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Major fitness milestone..

Monday, July 04, 2011

While on vacation over this weekend, my eating was really good. I was focused on eating right and went for a 10K run Saturday as more of an insurance policy against any dietary boo boos but over all I did really well.

The big accomplishment however, was Sunday. I went cycling after I got back home. To date, my cycling distance record was set a couple of years ago. That was 31 miles and it took all that I had to do that. Since I started running, I never really made any move to challenge that record, until today.

I have recently been hitting 24-28 miles on a regular basis and felt really good afterward so I knew I was fully capable of doing more, just never went after it.

In short, I pushed out 61 miles in 5 hrs and 13 min and could have gone to 70+ if I pushed but I wasn't going to go there. I still have a marathon to train for and dont want to take any un-necessary risks.

The thing I found so amazing and validating was that this time is actually well within the cutoff time for a Half Ironman. WOW... not bad for a fluffy guy who still has about 80 lbs to lose before he is really at what I would consider a competitive racing weight.

... Bumblebees aren't supposed to fly either....

The Half cutoff is usually around 5.5 hrs for 56 miles.

I guess the moral of the story is dont wait until you are ideal before you start chasing your dreams. I am going to train and lose weight until my Half Ironman dream is a reality.

I am not waiting. I feel that if I lose enough weight while maintaining a level of endurance, the Tri will happen for me. I am very rough around the edges, uneducated and somewhat ignorant when it comes to the finer points of endurance endeavors but I have alot of heart and am motivated. I will learn, I will bloody my nose, I will stub my toe along the way and that is the price that is exacted.... I dont care.

Im tired of having lived a life filled with all of the things i CANT do. I want to live it and know what i CAN do if I train hard and commit.


** Garmin at mile 50 **

The big difference is that I could have trimmed my time up quite a bit. I was pushing to get that time at mile 50 then backed off and relaxed. I then realized as i was slowly spinning along that I could actually hit Half Ironman distance which I guesstimated to be about 56-57 miles so I kicked it back into gear and pushed it out. Then once I broke 56 (i did hit my lap timer at 56) i slowed down to enjoy the rest of the ride and to see where I would wind up mileage wise. i dont have my laptime handy because the watch is in the truck and i dont really feel like going out to get it... imagine that.... but i will post it later after some rest and Ibuprofen

BTW-- Polar HRM avg hr 121, max 156 , calories 3850... yowza!


The Half Ironman cutoff time is 4hrs 30 min depending on the event.... The time I cycled did NOT make cutoff time but still was darn close.
MY TIME WAS 56 miles in 4 hrs 48 min 21 sec ---18 min 21 sec past cutoff...
- not a bad piece of work for someone who was not racing or initially trying to make it though :)

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