(Not) Beginning Again

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today, for the first time in over a month, I stepped on the scale.

199 pounds.


Basically, the scale-gods took a break from their aerobics and broccoli munching (what else would scale-gods do) to give me a little wake up call.

"Amanda Lee," said the scale-gods, "stop pretending that your rump isn't getting lumpier. Remember when you weighed 227 pounds? Do you? Your backside looked like the world's largest bowl of cottage cheese. If you continue to re-gain weight, we will curse you with ever expanding lady lumps and ankles."

Thankfully I was notified of my increasing chunkiness before the big 2-0-0. Meltdown avoided. Well... lessened.

I refuse to "start over" this time around. I have been trying to slay this hefty-dragon since I was a t(w)eenager. So many fresh starts. So many perceived failures.

Not this time.

I have worked hard. Everyday (almost). For the last 4.5 years. I refuse to let some ice cream and a few bags of chips undue that dedication. I am taking my credit, damnit.

After all... We don't begin again. We start from where we are, each and every time.
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