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Arghh!!! (Frustrated scream)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

I can't lose weight. I don't understand. For the past three weeks or more, I can't get past 188 - actually, I keep hovering closer to 190. I don't get it! I'm watching what I eat, I'm drinking my water, I'm exercising (this week, I went jogging 4 days, and did 2 cardio workouts, and the scale went UP 2 pounds!).

I'm getting so frustrated. Maybe I'm supposed to be a fat girl. Maybe my body is telling me I'm not supposed to weigh less than this.

I don't know what else to do, short of cutting off a limb. I know the number on the scale isn't supposed to matter - but it does, ok?

I'm trying hard not to let myself get discouraged, but really, what's the point if all my hard work isn't paying off?
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    Wow we're are the same plateau! I get all excited to hit the 180s and then the next week I'm right back at 190. So discouraging! Just keep doing all that your are doing, the scale will move eventually. At least it's staying the same and not going up! Imagine if you weren't doing all that you're doing!
    2055 days ago
    Best way to break a plateau is to change things up! Your body gets used to exercises when you do them repeatedly so change your routine and it should help. You may also want to add some strength training in there if your not doing so now. Also make sure that you stay within all your ranges not just calories thats something I struggled with in the past my calories would be in range but I would go over on carbs and fat and I couldnt figure out why when I added more fruits/veggies and protien the numbers started going down again. Good luck!
    2057 days ago
  • SLEVY1027
    I had the same problem around the 190lb mark, and then again at the 180lb mark. As in, I would work out, eat right, religiously track my calories, everything I should be doing, and yet for weeks at a time the scale WOULD NOT budge more than +/- 1 pound. I think some people hit plateaus more often than others. Mine is at every 10lb mark, yours seems to be at 188. All you can do is keep working on. Try changing up your exercise routine (i.e., I was walking 5k most mornings, and when I switched to belly-dancing for 3 of the 6 workout days, suddenly I started losing again).

    You just have to find what works on your body. It's hard, but try to not be too discouraged. As long as you keep on track, weight loss will start back again.
    2057 days ago
    Also, pay close attention to the other numbers. It even says here on sparkpeople somewhere to not get too caught up in the number on the scale. If you are doing measurements, you might be surprised that you are still losing inches, but not pounds due to muscle gain. When I am at my fighting weight of 130 or so, which I was once and trying to get back there again, I was still no skinny minnie...I was athletically built.

    You can do it, girl!!
    2057 days ago
    I've had this same thing going on myself. You should check out the blog i wrote on my page, second to most recent one. I got a lot of positive feedback that made me feel better. It could be that you're building muscle. Or someone suggested to me that maybe too much sodium is making me retain water. Seriously you should go read the comments I got.

    All I know is that I give up I've got no chance. So when the scale is moving super slow, which it totally is for me right now, I just have to think about how much better i feel now that I'm eating healthy and that if i keep doing all the right things that I know I'm doing, sooner or later its going to pay off.

    I wish it were easier though. It's alsolutely infuriating. People make it sound so simple. Just eat right and exercise! 3500 calories burned equals a pound!! It's not that easy. There are so many variables, it makes me CRAZY if I think about it too much. That's why I LOVE sparkpeople. I could not go through this on my own. Just keep moving forward and reaching out for support. And encourage others. I find that helps me.
    2057 days ago
  • PUPPYDOG0613
    I know the number on the scale really does matter, no matter what anyone else says. It's tough, but just hang in there. I'm new at this, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt. Maybe try changing up your workouts? Some different types of cardio? Are you doing strength training? Do you take your measurements? Possibly you are losing inches but not pounds. Smaller numbers are good no matter where they come from, right?
    emoticon emoticon
    2057 days ago
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