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A Somewhat Immoderate Response to Moderation?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

KALIGIRL and BRIGHTSPARK have both kindly pointed out that my reading of the Leslie Beck article in my previous blog was (ahem) somewhat inaccurate and perhaps a little immoderate and . . . . that in fact the occasional French fry might not spell disaster and . . . . like that.

Here's what KALIGIRL said:

I hate to differ, but the article stated: “People who REGULARLY ate French fries, potato chips, mashed potatoes, processed meat, meat, sugary drinks, sweets and refined grains were more LIKELY to gain weight.”

I'm an EVERYTHING in moderation person unless you have an addiction, and consider a DQ cheese coney, sharing onion rings and a mini oreo blizzard a REAL treat!


And of course they are both absolutely right.

I replied to KALIGIRL:

Thanks for your comment on my "moderation" blog: your gloss on it is definitely more moderate (and accurate!!). And yes, I do think I have an addiction to French fries, potato chips and all the rest . . . trigger foods for me!!

And I repllied to BRIGHTSPARK:

On reconsideration, I'm thinking you and KALIGIRL are right, Usha . . . I need to be more moderate in my rejection of moderation!! The two of you have a lot of wisdom.

But (defence of necessity) my intensity is related to my addiction . . . last week when my weight went back up over 140, I'd had just a couple foods that aren't on my usual program (small serving of chicken wings, a muffin) both tracked and within range but . . . . they trigger cravings and my metabolism seems to deal with that kind of food differently.

Don't like the results of "moderation" for me. *sigh*

I really had only eaten some treat foods with moderation. And I really don't like the results of "moderation" for me. But that's because . . . . I've still got some work to do on "thinking like a thin person", pretty obviously. I'm still dealing with those incredible and uncontrollable urges to eat yucky stuff in great bucketloads . . .

Maintaining weight loss is not easier than losing weight. Or at least, not yet. I'm still working on finding my lowest achievable weight, and determining my lowest sustainable weight. Not there yet: maybe not close yet.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is an interesting discussion. I don't get cravings, but I do notice that if I am not careful 'moderation' becomes 'just a little more.' And that's a slippery slope. I have not read the book you've been reading and using to help your weight loss and maintenance, so I can't comment on what she says. But I can tell you that my husband is thin and to think like him, I would have to not bother even thinking much about food. He eats -- sensibly and not a lot -- and he doesn't think about it at all. Most of the what I would call "naturally thin" people I know don't think about it. They just don't focus on food at all except as a fuel. Period.
    2278 days ago
    I appreciate your thinking more about this, Ellen, and responding to a different point of view. How lovely is that!

    I guess the decision to eat or not to eat hinges on whether or not the food is a trigger food for you. I know you are really great at practicing moderation Ellen -- in dark chocolate for example -- which might be a trigger food for someone else.

    In the end, it's about doing what works for you. And that may change over time. Just saying. :) I'm with you in practicing ongoing awareness about our choices.


    2279 days ago
    I'm still a work in progress, too.
    I do seem to be able to count out 10 french fries and leave the rest, but french fries were never a real passion of mine. I only eat them at all if they're really good.
    I never eat potato chips any more.
    My particular craving is dark chocolate. I just can't leave it alone.
    2279 days ago
    Each of us are different. Some people binge if they taste a trigger food. Some people binge if they deny themselves that same food.

    So - if avoidance works better for you, go for it.

    I'm the kind of person who can't handle permanent avoidance, I need the occasional moderate treat.

    Whatever works!
    2279 days ago
    I don't know the right answer to this one for myself either. I think that CONSISTENCY is the key to MODERATION. Whatever you can consistently eat in order to always eat in moderation is ok. If something is a trigger food, and it blows you out of MODERATION, then its no longer moderation is it?

    HUH? emoticon

    I just confused myself...
    2279 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Ellen you will find your balance.
    Each day is a new one that bring about new changes. At the shore yesterday, I ate only two fries. It wasn't that long ago that I would polish off everything, now I think nothing of leaving food on my plate. Even though they were good, the two satisfied me. Eating more would take me from my goal. (Ah so that is what Dr. Beck means about being mindful. )
    You know what is right for you...follow your heart.

    2279 days ago
    I'm one of those people who has to be careful what she starts... 'cuz I might just finish it.

    Starches, grains, things with added sugar, and even things with natural sugar (such as fruits), things with non-nutritive sweeteners, etc. all tend to trigger cravings for me. And cravings lead to binges. And binges lead to... Well I suspect you also know where those go. LOL

    It's one of those things where I'm not likely to be able to have "just one." It's better for me if I just stay away and never get started.
    2279 days ago
    "Maintaining weight loss is not easier than losing weight."

    Couldn't agree MORE! A corollary for me is that moderation of trigger foods takes a great deal more effort than to simply ban them altogether!

    2279 days ago
    OH, you are all right! Moderation works when you can think moderately. Moderation doesn't work when it triggers more eating. I had the same experience recently. I went out to eat and ordered grilled chicken and veggies. I had one bite only of a white bread stick. The chicken was delicious but very salty and seasoned; the baby bok choy and the green beans were swimming in different seasonings and oils. Afterwards I had the biggest cravings I'd had in months. I wanted everything to eat. Something was in that food that stimulated my appetite. Could have been psychological, but I think it ws physical.

    Anyway, here is to being moderate about moderation!! Use it when it works. Shun triggers when you can. You are doing great!!! Really, really great!
    2279 days ago
    Yeah, no. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, too, Ellen...

    MY answer is NO french fries.


    As in EVAR.

    Maybe I need to moderate my ELIMINATION... but I don't think so...
    2279 days ago
  • BD3269PM
    Me too, close but not there yet. I am still learning but do go by the motto, everything in moderation! emoticon
    2279 days ago
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