The Last Couple of Days Were Not Banner Wellness Days. Suggestions?

Saturday, July 09, 2011

The last few days haven't been that great in terms of overall wellness. The scale is still going down, but I'm all catywampus with regard to my schedule, and I probably didn't handle my eating properly. I'll explain what happened, and then anyone who reads is welcome to give suggestions as to how I could handle this better in the future.

My day usually begins at about 6pm and ends at about 10am. But Friday (yesterday) was my Dad's 80th birthday, and my siblings and I were in charge of planning and preparing the menu.

Now lately, since I've been working out and eating differently, I find that I need a LOT more sleep, seemingly. Like, 8 hours or more. Before, I could force myself to get up after 5 or 6 hours, but now that's just not an option. That said, I'd intended to go to the grocery store for fixings Thursday evening. But I slept until 9, the store closes at 9:30, and I just couldn't make it. Skipped my strength training scheduled for Thursday because I just didn't feel like it. I just started work instead. No excuses there, except over-scheduled and stressed. That's something I can rectify, so I'm not too worried about that.


The party was Friday evening.

I decided I'd end work early Friday morning, and go to the store when it opened at 8am, which I did. But there was just no way I could prepare the things I'd agreed to prepare AND sleep. So I didn't.

And I didn't work out Friday either, which was a scheduled day. I shopped and cooked instead.

I had eaten within my budget with a little wiggle room by the usual time (around 8 am--I eat every 2-3 hours, and like to stop eating a couple of hours before I go to bed), had a CLIF bar (not really a fan, but it did in a pinch) at around 11 (still within my eating budget), tasted the full-fat from scratch buttermilk ranch dressing I made (probably earned a few grams of fat there, but still within my budget), and then scrambled off to the party at around 5:30.

There, at around 6:45pm, I ate some chicken breast that had been grilled in the skin (tried to peel off the skin but it was pretty well soddered to the meat, so I just tried to eat under the first layer) and tasted really salty (sodium probably ratcheted up there a little), and a plateful of the salad I'd brought (kale, romaine, red leaf, and butter lettuce from my garden! Yay!) a couple Tablespoons of kalamata olives, and about 3 Tablespoons of that full-fat buttermilk ranch I'd made. And I didn't log anything after the CLIF bar. Because I didn't know where to do so, and frankly I was just so tired and hot, I didn't care.

I was eating the chicken and salad around the time that I'm usually getting up, and after an 8 hour gap since the last time I ate, and no sleep since Thursday morning. But then I came home at around 9:30 and was dead to the world by 10. I ate my breakfast this morning at around 7:30am. So where should that chicken and salad go, though I'd be estimating anyway? On today's log, though there was a space of about 8 hours between that meal and breakfast? Or yesterdays, even though it was eaten during a time that usually would be my first meal of the day, and with about an 8 hour gap between it and the CLIF bar? Or should I just call it a wash and start over today?

Any suggestions as to how I could have handled all that differently? Especially food-wise.

I know what to do about the workout. I'm doing it today. It's Saturday, so it still counts toward the week total. But the rest--thoughts? Yes, I know I will be scolded for failing to sleep. I just didn't know how to make it work.

Other than that, things still continue to change, in my head, on my palate, and yes, on the scale. I'm starting to get that feeling where when I don't work out, I feel . . . icky. So I'm looking forward to my walk today. And I don't find myself craving sweets or fatty foods. And I NEED a lot of water. Why didn't I need water this much before, I wonder?

Hope all of your days are going well!

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    Thanks for reading my blog and offering your input! Both you and IRISHBEANERGAL seem to say that it doesn't matter necessarily what day you track the food on, just that you track it. And even though the extra I ate was still probably pretty healthy, I don't want to get into the habit of eating a little something extra here and there and then shrugging it off. Today a piece of chicken and a salad, tomorrow a couple of brownies.

    I know what you say about sleep is true. I'm thinking I'm going to have to give up coffee, or at least cut way back. I'm a coffee addict. I drink about 32oz a day. Strong stuff. Beans I grind myself and all that. That's the only caffeine I drink. But I do think it disrupts my sleep.

    In terms of this last episode, I think I just need to manage my time better, and prioritize sleep and general well being at the top. I should maybe plan to go to bed earlier when I know I have a full day ahead, plan for contingencies like my body deciding it may need extra rest. I think I'm going to start planning my work night as if my body is going to need 10 hours instead of budgeting for 6.5-8.

    Thanks again, ladies!

    2172 days ago
    Get your 8 hours of sleep. You need it. People who say they need less are drinking too much caffiene, IMO.

    If you have an android phone, there is a sparkpeople app that's pretty decent I use for food tracking on occasion.

    Even if you track the next day, you can always go back and add things.
    2175 days ago
    Excellent suggestions and input, all!

    Thank you for taking the time to write, and for your encouragement! It really does help to ward off the "oh sh*t, have I really screwed up?" feeling!

    2175 days ago
    Isn't it interesting when our lives don't fit our "PLAN" ?

    First - under the circumstances I'd say you did pretty dang good. You planned, and you adjusted as things went off course. Put that in the "win" column.

    Water... ah yes, I'm up to 15 glasses a day now. And I NEED it. If my body doesn't get it, it protests and I'm sluggish. Comes down to PLAN - I carry a bottle with me everywhere - and I have a case of disposable water in my car. I don't know the reason why, but if I had to guess, I'm guessing that my body is more in-tune and pre-spark I just ate when I was actually only thirsty. Lesson learned.

    >No scolding here - but as you recognized, you need more sleep. So when it comes down to it, lean on the family/friends a bit - hopefully you have support for what you are doing - and say "hey, I didn't get to the store - can you shop for me?" If that's not possible - you did the next best thing... you let your workout go (or whatever you need to the next time) and make the best decision for the circumstances.

    You can always log food in after the fact. I use my cell phone's "notepad" to keep track of my food and then put it in later on SP. Or a good ol' pen and paper will do wonders... guestimation is fine in a pinch - when in doubt, estimate high.

    As far as when to track your food? I use the rule of thumb - what day WAS it - I choose that day and then if I can't decide what meal it is, I put it under "snack" and make a note on the notepad so I can remember what happened if I go back and look at the day. (side note: you can also structure your meal tracking any way you want - I have mine set up as breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, late lunch, dinner, late dinner, and snack because I eat small meals throughout the day - look in the settings if you want to change yours)

    Lastly - when stuck in a situation where the food is iffy - do the best you can (which you did) and realize what you are eating (again, you did) and then make adjustments later if you can - if not, note in the notepad section of your tracker what happened. It also helps to have a small box/bag of healthy alternatives in your car and/or purse. I keep small packets of almonds, apples, boxes of raisins, beef jerky (low sodium), and my own homemade healthy trail mix in my car next to that water. That way if there is NOTHING on the menu that you think fits into your plan you at least can have a small snack, drink your water, and plan to have a meal when you get home.

    For the record, again, I think you did pretty dang good. All in all, its a lifestyle, and we do NOT have perfect lifestyles (we'd be really boring if we did). And I'd be willing to bet pre-spark you wouldn't have even thought twice about what you put on your plate at this event. So kudos to you for being aware!

    I hope the suggestions help. Keep moving forward - do WHATEVER it takes - and NEVER quit!

    ~Irish (aka the Incredible Shrinking Mom)

    **July Mantra: PLAN to work, and WORK your plan!**

    2176 days ago

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