Day 161- The Joys of Parenthood

Monday, July 11, 2011

Right now, I really miss the days when my son was considered a baby.

My 3 year old just woke me up at 4 o'clock in the morning to tell me he couldn't reach the light in the kitchen, and he needed light to finish eating Daddy's lunch.

I stumbled out of bed, having been up most of the night already due to bad allergies (stupid fires), and had him repeat himself.

In the kitchen, I found my husband's lunchbox on the floor, with most of the contents eaten. There was also an obvious attempt to fill a cup of milk for himself, as evidenced by the big puddle. In the living room, I found my laptop on, and the Disney Junior website loaded. I'm wondering how long he's been up.

He just finished eating, and I got him back into bed fairly easy, after I had cleaned up the evidence of his snack.

I'm guessing he's about to go through a growth spurt. Either that, or the teenage eating starts young.
Anyone got some good news for me? This won't happen again, right? Right?
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    That's hilarious! lol!!
    2410 days ago
  • STRINGI719
    I have never had that with either of my kids, but it's VERY funny!
    2442 days ago
    i wished kids would never grow sometimes lol
    2443 days ago
    OMG - LOL - I don't have kids, but appreciate those who do. independent little guy, isn't he?
    2443 days ago
    2443 days ago
  • NATESMOM1910
    LOL - My son is 18 months and already cracking me up. I can't even imagine the trouble he'll find by age 3. I hope you had a good laugh about it all. Kids are awesome. emoticon
    2443 days ago
    Sometime when my boys were very little I learned an old Jewish folk saying that you could either 'stay up at night when your children are little..... OR stay up at night when they were older.' I did more than my share of 'nights when little', but indeed had very few sleepless night when they were teens or young adults ;-).

    He sounds like a delightful and very resourceful little boy-- reminds me a bit of the visiting friend who went into our bedroom to 'wake up' her 4 year old son who had been 'napping' in our bed before a planned evening out at a square dance. We knew he hadn't 'really' been sleeping, as we could hear him humming to himself happily, but he wasn't bothering the 'grown-ups' and we figured he was at least resting (this was before I had any children). Suddenly I heard the mother saying, in shock, "David!!! you just don't do this! You don't do this in other people's homes! David!! Oh no!!!" I wondered what in the world had happened to our bedroom... and went on over to the door. I couldn't help but burst out laughing-- little David had found some magic markers in the bedroom, and had proceeded to drawing the most incredible and delightful city scene all over the two walls surrounding our bed! With hills and houses jutting out at all angles from the roads on the hills, and cars going along-- it was a quite involved big *mural* really. I told David that I agreed with his mom that he should *never* do something like this in a stranger's home, BUT that he was very fortunate that he happened to do it in a home of someone like me, who LOVED children's authentic artwork ;-). I kept it up on our walls for a number of years, and only with GREAT reluctance finally painted over it... but I can still picture it in my mind ;-).

    Enjoy these precious years -- and be ready to tell your *son's* children this story when you are with the grandchildren.... they'll love it ;-)

    2443 days ago
    Hahahaha, sorry but I remember those days! I hope you remembered to grab a camera and snap some shots. He sounds precious! Reminds me of when my son was about that age and he came and told me that it was so easy to take off the wallpaper in the kitchen as he handed me a big sheet of it! Enjoy them while they are little, it really is a wonderful time!! (btw, you sound like a great mom!)
    2443 days ago
    I'm sorry, but that is HILARIOUS!! :-))))
    2443 days ago
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