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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My birthday week.... and I just go put on blood pressure medication. NOW. After losing 70+ pounds... now I have high blood pressure? My doctor tells me, "you will probably go off these once you loose some weight." (I refrained from smacking her.) I asked her for a medical explanation for low to normal blood pressure when I was 70 pounds heavier? Her reply? "Uh... maybe it is genetics, then."

Maybe you need to go back to medical school and re-take the "Bedside Manner 101" and "Read the Damn Chart Before You Share An Opinion 201" classes.

YES I have another 45 pounds to loose. But weight is not the only factor in hypertension. I am a healthy overweight person (in general) I do Pilates 3 times a week. I run 3-5 miles 4 times a week. I take belly dancing classes. I play soccer. I run at least 2 races a month (usually a 5K) and I am training for a half marathon.

My frustration is this... extremes. Either WEIGHT is everything that is wrong with me or it is NOT discussed. Where is the middle? 70 pounds ago my doctor (same practice, different physician) NEVER said anything about maybe I should loose the weight. Now, my weight is the sole reason for everything. I tore my ACL playing soccer when I was hacked by another player (dirty son of **^%$)... it took several visits before I was referred to a surgeon because Dr. Blondie (same one from this week) kept saying it was just sore knees from being heavier than I should be. Um.... the cleat shaped bruise on the inside of my knee? Not a hint?? I think I should have used a red Sharpie and drawn an arrow with the words "Focus Here!!"

And the medical community wonders why so many people rely on WebMD and Dr. Oz's show for self diagnosis..... emoticon
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  • MMACHICK2010
    I wish I could blame the BP cuff at the doc's office. I bought my own and tracked it daily for 8 weeks... I averaged 150/98.. with an occasional high of 160+/100+

    Meds have worked (*&)(*&^^^%%%$$#$##$@#@$#!!!! I am consistently on the low end of average for the last few days. Doctor change is definately in order!

    2438 days ago
    Make sure you stay hydrated...that can affect your can going into perimenopause...I agree with Joni...get your own cuff and learn to take your with weigh-ins, taking your BP at the same time of day can make a difference too...Loved the comments ie 'bedside manner' ^^^ lol, but in all seriousness, if you can change doctors, I'd do it in a heartbeat (pun intended) emoticon ...Take care, Beany
    2443 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Loved "Bedside Manner 101" and "Read the Damn Chart Before You Share An Opinion 201" classes. emoticon From personnel experience I know that a good Trainer or Doctor can simply feel the knee as you move it determine if an ACL is torn. Stay away from Dr. Blondie if you can!
    2443 days ago
    Maybe you need to check your blood pressure yourself. My local GP keeps trying to put me on blood pressure medication. (He prescribes, I don't fill.) When I see any other doctor, my BP is just fine. When I check it at home, it's just fine. I'm starting to think his nurse doesn't know how to take BP with an old fashioned cuff. (I've tried it, it is not an easy thing to do. All my other doctors use digital cuffs.)

    You can get a good BP monitor for around $20 or $30 at Walmart. It's a good investment.
    2444 days ago
    Yeah, your Dr needs a check-up. After losing 65 pounds, my cholesterol shot up- to above normal for a 23 year old (It went from 185 to 227 in a year). It went back to a normal range less than 2 years later. I don't know how long ago you lost the weight, but your body might need time to readjust. Just a thought. Sorry to hear about your news- keep up the weight loss and next time you see her, more pounds down, you can tell her to, er,
    2445 days ago
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