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Thursday, July 07, 2011

So I talked to a friend of mine the other day on FB and she said she is on Apidex (Adipex) however you spell it and telling me how it has decreased her appetite tremendously and once again there went my mind...daydreaming about a "diet pill" to help me on this journey. Yeah I have tried several diet pills before (but don't worry I didn't take any long enough for one side effect to occur lol)....I even tried phentermine at one point...which seemed to be okay for about a week,,,, then I didn't feel it's "magic" anymore so I quit...but since this is the generic of Apidex once my friend started talking about made me want to get it since after all this was the "name brand stuff"..sooooooooooo I called my doctor's office and got an appointment for next Tuesday to try to get the prescription....I was so excited at work but that wasn't soon enough for i called back to get in with the nurse practitioner instead for tomorrow...well when the nurse asked me what i wanted to come in for I said for weight loss pills...she said our doctors rarely issue pills for that reason.....I said all of them? (I knew the answer)..she said it has to be a special case...I said okay how about for someone that is over 300lbs has been for a while and lap band would be her next choice?....she said okay (hesitantly).....we will get you in tomorrow and see what she says....well I already knew my doc or the nurse practitioner wasn't game for pills for me and here is why.....I am healthy...(as can be at my weight) I don't have any reason that good ole' diet and exercise would not and could not work for me....other than wanting a quick fix and daydreaming about a "magic pill" doc wont give me a pill....she knows I can do it on my own....but can I?..neway so I called back and canceled both appointments....I can't really believe how up and down this whole weight loss thing is I think the emotional ride is more frustrating than the actual weight. I really want something to suppress my appetite but than again maybe I just need to grow up and learn how to suffer through some hunger pains (that with time I know will go away) eat less and....exercise.....instead of taking a diet pill that I can't take forever anyway. I have got to lose the microwave has got to go... when it comes to this weight loss journey....I know that....losing weight is hard work....and honestly I just need to toughen up and stop being such a wimp......I found a question that really stuck with me....and it is this....WHAT AM I GETTING OUT OF NOT LOSING WEIGHT? I will tell you what...not a DANG THANG!

PS....if you do know of a good appetite suppressant pill though let me know LOL....LOL...HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH
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  • I2BZ2W8
    I am almost there with you. I have a Dr that will give me all most what ever I ask for to help me loose the weight but I am the one that wont take it for long. I have a co-worker who is constantly trying new fads..and she always gains the weight back. I even have a relative that had the lapband surgery and still eats like she did before..not good!

    I know I can do it..I have to do it..we can do it together!
    2446 days ago
  • ATR_1983
    Girl step away from the pills. You know you can do this. I know its hard at times. I have a huge appetite and every minute I am awake I think about food and on top of that I am a emotional eater but some of the things that help me is I am feeling the need to eat is I drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes if I am still wanting to eat I will grab something healthy. I also find healthy substute for what i am craving. if I want something sweet I eat a peice of fruit, if i want something crunchy I get a carrot or cerly. It takes time but it do get easier
    2447 days ago
    I think I may have tried every kind of over the counter pill to lose weight I could think of,this was yrs ago.Yes they have alot of side affects.Could be why I have alot of illness;s now cause I took them for yrs when I was younger and able to work.
    I had just recently came across some that were being add on TV the other day ,I needed to know if would interfere with my meds so I called my Pharmacy and she said that not to take any weight lose pills,cause most are not for long term,and the good old fashion way to lose she said is ti diet and exercise.I too had check in to the Lap band,I went to the meetings,for a while till a friend of mine who is a nurse btw she ask me ,what can I eat after my surgery and I told her I would still have to learn how to eat right to lose,so she said then why not eat right anyway,so this is when I found SP.I bought the book and was looking for something to start me out slow and here is the place.
    Sorry got a little cowered away.
    You can do this,yes is hard I know but we can do it and we will.Hang in there,take it 1 day at a time.Educate yourself find the right diet that works for you,this is about you ,I know you said you were healthy and that is great but please listen I know if you dont do something now your weight can cause alot of illnesss,I know.
    Take care,love ya. emoticon
    2447 days ago
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