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Yet Another Challenge Day 1 Blog... {sigh}

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yet Another Challenge Day 1 Blog... {sigh}
Saturday, July 16, 2011

I don't know how many "Day 1" blogs I've written. Well, whatever the number is, add 1 more...

Today is Day 1 of the Summer 5% Challenge - something I'm trying while BLC is kinda on summer hiatus (& while I kinda took my own hiatus from BLC). I'm trying a new team w/ a new philosophy (sorta) & new challenges and new teammates (& 1 or 2 very comforting familiar faces!).

So, here it is, mid-July, & I'm almost back to where I was at the start of the year. Quite honestly, I put on about 15 lbs since the end of BLC-15 on March 30. It took me 12 wks to lose 17.5 lbs and 15 wks to gain most of it back (that's a lb a week...). In the next 8 weeks of this challenge, I secretly wanna lose those 15 lbs again (altho the "goal" is to lose 10%, which is 10 lbs).

So, here are the starting numbers:
(Even tho the challenge weeks are Sat-Fri, I'm maintaining the BLC week of Wed-Tues, so I w/i on Wednesdays)

Starting W/I - 199 (whew! Didn't hit 200 ... officially...)
5% Goal - 189
Unofficial Goal - 184 (to return to where I was at the end of BLC 15 on March 30)
It-would-really-be-cool Goal - 173 (Healthy BMI) by my b'day at the end of October

And the lovely measurements:
Bust - 39.5
Waist - 34.5
Hips - 47
(L) Arm - 13.75
(L) Thigh - 29

And the "Before" picture...

Honestly, this looks pretty much like my before pic from January. I hope my "after" pic in mid-September will look like my March one (or better)!!

My Plan of Attack...
This challenge is a little different than BLC in that the team mentality is everything. You contribute to the team & don't compete w/in the team for the numbers. It has you thinking of the benefit of the team more than the benefit to yourself (which is understood). Each week we "race" a certain amount of mileage to a destination & the first team there (by adding up exercise minutes) is the weekly winner. This is great for those of us who always put ourselves last. By putting the team first, we wind up benefiting, too!

So, I plan to do some form of work-out every day! I have already started to do the SP 28-Day Bootcamp again (Ok, I did Days 6 & 7, but it's a start!) as a warm-up to the Supreme 90 Day W'out (like P90X's little cousin). I gotta be honest w/ you, I'm totally intimidated & scared of S90, which is why I'm starting w/ the BC again. When my 4 wks of BC are over, then I'll start S90.

Currently I am riding my exercise bike (ExBike) 30 min in the morning, & I will be checking out a step aerobics DVD again (I checked it out before when I got my step, but NEVER used it!). That is "in transit" to my handy library & I should pick it up after church tomorrow or after work Monday!

So far, it's working well to be exercising in the mornings, but I haven't tried it on a work day, yet. I have been getting up early enough on work days, but have always seemed to distract myself from working out. This time, I think I'm ready.

OK. So here it is... 8 week... 15 lbs...
And then I continue this business of weight loss & fitness.

It's gonna be a good summer.
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