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"You Are My Inspiration"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

There's a new gal who has been at water aerobics for a couple of weeks now, a 50-something who, like me, does exercises in the water before and/or after water aerobics. Monday she was chatting with the water aerobics teacher, then she looked at me. "How much have you lost?"

"79 pounds on a good day," I replied.

After class I told her about my exercise routine and how she could check her calorie burn and calorie intake on SP. She said she'd look it up.

Today I'd already started my swim when she came into the pool and sat on the steps. When I got back down to the shallow end she piped up, "What was that site again? I found a dating site." Okay, she found spark.com. I set her straight on the name.

During class she asked about the time frame of my weight loss (June 11, 2010 to present). Awhile later she announced "I want to lose 79 pounds!". Then she chimed in a few minutes later, "you are my inspiration!" I must admit I just beamed.

She informed me she was going to pick my brain until I was sick of answering questions. (Actually I've toyed with the idea of going back to school and becoming a trainer, partly because I want to go talk to every fat person I run into at the gym and tell them they can do it and partly so I can learn more myself, but I don't know if 20 and 30 year olds would want would want a 40 something giving them advice on fitness. Anyway, my friends find it hard to get me to talk about other things sometimes, so I don't think that the new gal is going to wear me out any time soon).

She told me she was going to start logging her food (I told her how SP can help her find out how many calories things have) and told her about the portion control quiz and the article showing a 300 calorie restaurant meal (or rather part of it) and a home cooked version of the same so she can learn to eyeball what a serving really is. I told her about all the articles and tools too.

Somehow I think we flunked the PRE test, because I was succeeding in communicating. Oh well, I've never felt that water aerobics was the most intense workout for me anyway. After class ended, she jogged my lane while I started in on second part of my swim, then she left.

We'll see how things develop. Somehow I think she'll do just fine. She's already hitting water aerobics and yoga and was thinking of trying the weight class but is trying to overcome some intimidation (maybe I should volunteer to go with her...), prepared to log food and she's asking questions.

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