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Why I look a mess on a Friday night

Friday, July 22, 2011

I just looked at myself in the mirror. OMG!!!!!! YIKES!!!

But wait!!! Don't run away!!! I'm not REALLY scary! Let me explain!!! - it might be a bit involved the way I tell it, but I have a reason! Really!!!!!

So, we're in a drought here in NC. (I always start out sounding so factual, don't I??? lol!)

No big surprise this year, I suppose. And when I got home from work today, I realized the younger of the 2 ash trees my mom brought me from her property on a mountain had suddenly turned all yellow and crispy looking (eeek!- they are really beautiful trees and this one has kind of struggled for 3 years in my front yard - the one in the back is fine, but this one has been frail)

Yep. That's what started it all.

I started calculating back the last time we had rain and came up with "not-in-forever". Then the last time I watered the landscape plants, again "not-in-forever" (shame on me!!!! I know better!!)

Well, that just wouldn't do!!! I waited for it to get about ONE friggin degree cooler (the heat index today was 110), grabbed my beer (shut UP about it! I drank my water! lol!) stepped into my yard shoes, grabbed a broom, and went outside.

Oh, Why a broom??? Well, there is a HUGE garden spider (the ones that make a Z in their web) that I discovered has considered my outdoor faucet a great place to anchor part of her web. I'm not really scared of spiders, but these ones are GIGANTIC, and I'm not putting my hand anywhere NEAR that web! So I kinda 'swept' the web away, as gently as I could, (sometimes I hate that I love nature *grins* ) and turned on the water. (The faucet for the one with the hose and sprinkler attached, of course *grins*)

No worries, I've kinked the hose at the top so it isn't spraying. I get it all into the back yard and let it FLY! It was the friggin Hallelujah choir back there, let me tell you! lol! Those were some THIRSTY plants! (again, shame on me! I know better!) I really had to work to get the sprinkler spike into the ground, but I managed, and stood back and just watched the magic.

As a side note - there is something really very meditative about doing the sprinkler thing. The rhythmic sound of it and the pattern of the water falling, the plants getting glossy and watching the water drip off the leaves and down to their roots, its really rather mesmerizing (I promise, it wasn't the beer, I always get that way when watering. lol! it's true, I do) Anyway, I watched.

So it comes time to move the sprinkler. I kink the hose, pull the spike out of the ground, and move it to the other side of the yard. As a testament to how dry it is, I couldn't get the spike in the ground there. I tried and then tried moving it a bit to this side, no, how about that side, no, okay, how about HERE?? No. Well, I FINALLY got it into the ground, JUST as the damn thing broke off in my hand.

I lost my grip, of course, and the sprinkler head started spraying again, turned fully around and sprayed me right in the chest, all over my face, and RIGHT in my friggin eyes! my legs, my arms, my clothes. hmph. I managed to get control of the damn thing after 1/2 a minute, but I was soaked through in that short time. hmph.

Actually, I laughed. right out loud in my back yard by myself. it was funny!!! (and it was a relief from the heat at the same time, maybe that's why I laughed - it felt good!).

Well NOW what was I going to do? The sprinkler is broken (thankfully wasn't expensive!)

Well, not to be one upped by a situation, I became (say it in a booming voice)

......... Kristine, The Human Sprinkler...........

(accessories not included)

Yep, for an hour and 1/2 I stood, watering my yard(s) with a hose and a sprinkler nozzle that kept spurting in my face, turning back on me, soaking me from head to toe. I didn't care (even in the front yard-HAH!!!!!), it was the kind of fun that you never really get to have once you're past... ummm...... 10????? LOL!!

I can honestly say I am probably cleaner now than I've ever been in my life! and I had a fabulous time!

When I was done, I wrung out the front of my shirt, came in, stripped down, wrung out my shirt again, then wrung out my shorts, lol! hung them over the shower rod, and put on a bathrobe. (It was the quickest thing to grab)

That is when I saw myself in the mirror. I wanted to laugh, but I couldn't because, really, I looked THAT bad! LOL!

the thing is, is that it was fun. real honest fun. No one was here to witness it, well, I hope not anyway! If the neighbors saw, well.... I hope they laughed too.

Whatever you did tonight, I hope it was as much fun as this! Of course I hope you look better after it! LOL!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are so funny! I love reading your blogs. You must have been a sight. Where's the six o-clock news van when you need it? I hope your hot ash is got a good soaking. emoticon

    We are having trouble up here with something called the emerald ash borer. It must spread like crazy because no one is allowed to move firewood from one area to another.
    2376 days ago
    Love it! emoticon

    Shall I send you some of our water???? Rain is coming on Monday here. emoticon emoticon

    2376 days ago
    Who cares what you looked it. It sounds like you had a great time and that is what matters. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. emoticon
    2377 days ago
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