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A very powerful prayer for difficult situations

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friends, this morning I want to share with you a very powerful prayer. It is a prayer to the Holy Spirit to be prayed in difficult situations. I can truly testify that many miracles have been obtained through this prayer.

Last night a friend, Barb, commented on my blog about a serious situation regarding a procedure her husband needs and the insurance company won't approve it. (Please pray for them!) I just now read her comment, and was going to share this prayer with her, but I feel moved to share it with all of you.

I have always felt that this prayer is so powerful because the Holy Spirit tends to be the forgotten person of the Holy Trinity. We most often tend to pray to the Father and/or to Jesus. But if we think about it, The Father is, and has always been in Heaven; He sent His Son Jesus to earth. Jesus came to teach us the way to the Father, and to die and rise again to save us, and then to return to the Father. But before He returned to the Father, He promised to leave with us an Advocate (Jn. 14:16). The Holy Spirit is here in the world with us, He is in each of us, and He is here to help us - to teach us, to guide us, and to intercede for us.

So here is the prayer. I learned it and pray it in Spanish, so I am translating it and you may want to adjust the language a little.


Pray once:

May the Father command it, may the Son arrange it, and may the Holy Spirit appease the hearts of those who are against us.

Repeat 10 times:

Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten the hearts of those who can favor us. (or those who can help us)

Pray once:
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Amen.

Then all of this is repeated four more times.

(We usually use a rosary to say this prayer, using the beads to keep count.)


It may sound long, but it really isn't. It only takes about 7 minutes to pray.

I know some people question repetitive prayer, but really, quiet, thoughtful repetition calms the soul, and helps us enter into the presence of God.

I invite you to pray this prayer for Barb, if you feel moved to do so.

emoticon Marge

I have a busy day - three classes for chapel - so I need to get some breakfast and get to work! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had a difficult situation at work and I fasted for 3days and prayed this prayer and God delivered me. This prayer works, God is so good he made a way for me even when the situation seemed so bleak. Praise the Lord
    11 days ago
    I just came across this prayer now ..I have been in a very difficult situation for so long, my life actually feels like a desert..I just began praying this and I'm hoping I also will testify just like the many encouraging testimonies I have read here, I pray God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit will have mercy upon me and answer me Amen.. I shall surely testify to the Glory of God..
    30 days ago
  • SALA2018
    Very powerful prayer. Thank you. God bless you for sharing this.
    31 days ago
  • BRIDGET10311
    I recently took my LSAT exams to get back into law school. I need a high score, no less than 170. I sincerely desire to earn my law license. Also, I recently started a new job and I truly love it. I need to find favor with every aspect of the job. I just prayed this prayer and I expect a miracle.
    38 days ago
    For anyone who doubts, prayer is powerful and God does hear. I am a livibg testimony. I prayed this prayer and a miracle occurred. I had no means to suport my family through Christmas and God provided just as He did manna for the Israelites. He is faithful and kind. Pray and do not waver.
    59 days ago
    The other night, I was looking for a prayer to Holy Spirit and I came across to this prayer. I say this prayer that my child will win to his event competition for the following day. This prayer really works because my son and his team won the competition that day. Prayer answered. Thank you Holy Spirit and Marge for sharing this prayer!
    67 days ago
    Prayer works. God heard my request for financial help through someone I hadnt heard from in years. He is real and hears us.
    69 days ago
    Please pray I am in difficult situation my fiancée lives in states we are getting married this year. But need to find money for paper, house to live in, new church and school for my son. People are saying I am not doing right thing,,or maybe not listening to gods will .x
    73 days ago
    Hello, Marge!

