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Scale avoidance, loose clothes and battle blows- Yup another NSV blog :)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Phew, here goes: undertaking scale avoidance. emoticon
A break up if you will from the snarky little gadget that has both praised and smack talked me in the past two months. Clearly I should have no trouble avoiding this meano-little device, who, by the way I have NEVER criticised for HIS weight (come on lets face it weigh scales are guys, they never know the right thing to say!!…) nope, I did not say a word, not even when I had to lug the husky fella across town back to my house… emoticon
Yeah it shouldn’t be difficult to stay wide of this joker, I definitely had no probs avoiding him during my denial phase! I always had the opinion that people who weighed themselves were crazy to believe so much in a constantly fluctuating number. OK so in fairness I’ve definitely, by my own definition gone cuckoobananas for the lbs in the last 2 months…

But here are my reasons for a two week ban on weigho-blamo-hateo
emoticonIt IS just a number; it WILL go up and down! The second before I step on the scale I feel all slim and confident, he shouldn’t be able to take away that confidence just by giving me the stink-eye…

emoticonWeighing myself makes me forget the bigger better achievements, like holding planks, climbing cliff hikes, swimming the icy Atlantic just because I’d regret it if I didn’t, realising I have WILLPOWER!!! I can make good decisions! YAY! emoticon

emoticonIt wastes a big fat portion of my day when a weigh in doesn’t go my way, I spend the whole day searching articles (Am I convinced reading articles about plateaus promotes weight loss?? Why yeeeessss yes I am…) and over analysing (both the Freudian and nutritional schools of analysis, ‘Am I eating this because I got lost in the supermarket when I was five or because it is sugary deliciousness?’)every morsel of food I see!!

emoticonIt makes me forget to listen to and notice my body! I am not just a sum of parts that equals a quantity of pounds!!! I’m smart, my body is smart and we can work this out without depending on the scale, mind just needs to talk to body!

emoticonI swear the weigh scales ACTUALLY makes baggy clothes feel tight! It’s an amazing feat of physics, yup, no lie, my body will actually swell to porcine proportions based on a number on a screen (note: this is specific to scale numbers, i.e. telephone numbers don’t make me whale up…yet).

emoticon emoticonI like my slim skinny mini delusions! It’s great! I feel bags more confident when I’m convinced that a workout just blasted off 40 pounds and when I meet my skinny friends, well they must be just awed and dazzled! (deep down, waaay down) at the sight of this ethereal waif before them (HA! Waif I do not aspire to, I’d prefer the toned-could-be-an-extra-on-tru
e-blood-a$$-kickin-rockstar but ya get me)

emoticonAnd last but not least, naturally I hope to see a MAAA-HAA- HUU-SIVE difference in the digits in two weeks time when I weigh in again! (Yeah yeah I know this in some way negates what I’ve said above, but I’m being honest with myself (and you) and I am still a scale addict at this stage…) emoticon

SO here’s the plan….
emoticonHide the scales!
emoticonKeep tracking nutrition (1300-1500, beer/wine slip-ups are cool within reason) and exercise (6 cardio sessions, 3-4ST per week)
emoticonLovely lovely rest days which I won’t feel guilty about mmmmmMMMmmm
emoticonBeautiful creative home cooked vegan nomnoms for lunch and dinner.
emoticonI won’t need to emotionally eat since my main trigger for this is…yup ya guessed it weigho-blamo-hateo!
emoticonThink less about weight, more about fitness and achievements and FUN! (and err…thesis…umm woo?)
emoticonContinue feelin all skinny when clothes feel even just a smidgen too big

When I do go back to weighing myself I’ll be smart about it…I won’t do it when I’ve fallen to the communists (TOM), I won’t do it the morning after an EPIC workout when I’m swollen with the dum dun DOMS, etc etc. and hopefully I will have gained some perspective so that if it still is exactly the same, or I’m scared to type…increased… I will see it for what it is… a sneaky, bitter scale who is just spiteful that I ignored him for so long and is telling me lies out of jealousy and is about to have the LED smashed outta him…OR (*put a lid on the crazy*) a number that does not define me or diminish how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved along the way.

Thank you anyone who has read down as far as this, you are wonderful and I am so appreciative of your time and support emoticon
Wish me luck!

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
YOUNGANGELAM 7/27/2011 2:55PM

    YAY for EPIC workouts!

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MOTHERMAGOO 7/14/2011 12:54PM

  GREAT blog posting, honey! You have summed up wonderfully and had me "amen"ing all the way through! Good luck on the rest of your journey and I will keep coming back for more great reads and moral support! You got this!!! emoticon

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LEAHKAY21782 7/9/2011 11:17PM

    Amens....Scales are LOOOOOOOOOOOSERS. Him and I had a moment the other day cause there was chic on Dr. Oz who weighed 10 lbs LESS than me, and I was in awe of how overweight they looked. I called my hubby in to confirm that I did not look that overweight.

Is that sad or what? lol

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RNRBUNNY 7/9/2011 8:51PM

    You can so do it! I need it right now to keep my tush on track! I saw your a doctoral student! I am a candidate or philosophy so I am reading all the time trying to come up with a dissertation (which alludes me)!!!
Go get 'em!

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ODINRMC 7/7/2011 12:49PM

    Why do all things that are evil (the scale) have to be male?!?! Although I do agree it is a male.....

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SUSUSUZZZIE 7/7/2011 12:19PM

    Great blog. I see a lot of Sparkers, me included, struggling with the scale. Love your goals! Good luck to you!

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MAIM138 7/7/2011 11:59AM

    I'm with you! After being devoted to my scale for so long, it's turned on me. I've been losing and gaining the same two pounds (or maybe it's a different two pounds, but you know what I mean) over and over again for more than a month. Screw that. I'm doing the right things, and if my weight doesn't wanna budge, so be it. What else can I do but keep at it?

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TURTLERASKIN 7/7/2011 10:55AM

    Good luck! I'm in the midst of my own scale ban, because I felt much like you, with the added component that I was addicted -- I weighed every day, and then when the scale stopped going down for two weeks was devastated. So it's been a while since I weighed, and I'm still debating whether I weigh in tomorrow on my regular weigh in day. I want to, desperately, which makes me think I shouldn't....

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