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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Okay so today will be my last day in "dumb math" hopefully, depending on how I do on my final tonight. Stressed to the gills I am now resorting to prayers to get me through this class.

I really enjoy Sparkpeople for my own personal tracker of nutrition, haven't yet met anyone on here what I can work out with or talk personally with, but only time will tell. I have really tried to keep myself in check and accountable with tracking my food. I started the Atkins diet and this website is very useful to track my carbs :).

So last September I weighed in at 173 and now I am at 160..not to shabby being off and on diets, stressed with school, husband not working, and having a 4 year old. It being over half way into 2011 and husband with a job, son now 5 and starting school in a month, and job finally feeling less stressful I think this is MY TIME!

I have a great friend who I confide in for all my personal issues, work issues, and even weight loss and without him I would be lost. He started me on this Atkins a few months ago and it really kicked off the weight loss but then I lost my grandfather and I reverted back to my old eating everything I see.

On July 1st I made the commitment to stick with it and so far so good. I really enjoy the Atkins diet. I have been getting a lot of grief from people, telling me "Atkins doesn't work" or "It's not healthy"...why do people have to be so negative? I have stopped talking to most people about my struggles, they just say I look great and I don't need to diet. I am 5'5 and weigh 160, I DO NEED TO!

Well thanks for reading my vent, and if you care to share stories or are thinking about trying Atkins, or are in my area and would like to join me for a run, let me know!
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