    I went looking for this prayer from you today.
    I remembered that you shared it with us back in 2011.
    It is a wonderful prayer.
    I hope you are well. Thanks again for sharing it.
    ~ Maria
    142 days ago
    Good evening...I've been so worried lately...I've been at home with no admission into university for almost two years now... please you guys should pray I get admission into university this year...I really need to get in school this year.. .... thanks for your prayers
    167 days ago
    Good morning, dealing with a tough situation for 4 days with family having to live me and came across this prayer that unlighted me and reassure me that no matter what the enemy is trying to do to me that God is in control, it's my soon to be husband sister and nephew that had to come and live with us. I am loosing my mine because her life style is totally different from ours and her parenting skills are very bad, I'm trying to give a helping hand but this girl has no job I don't see her looking for one and she let's her child play and run through my house like a jungle gym. I'm trying to be as Jesus because he never turned away a helping hand but I am at lost, I don't want her or her son at our home, I understand that she needs help but part of her having to be at our home is her fault. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I'm angry when I have to go home from work but I have to go home I have my kids there. But I am disturbed. I read this prayer and will continue to read to keep the devil from me and flee it away from my house. Thank you so much. emoticon

    279 days ago
    Iam glad to find this group...I have so many situations that needs prayers.I have started praying and I believe God is already doing something for my life..

    292 days ago
    I found this prayer tonight in the internet and I am going to start praying it, I mortgage my house to open s business and I am losing all the money, I am going out of my mind. I need prayers . Bonita Cepeda
    315 days ago
    Am glad that I joined this group, am having a lot of challenges in my marriage, my husband didn't look @ me and my two children with pregnancy again and he stayed with his mother since the day I told him am pregnant he said I should terminate it that he does have the money to take care of the baby that the money he have he will used it to take care of his ageing mother since last week he left me & children @ home without asking about our well being since I joined this group i know God will fight for me if it's not against God wishes I will terminate this pregnancy & I don't know what to do again & have been praying since unto God to send helper unto me & give me another job for me to take care of my children.
    356 days ago
    I am glad that I came across this post. I am praying right now to come out of an extreme situation. Thank you so much. emoticon
    387 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/2/2017 3:23:00 AM
    Thanks be to God for this community. Am praying God to give me a new job as I recently lost my job due to Nigeria recession. I urgently need a job to take care of my family,Amen.please add me in your prayers too.
    388 days ago
    Thank you so much for this wonderful prayer i will pray it for restoration of my marriage and I know all will work out for the best
    441 days ago
    This is a great pray I will say right way . I believe my situation will change . Thank you God bless
    477 days ago
    God is great and this is a very powerful prayer thank you very much and God bless you . I was praying night and day and believe me the impossible happened. Indeed with the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit everything is possible. Thank you for sharing once again.
    Stay Blessed
    689 days ago
    I started praying this prayer last week because of a very difficult situation that I am currently in. My difficult situation was starting to ease up day by day as I started this prayer. Thank you so much for this prayer and Thank you so much for the Holy Spirit in answering our prayers.

    Holy Spirit, thank you so much for the help and assistance provided to me in times of difficult situation. Please do continue to bless us and give us the wisdom to make the right decisions in the face of the difficult situations that we are currently facing right now. Please bless me and my family. Also bless the people reading this message. Amen. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you.
    711 days ago
    I'm Grateful to God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit that I came across this powerful prayer. I Was preparing to attend an International Conference in US for which I was invited. Having the perceived idea of how difficult it is to secure American Visa I started saying this prayer. It happened also that the novena to St. Jude was on so I combined both. Behold everything about securing the American Visa and my travels was made possible. I Will continue to say this prayer as often as I can and recommend same to other people. emoticon
    866 days ago
    in Feb this year i paid for a car to be imported. Up until August the dealer had taken all my money and never given me the car. I started praying this prayer in July. For 2 months i prayed everyday with the St. Jude Novena. Eventually the car came and it has been a blessing to my family.

