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Have you ever had a doctor you just can't stand?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am preparing health baselines with my local bloodless hospital center and I've changed my doctors to doctors affiliated with that hospital. That said, I now have to get to know these doctors. I have a cardiologist, not because I have a problem, but because my dad died a few years ago from a massive heart attack and no one knew he had cardiac problems, not even him.

So, I go to this doctor for the first visit. He said something in a rude way ("you know you're obese") But ok, yes, I know I'm overweight. According to weight tables, obese. OK. I get that. So I let it pass.

I go yesterday for a stress test. I do the stress test without really getting out of breath or breaking a sweat. After he tells me, "well, you're out of shape, but you did well on the test. " Ok. Let that one go. I am out of shape. If a person says that in a condescending, high minded way, it stings more, even though it's true.

But the kicker came when he called me later to tell me the results of all my tests. He says there is one abnormality. But it may be because of my large br****ts that's why there's an abnormality. OK. I'm a C cup. But - REALLY?!!

I wanted to tell him, ok. I'm obese, out of shape and have large br***ts. But you're SHORT!! You got your bachelors in Fine Arts at an unknown school and you got your doctorate in the Bahamas! But - I'm not abusing you because I doubt the quality of your education. I don't hold that against you....until now. I'm getting another doctor and a second opinion. This guy is a jerk!!

I can appreciate doctors who are working for your own good. But it's just another thing to have a rude, obnoxious doctor (who is not that educated)! I'm not promoting higher education. I just think that if a person takes that route and wants others to trust him with their health then an appropriate education is necessary. Especially if you're obnoxious. I think a doctor should have a reason to be obnoxious. You don't have a reason with a Fine Arts degree!!

Not that there is anything wrong with that type of degree, but it says something to me about the person when they went to college. It says to me either they really didn't know what they wanted to do when they started - and finished - or they flunked out of everything else. And now he's YOUR cardiologist. Not getting the warm and fuzzy here!

Just venting about a jerk. Please don't get offended if you're a cardiologist with a bachelors in Fine Art!

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    Yup, had my share of experiences with rude doctors. Hopefully, I don't have to meet any more rude ones for the rest of my life.
    2420 days ago
    He missed the class in tact. It's so odd, I was just reading an article in Prevention magazine on this exact same topic! Dr's preconcieved ideas about health and our weight and the fact that so many Dr's are biased, some without knowing it. It's a long article. They point out that you need to confront the Dr., in a polite but firm way about their attitude and treatment of you. If they don't change their treatment/attitude towards you, it's time to switch.

    We will soon have our new svelt bodies and people like him will be a thing of the past. emoticon
    2425 days ago
    Oh yeah, new doctor time!! Going to the doctor is stressful enough without being treated rudely! Hang in there!
    2425 days ago
    Thank all of you for your support and understanding!! YOU ROCK!! emoticon

    For my sisters in the faith, your "personality" is shining through! Love you guys!

    I got a name of another cardiologist from a sister in my congregation. If that doesn't go well, you'll probably be hearing about it!! Sorry - in advance! emoticon
    2425 days ago
    I don't get why they have to be that way. You can get across to a person that they need to make changes in a much nicer way. My husband's cardiologist actually refused to see him after a while though. The reason was because he smoked (I can say that now). A few months later he was air lifted to Sacred Heart and had emergency heart surgery. Double bypass. He actually stopped smoking too, but started again. grrr. So he ended up having heart surgery anyway and survived it. Now, finally, he is establishing a healthy lifestyle.At least to the best of his ability. Mostly because he is eating what I cook for him. He also quit smoking and is studying the Bile. People can change, but being mean to them isn't going to help.

    Sorry I rattled on so much. I am glad you are switching doctors. Who needs a negative ninny for a doctor anyway?????
    2426 days ago
  • ROSENJ1965
    He's rude, he's wrong, and he's letting preconceptions affect the care that you receive. Even if his education were stellar (which is sounds like it might not be), he's not giving you good care. Plus mention of your breasts in any descriptive context like that just sounds creepy.

    Definitely find another doctor and get the care and attention you deserve!
    2426 days ago
    My Goodness! What a rude person! I am sorry that you had to go through all that. You went to the doctor for help, not to be put down.

    2426 days ago
    hahaha My husband had a doctor who manhandled him during a physical and asked him if his "breasts" had always been like that. (He has some extra weight in his chest area) And then she asked him if he had a tetanus shot in the last 2 years and when he said no she gave him a needles before he could object. Needless to say we have never been back
    2426 days ago
  • CHLOE453
    emoticon Time for a new doctor, the last thing you need is to be criticised!! Good luck in finding one with a good bedside manner. Take care.
    2426 days ago
    Bedside manner is SO important in a GP doctor. Sometimes they forget they are dealing with a human being, not just a set of body parts and vital statistics.

    Try to find a person you feel comfortable with.
    You deserve it!
    2426 days ago
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