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Another BIL Passed Away

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My husband's younger brother died last nite of complications from a stroke. He was bleeding into his brain. He was 36 yrs old. The stroke occurred some years ago, long before Glen & I met-we've been married for 6 yrs and have known each other for 11 yrs total. From what I understand he was taking a shower one morning & his wife found him on the shower floor. It affected his brain, certain things he didn't remember-everyone says he just 'wasn't right' after that. It's only in the past 3 yrs that he'd really taken a turn for the worst. In & out of the hospital all the time.

The only 'good thing', if you can say that, is that he & Glen weren't close at all, the age difference maybe. Glen is 49. When his older brother died late last month(lung cancer) he was torn up. They were 'best buds'. He's still sad, don't get me wrong, but not to the extent that he was with his older brother. And his mom died, also of lung cancer, 1 month before we were married. And Glen's heart attack last year. I mean, hell, it's been a bad year! And he had another brother, I never met, who died really young. He had a job on an oil rig and fell to his death. So now it's just him & a younger sister-and they talk only when necessary. She caused a lot of problems when their mom died becuz she left him executor of her estate & she was all pissy about that. Saying Glen held out on her and threatened to take him to court for 'what she was owed'. Oh, it got ugly for about a year.

Anyway, that's the story so far...

I need to thank EVERYONE who sent Goodies & condolences. It is VERY much appreciated!
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