    Thank you for the very powerful and touching prayer
    889 days ago
    Thank you, Marge, for this powerful prayer. I was in the most difficult, impossible situation two days ago. (Monday). I had a sleepless night, as I wondered what would become of life. I had no energy to pray. In the morning, I found this prayer online, prayed it. In less than two hours, the impossible happened .... The problem was completely solved. May all praise and thanksgiving be given to our Lord!!!!
    912 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2015 11:38:17 PM
    LOVELY. ..Prayers to the beautiful Holy Spirit are sadly overlooked alot of times.xxo
    1127 days ago
  • DANIELA6969
    If any of you with big hearts can help me offer this prayer for a special intention, my parents are 90 and 84 years old respectively and they are about to loose their only patrimony for which they worked all their lives.... Their home!!!! because a "family member" lied to them and made them sign the deed of their house as a collateral for a debt of his own. He never said anything to them a trial against my parent went on and no one knew about it, now they have 2 weeks to leave their house. Please I beg of you to please if you have a chance pray for this intention. God will know you are praying for someone else and he will reward you . The Family name is Medina so that you mention that before the prayer. Thank you in advance for those who have the good heart of helping me in this desperate cause.
    1260 days ago
    Good day!
    I was searching online for a prayer to help me focus and pray sincerely to get me out of my predicament. While I believe in God I am not religious and do not conform to any religion. I have been very wavering in my faith and realized my foolishness in not being focused in my approach. I came across your prayer to The Father The Son and the Holy Spirit and realized that it was what I was missing....a simple focused prayer to focus and and I sometimes add small words of politeness like Welcome Holy Spirit or Please Kindly...
    Thank you for this prayer and your kindness in sharing it. It has helped me and I am going to teach it to my sons as well.
    It has helped me focus and solve my issues and give thanks to God as well.
    God bless you immensely.
    Wishing you pleasant moments always as you prosper!
    Achut Bhandarkar
    1350 days ago
    Had a difficult situation with an insurance company which did not know how to resolve. Was afraid to call them and was running away from the problem Found this prayer on the internet and prayed it. Prayed particularly 'Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten the hearts of those who can favor us'..Had call with insurance company. Issue resolved amicably. What a Might God we Serve!!!
    1733 days ago
    I needed to hear this prayer today. Thank you so much for sharing! My husband is in a situation only GOD, his Son and the Holy Spirit can help him through. I will say this prayer for my family and all others.

    In all thy way acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. Proverbs 3:6. emoticon
    2430 days ago
    I am praying this prayer you have posted right now for my son Ryan's College roomate Josh, who has been injured in a car crash. He is in Intensive Care, and Ryan is sitting vigil at his side, even though he is not family. It is believed Josh may have fallen sleep at the wheel.
    Josh has been suffering and in complete sorrow since losing his best freind who was swept under a city bus, and killed 8 years ago. He is a Firefighter in Northern Ontario. Was headed back to work, after visiting with friends,
    I will be praying this prayer and offering it to others I think will benefit from feeling empowered through prayer, especially in difficult situations such as this
    2436 days ago
    This is a very calming prayer indeed. I also wrote it out, and I will keep it with me, until I commit it to memory.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I have added you as my friend

    2443 days ago
    Thank you for this simple, yet, awesome prayer. May the Divine assistance be with all who invoke this prayer. Praying for Barb's situation. Have a blessed day!

    2445 days ago
    Thank you so much, Marge. I will pray this for the situation with the insurance company and i know that the answer is positive. The Holy Spirit is moving in a great way. From other comments, I see that I need to pray it for some others also. I will definetly do it for my BIL as his diagnosis was with stage 2 lung cancer.
    God bless you, my dear Sister in the Lord
    2446 days ago
    Thank you so much for the prayer. I copied it and will put it in my book of Novenas.
    2446 days ago
    Thank you, Marge for this awesome prayer.
    I will print if off my other computer and say it often.
    I will also pray for Barb.
    We have an adjuster coming to finally look at the storm damage on our farm on Thursday. I just told my husband that we need to say this prayer as we are concerned about what we will be able to repair and replace. Thank you!
    2446 days ago
    With the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit working for us, we can't go wrong (as long as we are in God's Will for us!)
    2446 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    emoticon so much for sharing! I will pray this for Barb! emoticon
    2446 days ago
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