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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happened by SANDIEGOJOHN's Blog/Spark Page today.... love his stuff and his promoting of others' equally good stuff....

Anyway, he was talking about being real. Here's real for ya.

There are dinner and lunch leftovers in the fridge. Why am I the only one that feels that we should eat leftovers? Rather than burying them in the back of the frig for a couple more days so that they spoil and then we can throw them out with a lesser amount of guilt.

Didn't your mama preach to you about all those starving children in Africa when you were letting good food go to waste (or not eating your veggies, or had not finished every morsel of food on your plate)? Now that I am older and wiser, I do recognize it for the big guilt trip that it was. Whatever it takes to get the kid to do what you want?

Anyway, I am not working right now. Money is tight. Times are tough. Food is getting more and more expensive. Why am I having to throw food out? Why does everyone in this house refuse to eat leftovers? I would understand if the original meal was pretty bad to start with. Yep - I make tragic cooking mistakes sometimes....I can in good conscious throw those away.

But does anyone else struggle with this? I made my Dad the fresh lunch that he requested - a sandwich. Fine. I really wanted a nice salad with some protein on top but there are all these leftovers. If I don't eat them they will get thrown away. So instead of the salad I should have had - I had leftover turkey loaf, leftover cheesy mashed potatoes and leftover sugar snap peas. (Almost 800 calories VS about 400 for the salad)

Why do I have to be the Leftover Queen?

Does anyone else struggle with being thrifty/ecomonical/green VS fresh/healthy?

I'll stop my whining now.....and next time I am going to try to simply forget about or valiantly block out thoughts of all those starving folks, dump the leftovers, and make my fresh green salad.

..... if I can live with the guilt!

"Waste not, Want not".....I am so confused!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, how cool to be catching up on Spark Buddy blogs and see my own name! Thank you for the kind words.

    And yep. We eat leftovers. Times are tough and money is too tight to just throw food away around my house.
    2431 days ago
    emoticon Hi ... :-)
    Why do you have to be the Leftover Queen?
    I wish I had a good answer for you or some good advice.
    It's just me & DH; so, I don't have much to offer you on this; sorry my friend.
    I hope you're off to a good start of the week.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2440 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    I totally understand what you mean! I think what helps me the most is knowing that no little kid is going to starve because I throw food away. Yes, I may have wasted a little money but if that's what it costs to be skinny, I can afford it! emoticon

    Great blog! emoticon
    2440 days ago
    I was having the same issues so I just started cooking less - especially of side dishes. It is difficult and sometimes it means the family can't have seconds at dinner but we almost never have leftovers. But for those big recipes, I freeze individual meals so that I can eat them later when I'm not tired of the dish.
    2440 days ago
    Here is an idea for you...if you don't want to be the leftover queen and you don't want to be wasteful...make a dish...a casserole or whatever...and take it down to a shelter...most shelters have days where people can bring in a pot luck type of dish and it helps to feed the shelter...just a suggestion...I think it's okay to dump the over fat over calorie stuff and have the salad...why should you be the one to have to sabotage your health? Eat the salad next time, yo :) I ain't gonna lie thou....those cheesy potatoes DO sound good..lol
    2441 days ago
    My DH cooks and he always cooks TOO MUCH. We have so many leftovers! But I'm lucky, because he's the one who eats them.
    2441 days ago
    no , you're right ! you shouldn't waste anything. that doesn't mean YOU should eat the leftovers. we don't waste anything , people are poor ,the income is low and the prices are generally the same as yours if not higher(gas costs more here ) . i was always laughing at the "food poisoning "paranoia. nothing happens if you eat the same food for several days( of course if you don't keep it in the sun at 100 F). you are just used to do it like this, you can learn new habits , everybody has to adapt when dealing hard times. why waste those money throwing out perfectly good food when you can buy something else useful? talk to the others , try to make them reason and cook less, smaller amounts . keep what you can in a freezer until you can reuse it( mashed potatoes are a problem , i never seem to make the right quantity and i don't eat them). you are dealing special hard times and you have to adapt , you can't live like before for a while , if someone doesn't like it he should be free to earn more money to keep his habit . i also wasn't used to make a budget and pay attention at what i spend but i do it now , it didn't killed me. sorry for the lecture
    emoticon kori
    2442 days ago
    I do about half and half with the leftovers. Sometimes I do well...other times they go bad. Mostly, it's just a matter of remembering them. Thank you for all your encouragement! I hope you have a TERRIFIC weekend! Enjoy! Celebrate your blessings! Spark on! emoticon
    2442 days ago
  • LADYG67
    We had this conversation at work on Friday about how much more expensive it is to eat healthier than not and the of food skyrocketing. These are perilous time but as the saying goes this too shall pass. Stay vigilant emoticon
    2442 days ago
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