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Moving worries...and now I don't feel like eating much at all.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, I find myself feeling anxious yet again. June is turning out to be a short month as far as my timesheet goes. It started and ended with a weekend, and then there's the July 4th weekend, and then there's the fact that I missed a couple of other days and I haven't really been getting in on time, so it's going to end up being short, and I only have two paychecks left until I move and suddenly find myself unemployed...and apparently now I'm sharing my office with someone who is going to start coming in in the mornings (the person who is taking over my job, from what I gather, although I really haven't been told much about it - I only know this at all because they suddenly installed a phone in my office for this person), so I can't even come in early to make up some hours next week, not that I really would have wanted to anyway.

So I only have about a month and one week left before I leave. I can't say I'm not glad about that, despite the fact that I might end up coming up short on money for the move. But I am worried. I'm going to need to pay for a truck rental to move all my stuff, but before that I'm going to have to figure out if my furniture is going to fit in the apartment at all. I'm especially worried that I won't be able to get my oversized couch in, since there seems to be a bar sticking out almost to the door (as you can see in the layout below). The layout is really all I have to go off of though. I've never been in the actual appartment, as they did not have any empty appartments to show me before I signed the lease (this is considered on campus housing, so it stays full all the time).

So if I can't get that couch through the door, I'm going to need a new couch, probably something appartment sized or modular. At least I shouldn't have a problem with my bed, since that's a modular bed from Ikea.

I'm also worried that I'm not going to have enough money to pay off the rest of my car, the payments for which go through October. I might just have to sell it, which at least would resolve some other financial problems, since I think I should still be able to get about $6000 for it. Only problem then would be that I wouldn't have a car at all for the first time since I've been 18. I'd just have to learn to use public transportation (I live in Texas, btw, and that's not something that's very popular here).

I also seem to have already hit that point in my diet where instead of having the urge to overeat, I'm beginning to find it difficult to get enough calories in. Yesterday, I barely made it to 1200. I know I've got to eat enough to keep my metabolism up, but it's starting to become a challenge these past couple of days, because I just don't feel that compelled to eat anymore, and I've gotten too good at shaving off unnecessary calories. I remember this happened last time too, but it didn't happen until after I'd been on my diet for a lot longer. Here it is 6:00, and I haven't even eaten 500 calories today. I should probably force myself to eat a snack now...I'm still at work right now, trying to make up for some lost hours, and I've got a yogurt in the fridge here, but I just don't want it for some reason (sigh).

EDIT AT 6:40 PM: Okay, I was wrong. I ate my yogurt, went to track it, and realized that I had somehow forgotten to track the bread from the sandwhich I ate at lunch. So with the yogurt I'm now up to 695 calories, which is probably about right for this time of day. But I still think I'm getting that point where not eating seems easier than eating for some reason...

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    Job and move and money... same problems I have right now too.. And as a matter of fact, last week that's what I was finding too, I was not getting enough calories either. I was making a peanut butter sandwich with bananas one nite at 11pm, I was that much below my calorie budget too.

    We've been packing on and of for about 3 weeks now and everyone keeps saying are you finished, and I don't know how others pack or if we are just such packrats that we have so much stuff we never feel packed. But I tried to explain to someone today that with teaching all subjects to 4 grades over the past 6 years that I have so many books, resources, and papers etc. etc. I've been trying really hard to purge, but guess I'd be finished if I had been successful at that...

    Good luck with your future plans as well, lot of stress in the meantime...
    2333 days ago
    Unfortunately, I never learned how to ride a bike ^_^;; And Texas cities aren't vey pedestrian friendly...bikes are worth 10 points, lol

    Thanks for your suggestion, though ^_^;;
    2334 days ago
  • NICB87
    If you do end of selling your car, buy a bike! It's great exercise and sometimes it can be easier to bike places rather than take public transportation.

    2334 days ago
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