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Dude. How many times will I re-start?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm back. Again.

I dont' know if I should be pissed at myself for being gone AGAIN, or be glad that I'm back. AGAIN.

Whatevs. I'm here.

Whilst I was gone, my hubs and I went on our FIRST VACATION (that didn't involve visiting family or work/conference) EVER. Like, EVER. In 15 years. So it was our 15th anniversary trip!

Every single night, I had at least one (ok, 2) cocktails. usually out at the pool. While swimming. I KNOW. Tough life, right?

But every day involved swimming, snorkeling, walking, (having sexy time), and other physical stuff. And almost every day started with a small breakfast in the room (coffee, juice, bagel), and at least one meal included fish. We were in Florida (key west), so I had lots of fresh gorgeous fruit (ok, sometimes mixed with rum, but still -- it counts, right?), and veggies and fish.

ONE FLURPIN' time we had Italian (he ordered in a pizza, I got some broccoli/fettucini alfredo). I felt like a gross disgusting cow of the sea after. ANd I only ate maybe a cup, cup and a half total? But ... ugg.

I am fer SURE going to integrate more fish into my everyday eating. I just couldn't BELIEVE how awesome I felt after eating a meal that had tuna cevice (raw-ish tuna) plus watermelon salsa, and then some hogfish (better than it sounds). Really. Not too full, but all vitamin-ed up.

When we got back here to MI, I went shopping and bought tons of veggies and fruit, and pondered the seafood. I only bought some crabcakes. I'm working up to buying fresh fish, I guess. I wanted to recover from my trip (clean th ehouse, do the laundry, remember how to run a dishwasher, etc.) before I did the whole "fish" thing.

But I promise! I'm going to!

I'm sick of the "red meat" gross-colon food-baby feeling. Yuck. It really just sits there, doesn't it? Seems like my body digests fish much better. EGAD. Could I be on the way to being a pescatarian? Naah. I love bacon. (funny - the auto-correct wants that to be "proletarian." heh.)

Here's another thing I've been doing at home to both indulge in having a 'cocktail' at night, while not drinking too much booze:

Get a large wineglass and toss in few icecubes. Then cut watermelon into long thin sticks (like carrot stick size) and fill the glass almost up with them, adding maybe another ice cube. Top with some white wine and maybe some sparkling water. Swish around a bit. Enjoy.

There's something so boring about just pouring a glass of iced tea or diet pepsi in the evening. Like I"m not even trying. But going through all these steps? It seems like making a real cocktail, but hardly any boozage. And it takes a while to drink, what with dodging the watermelon sticks and icecubes, and then eating the watermelon. And it looks festive as heck, especially if I toss in a few basil leaves or mint leaves.

I am on the fence about actually tracking food right now. I'm a bit burnt out with that. It's boring me, and I have a low tolerance for boredom.

(yeah, I know. Shut up and do it. HEY. This is my blog, so can it. At least I'm here.--- umm... again? I"m having arguments with myself. perhaps I should check my medication levels?)

In other news, I love Doogs and Yca. And Riki and Siri and Mel, and Dana and Manda.

(and they know why)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Salmon, tilapia and the broiler are my friends. You can do it! Don't be intimidated:) You are a NINJA. The fish fear you.
    2397 days ago
    I keep trying to like fish. Its not going well. My eldest son and husband like it so about once a month I give it a shot. I'd have better luck being a vegetarian. Love veggies and most meat is meh. Good for you coming back. It sounds like for a vacation you were still pretty good. I would have had dessert a million times a day and big fatty cocktails. :)
    2398 days ago
    Yay! I heart you too Ninja!!! I am making baby steps to be "back" as well.
    I like the coctail idea, I have just been pounding a few beers at night, which is totally canceling out not eating crap at the kids' game. Sigh...baby steps.
    2398 days ago
    Love you too!! And now I want watermelon sticks and fancy drinks.
    Like Yca, I like fish and hubby does not. Maybe just maybe I too will be "back" again. Stalling for so long stinks!

    If ya try awesome fish recipes please share.
    welcome back and of course it's good news, back means you're still trying or thinking about trying and haven't quit. Its July tomorrow. Hows that for a group that started as a new years resolution group. Month 7. Starting back is good!
    Now to hear that myself too. it's hard.
    2399 days ago
    Love you too... look for my 'I'm back!" blog... in uh, another week??? I hope??? :~ emoticon
    2399 days ago
    she loves me - she really really loves me!!!!! and i love you too baybee!!!

    i love fish ... but hubby hates it. stupid hubby. he's good at making it tho, and we've worked our way up to once a week. i would eat it every single day. the kids too ... they get their good taste from me. because i am in florida, we can get fresh fish all the time, and love mixing it with citrus flavors. love fish with lemon pepper, cilantro lime, orange and paprika. yummmmmmmm now i'm hungry and need to go find a snack. stupid ninja.


    2399 days ago
    But, but, but-fish is so easy! Seriously-one of our favorite meals. Take salmon fillets out of freezer. Stick then in a dish. Cover with some teriyaki marinade and about 1 T of honey. Let them sit there and defrost for about an hour while they marinate. After an hour or so turn on the broiler-broil for about 10 minutes-baste em a couple times. Throw in a salad and a veggie and easiest meal ever.

    If you want to go super duper easy turn the oven to 400 instead of broil. Hack up a veggie (red potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, ect) and toss it with a little olive oil and garlic. Throw it in there 10 minutes before the fish. Then all you have to do is toss the salad in the 20 minutes the food is cooking.

    Vacation sounds awesome!!!!! Really really awesome!!!
    2399 days ago
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