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Summer Vacation draws to a close.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

As a teacher I really only have a nice summer vacation which draws to a close tomorrow, as I return to class myself. Teachers must maintain certification, and while GA has relaxed the requirements for that my county has not. We are required to have at least 20 hours of continuing education I will do the minimum this coming week, and probably more later.
My vacation was fraught with stress, pleasure and travel-with and without Erik.
My spark friends know about my Erik who had a traumatic motorcycle accident last year which resulted in my canceling all summer plans. Erik's traumatic brain injury means that he must have someone with him 24/7. This summer I drove Erik to Ohio so that his aunts, uncles and cousins could see him and be reassured that he is better-not well but better. We all thank God that he is alive and can do so much more for himself now. A year ago at this time he was just coming out of his coma. His aunt Vicky, who cannot travel, was glad to see him. Those who saw him in the past year were amazed at the progress his made, others wonder if we should not push harder. But as a doctor who saw Erik said, Erik must push himself. We all know the best motivation is what we find in ourselves-I'm working on mine, Erik will work on his, at his own pace and as God allows his brain to heal more. Aphasia and apraxia are not always healed, and definitely not overnight.
Our trip to Ohio was great for Erik, he was challenged by family expectations and wanted to show off. For me, it meant eating less structured meals, more take-outs or in restaurants and a gain of four pounds. I was unable to swim, I had sole care of Erik-the family was not sure of what to do. NO excuses. I could have eaten less and gone for walks while he slept-as long as someone was home with him.
We came home from Ohio, I started swimming, and eating better and lost those pesky 4 pounds, only to put them back on when I went to Belgium. Belgian cooking is harder for me to resist than almost anything you could offer me stateside; most likely because I get it so rarely. I tried to order more carefully, ate fewer fries than usual, Belgium is where fries originated from and Belgians make the best fries. I made sure to be "good" at least one meal a day, but found that frequently I did not make my self-imposed vegetable quota each day. I had little problem with the fruits. I feel that I actually did rather well as I only gained those 4 pounds back and now that my jet lag is almost over, I've set my weeks goals. I will be working hard to get back on track.
Since I did not lose the last 15+/- pounds by my May 2011 deadline, I've reset that till October. I will slowly but consistantly track food and exercise. My goal now is to make this a pattern of life and get away from the "diet" word. I've impressed people and Sparked a few, but I am looking to my own motivation-encouraged by spark friends and SP-I will make my October goal and I will learn to do both Cardio and Strength exercise even when my work schedule gets hairy.

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    c'est surhumain de ne pas manger de frites en Belgique! Bonne rentrée!
    2258 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    I'm so glad you were able to do more this summer. I remember talking with you last summer (which I believe is when we started talking) and I know stress was taking a major toll on your life. You're such a wonderful mother, and I hope that Erik sees that and values you. I can't imagine going through what you did, but as mothers, we will always put our children first. Seriously, as a mother, you inspire me all the time. And as a sister too! I sincerely hope that everyone realizes how darn lucky they are to have you in their life!
    Next year, if you travel to Ohio, you have to stop by and have lunch with me on the way!!

    I'm glad that you have simply set a new deadline, rather than giving up. I have seen many do that. You are strong, and determined, and that will help you on this journey. I'm here to help keep you motivated, 110%!!

    Have a wonderful day dear friend!

    2260 days ago
    I'm glad you had a good summer Ginie. It's great that you got to go to Belgium this year! I think you have to be able to enjoy your vacation and the food that you haven't had in a couple of years. 4 lbs is not so bad. You are back on track now and I'm sure you'll reach your goal by Oct.

    I'm glad Erik had a chance to travel and the family had a chance to visit with him and see his progress. I know it had to be good for him too. As you said, he wanted to show off. =) He will push and motivate hisself as God and he sees fit. As he heals more. It is a true blessing of how far he has come in a yr.

    I know you are going to be so very busy but always try to take a few minutes everyday for just you. It is so very important.

    2260 days ago
  • JANET552
    I am so glad to hear that you had a busy and happy summer vacation. I'm also glad you enjoyed Belgian food even if it meant the return of those 4 pesky pounds. Since you don't often get to enjoy it, I think you should enjoy when you can.

    I'm glad Erik had a chance to travel with you to see family. That was very good for him in many ways, I am sure.

    I hope you find your summer coursework thought provoking and useful. Do you take University classes or are these seminars? My teaching license in Wisconsin is a lifetime license (that ended in about 1975) so I do not need to do continuing ed for that license. I do need to do it for my state license and my national certification though.

    Good luck on your new goals. I am beginning to understand that motivation is dependent on creating an environment in which motivation isn't challenged. (I can successfully be motivated not to eat cookies if I don't have any in the house).

    Have you ever done Spark videos? I have been doing some the last two weeks mostly for strength training and have really enjoyed them. I think they are a nice alternative.

    Good to have you back Ginie.
    2261 days ago
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