy and delicious! It's so good because it brings out the sweetness in them.

Glad you're back! emoticon

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EKKING69 7/27/2011 3:57PM

  I read it and I'm back too! I gained back a lot more than you did with stress eating, if that helps you at all, then I'm glad to support! I'm now back, trying to ignore the continued stress and focus on me. Hope things are going well with your mother!

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