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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life is full of setbacks, unsupportive (I know that isn't a word) people, obstacles in the way, critical people, limited opportunity, crushed dreams, time restraints. Excuses - all of it. I refuse to be defined by someone else's opinion of me. I refuse to be defined by the various bumps in the road. And I won't be defined by the looming obstacle that I have yet to overcome!

I know that setbacks are invaluable because they help me evaluate my life and make adjustments.

My most recent setback is my lack of desire to turn on my computer. No computer, no Spark People. The thing that really concerns me, I didn't care. In fairness, I did have a stomach virus all week. There were 2 days that I could not keep down a cup of water sipped throughout the day. I have lots of questions of how I contracted this nasty bug that way-layed me for 5 days, but no answers.

Now of course, this happens just days after I am finally able to walk around unassisted after my knee injections. As of today, ALL swelling is gone, I have almost full range of motion, (can pull my knee to my butt), but pain still keeps me awake at night. The pain issue could be because I HAVEN'T BEEN OUTTA BED IN ALMOST A WEEK. It's been a hard road, but I plod on.

It seems everytime I'm on SP this past year or so, it is a pity party. I thought getting on SP was helping me work through these roadblocks - now it just seems like I'm being a crybaby. I came *this* close to saying goodbye to my Spark Friends and cancelling my SP account.

Does anyone else go through this? I've been on SP 6 years and this is a first. I learned long ago being a member of many teams does not help - that just means more computer time - one of my 'issues'.

I hope it isn't gone forever. It just HAS to be here!

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    Shaking things up periodically is something that has to be done. We get stale and we find ourselves in a rut so we need to change our routine. Just work with it and your spark will return.
    2425 days ago
    This is my best response to your blog. Mind you, I can't stand Dr Phil but he knows something about some things.

    Start with #1 and work your way down to #7. Oh by the way, the MIH Team will be waiting for you at #7.

    Good Luck.

    Dr. Phil bases his program on 7 keys that you must master to permanently lose weight:
    1.Understanding what you really think about yourself and your weight, learning how to have positive thoughts
    2.Deal with emotional eating
    3.Change your environment to promote success
    4.Deal with impulse eating
    5.Learn how to choose the right foods
    6.Learn how to exercise
    7.Set up a support system

    2437 days ago
    I think we all feel the way you do from time to time. I really struggle am I crying over everything....why can't I post positives....is my life that depressing. But then I remember why I joined sparkpeople and it was for me to get a handle on my weight and gain some years to my life. One of my big weight issues is emotional eating and I'm sorry as much as I love my hubby I don't want to cry or scream to him, so this is the best place to let it all out so that we are happier and better for the ones around us. And really with this many people surrounding us there's got to be one or two who know what we are going through and can help us through it. So stick with it. And if you allow me to cry on your shoulder, I will be there for you to cry on mine.
    2437 days ago
  • BOBF15
    Uhhh, OK...

    First, loved what LeeAnn says...being a Baptist, AMEN, sister!

    Second, next time you feel like cashing it all in, make sure it is in December, so you can catch a re-run of It's A Wonderful Life. emoticon

    Ya never know... some angel just may be in need of wings, mind you!

    2438 days ago
    being a church girl, i know that you will get this, a little thing that the pastor at our church said today:
    there are 2 times to praise God.
    1) when you feel like it.
    2) when you don't feel like it!

    i think the same can be said about Spark. or any other thing that we know we should do but dont want to. I HATE tracking my food. however, i KNOW that if i dont do it, i WILL gain all of my weight back. so, i use this really cool free tool called...SPARKPEOPLE!

    if i don't feel like talking to my SparkBuddies for a few days, the world will not fall apart. on days when i dont want to Spark, i log my food from my ipod. or, i might just track it in my paper journal for a few days.

    It's okay to take a break, but just remember the reason WHY you Spark, and why you have continued to Spark. it works. it helps you work.

    Do yourself a favor. the next time you want to cancel your Spark membership, just step back from Spark for 7 days and at the end of the 7 days if you still want to stop, then stop. you can always rejoin later on.

    I am glad that you are feeling better. nothing like getting out from under attacks from the devil! WooHoo!!

    Big Hugs Sister! emoticon
    2439 days ago
  • UTMIZ_2000
    When you aren't feeling well your mood goes down as well. It's natural. How can you be upbeat and positive when you are in such pain?

    Things will improve. Give it a few days. You'll see. It's okay to vent...we all do it.
    2439 days ago
    Sometimes you need to feel like you are having a pity party... You really aren't though :) You are just venting and getting it out of your system so that you can begin renewed!!
    2439 days ago
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