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Oh, Sweet Vices

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Found this blog in Runner's World today:


Preachin' to the choir, Brother. I hear ya! I love me some Diet Coke. But study or no study - I can tell you from personal experience that everything they are "thinking" is true about diet cola consumption for me is the absolute truth. When I drink Diet Coke (or any other non caloric, fizzy beverage) I DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT. Now, whether that is because the aspartame tricks me into eating more, or contributes somehow to misplaced water levels in my body, I have given it up and added it back in to my diet enough times over my time here on Spark to have conducted my own personal research study. And the findings are still unanimously in favour of leaving it the heck out of my life. Sad tale, I know.

My rules with DC have always been the same. I'm not allowed to consume it until after I have consumed all my water for the day. And it's only for special occasions. But "special occasions" have a way of finding themselves into every day life so quickly, that it's better if I don't even start to begin with.

I have often prided myself on not being a coffee drinker either - tea and water only. But lately, the siren song of Starbucks has been winning out more often than not and aspartame has a bad habit of sneaking in there along with it. I'm quite happy for the new brands of all natural sweeteners (Stevia, for example), but really - aren't they just providing the same function and thereby the same side effects? I'm not sure. I haven't done enough personal research to find out - but frankly, I'm not sure I want to since I know sticking to my tried and tested, albeit boring at times, tea & water routine yields the best results on the scale.

An occasional diet beverage is, in my opinion, a necessity and a part of life. They are wonderful at parties and places where you would rather indulge in that particular vice over say, a beer or wine vice. And just as much of a treat if you make them so. But I have finally wised up to the fact that daily consumption for me is just not an option. I really can get away with eating fewer calories a day when I don't drink Diet Coke. So strange, but so true. Though non-caloric in and of itself, it functions for me like any other gateway food and leads to almost dependent overeating and cravings for other sugary treats.

So, with this blog, I bid adieu to my long list of fizzy friends. Parting is such sweet sorrow:

Diet Coke
Coke Zero
Caffeine Free Diet Coke
Diet Coke Plus
Diet Cherry Coke
Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke
Diet Dr. Pepper
Diet Canada Dry Gingerale
Fresca (and your multitude of delicious new flavours)
Diet Sprite
Crystal Light (I will always love you)

I think I might invest in a water infuser. I hear it does nifty things with lemons...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    uh yea. I used to drink sooo much. Now, I drink 1 in the morning then water the rest of the day. (Unless I am visiting with the Captain!)
    2431 days ago
    Way to go! Getting rid of fake sugar has been really hard for me-- but so far, totally worth it!
    2432 days ago
    I find the same thing. I'm completely avoiding any artificially sweetened beverages.
    2432 days ago
    Good for you!!

    2432 days ago

    "Crystal Light (I will always love you)"...

    Yup again.
    2432 days ago
    I read this with a renegade Diet Dr. Pepper on my desk. I gave up sodas a month or two back. I can see how well that turned out for me as I read your post...feeling even MORE guilty about my contraband! Friday is now a "Special Occasion" for me. haha!
    Thank you for the reality check, clearly I needed it!I I do love me some DP. Gotta go get rid of it now!
    THANK YOU!!!
    2434 days ago
    I also find that diet sodas mess with my weight loss. Like you, I still miss them but realize that I'm better off without them.
    2434 days ago
    2434 days ago
    I have substituted diet coke with iced tea but i am still dependent on Crystal light. The water infuser sounds like a great idea.
    2434 days ago
    Good Girl, I have done the same thing. We CAN do it!!!!
    2434 days ago
  • ANDEEC09
    I am right there with you. Plus, I just feel so much better if I stick to water or juice. I do allow myself 2-3 sodas per week on average, mostly on Friday nights, as that is when my boyfriend and I hang out with a group of friends until very late. But other than that, I stick to water. Great post!
    2434 days ago
    That was a great article, thanks for sharing.

    I love my infuser. Don't get the one from Crate and Barrel, it is sucktacular... the one from Pampered Chef is awesome.

    2435 days ago
    I have a soda stream that I love! Sparkling water anytime!!
    2435 days ago
    You are a stronger woman than me... I've tried and tried again but alas I am a slave to the fizzy stuff. I have cut back alot but you are my guru on this. I bow to you :)
    2435 days ago
    I am most definitely a DC addict. I work beside a McDonalds, and they have those "summer days" drinks, which basically means you can get any sized drink for $1+ tax, and lemme tell you. I've been getting at least 2 large coke zeros a day.

    However, reading that blog and your blog.. I guess I'm inspired to kick my pop habit! Thanks for the (most likely unintended) kick in the butt! I knew DC was bad, but like the blog in Runner's world said, I closed my ears and opened my mouth!
    2435 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    I have many faults but thankfully pop isn't one of them. I gave it up in middle school and never went back. I'm boring though, water's good enough for me.....if I could only slow down on ice cream...... Best of luck to you!
    2435 days ago
    I always forget Fresca is a diet soda (It tastes so undiety!), but I'm with you, I've had to boot these and full-calorie sodas out as well. Now my "treat" drink is carbonated water. I don't count it as part of my 8 glasses (it doesn't hydrate as well, in my completely made-up, unscientific opinion), but it does feed the bubble fix without the chemicals!
    2435 days ago
    Have to agree with you Jen. When I drink my diet Pepsi (with or without the rum) I do tend to take in more calories that I normally would. I'll have to stick to my home brewed coffee, no sugar, with skim milk so I get the calcium in. And cut down on the rum. :) The water infuser sounds lovely...
    2435 days ago
    I hear you on that! Today I drank half of my DC and then decided I didn't need it. But when I am not thinking and need to purchase some sort of drink, it's what I reach for! Stupid delicious diet drinks... I need to let them go too!
    2435 days ago
    Have you tried La Croix sparkling water??? It has no calories and no artificial sweeteners. It is what I drink now instead of pop.
    2435 days ago
    Bravo! Soda, diet or otherwise, an evil invention if you ask me. I'm again 30+ days without it. I just need to figure out how to enjoy that rare but oh so delicious Appleton Rum and Coke without the coke. I like your idea of a water infuser ...

    2435 days ago
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