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Friday, July 15, 2011

Well now! So far so good this week. Got a little screwed up on my dates when posting food and exercise (find I still get a bit confused navigating this site, except when it comes to getting Spark Points! I love doing that!). Still nursing this bum knee, but I find if I wrap it real tight with an ace bandage I can walk better and do some light aerobics. Got out my old Denise Austin and Jane Fonda step-aerobic tapes (yes, not DVD's, but tapes!). If they were good enough for the '80's, they're good enough for the 21st Century! Cardio is cardio...right?! I live in the desert of Southern California (possibly one day the State of Southern California, in case you hadn't heard!). It gets hot here, like, really hot! How hot? Often 110 or more. Tonight the power company will be doing upgrading on the electrical supply system for my area. From 10PM until 6AM we will have no power. No air conditioning, no fans, no nothin'! Bear in can be over 100 Degrees at 11PM. I am not happy about this at all, not one bit. I don't know how we will get any sleep. At least I don't have to get up and go to work...I'm retired, however, not by choice.

I had an interesting thing happen this week. As you may know, Betty Ford passed away this week. She lived here in the desert for about 30 years. They call her "The First Lady of the Desert." She was very well known here, and well loved, as well she might be. She accomplished much here and did a lot for the people here in the desert. You might say she truly found her oasis here amidst the sand and the cactus and the golf courses.

The "processional", if you will, carrying her casket passed right by our residence on the way to the airport for her final flight to Michigan and burial. Many people lined the road to watch it pass, myself included. I almost didn't; I'm glad I did. Something unexpected happened...I got teary eyed watching the motorcade pass by, with lights flashing and US flags waving and even people saluting. It was very moving. Even her son, Steven, waved at us from inside the car. But here is what really moved me...a life well lived. Betty Ford, for all her short-comings and failures, lived life as a total winner, with honesty, integrity, compassion, forthrightness and openness. She allowed herself to be vulnerable. A life of beauty. She may have been an "accidental First Lady", but the way she approached life was no accident. She met each challange head on. That's what I'm striving for. To look back one day and be able to say about myself..."a life well lived", although never perfect. To do that, one must really live each day, one day at a time! RIP, Betty!

I had an insight about weight and largeness as a barrier to hurt, but that discussion must wait for another day.
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    I like what you said... to live life well. Hey, we only get one try at this time around. I didn't know that much about Betty Ford, so thank you for sharing.

    I do hope you can face / temper the things that hurt you. It's no good to be hiding the beautiful you, so that you won't feel hurt. I think we all experience that at one time or another. By the way, the real word is emotional abuse. It's no good to pile it on ourselves, to beat others to the punch line. God sees you as a finished, perfect diadem. He promises to complete everything He has begun in you. I've only met you a few times; but you are a lovely person and your sister talks about you alot (good things). I read a book that says if someone (yourself included) says things that make your stomach churn... you're being abused. Once you realize it, you can stand up and say 'no more' and 'that hurts'. NEVER let someone tell you HOW YOU FEEL! If someone tries to invalidate your feelings, that too is abuse. Stand firm, in love, and don't give your ground. You know your feelings. They are legitimate. Honestly, you may never hear an 'I'm sorry", but at least you can live with yourself and not continue bullying your own body with food or negative talk. I've been there, and once I realized it, the relationship improved like night and day (took a few years) Sure, we all have relapses and no relationship is perfect; but I am so glad for how much better things are today. I can love, and yet not be the mop for other's problems and their need to dis someone 'under' them. I can walk away and think, you're wrong!... I love ya, but I'm not standing here for this! You are the problem in this circumstance, not me. (of course, sometimes I am the problem and then I need to own it too.)

    Oooooh I ramble....

    Philippians 3 & 4
    ~+~ A right confidence, pressing to the goal, standing firm! ~+~
    "Rejoice in The Lord always! I will say it AGAIN!
    Rejoice in The Lord always!
    Let your gentleness be made known to all.
    (so) Don't be anxious about anything; but pray and petition
    (Your Heavenly Father who loves you. Be thankful, trusting, and let Him hear your requests.)
    .... AND the Peace Of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds IN CHRIST JESUS! ~ + ~
    2350 days ago
    I am not a republican, but I admired Betty Ford's willingness to be herself.
    2432 days ago
  • XENA1956
    Wow what a great blog. I love your insites. xo Teri
    2439 days ago
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