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Beans and Greens: Eating For My Health

Monday, June 27, 2011

Last week I got it into my head that I wanted to try eating gluten again. Why after all this time? Because I was seriously curious if I could possibly handle it in small doses. I had the test done; I know I don’t have Celiac, so I wouldn’t be massively endangering my health.

So I gave in to the temptation and I got an ice cream cone. Except for some heartburn, I seemed pretty fine. This planted an evil little seed in my brain. I was then determined to see if I could handle a bit more. So two days later I upgraded from one small ice cream cone to a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. And not a small bowl, no of course not, that might actually be rational. I had a nice huge bowl.

Definitely had heartburn again, but then I had some other issues. Mild ones like some fatigue, mind fog, and the heartburn. And some major issues also. Such as random extreme stomach pain (that’s funny it doesn’t LOOK like someone just ran a sword through me). A majorly scratchy throat/esophagus (did I swallow a hand that decided to take its revenge by scratching me all the way down?). And finally gastrointestinal stuff I won’t even mention (yeah, trust me, I’m not going there).

Why would I put myself through this? Because 1. I’m insane. But 2. I think I just really missed gluten and was hoping that I was wrong. I hoped and prayed that maybe it was something else entirely and I could go back to eating whatever the heck I wanted in moderation. The phrase “everything in moderation” really irritates me now because my first thought is “Well…not for ME!” I’m working on the bitterness in my life, really….lol

Sometimes I can overcome this by making something really delicious like some of my previous raw chocolatey desserts. Or even an awesome tasting salad like this.

But I didn’t have much time to really think about being bitter, because the worst was yet to come. So there I was thinking everything was finally getting back to normal after my gluten insanity when all hell broke loose. And I mean literal hell.

You see, during dinner Saturday night I kept feeling this roll of something throughout my body. I couldn’t figure out what it was. Nausea? No. Was I feeling faint? Lightheaded? Dizzy? No, no no. Then I realized it was cold. I was getting huge waves of cold. Then the shivers started. With my teeth chattering like crazy I started massively shaking. My temperature rose from its usual 97 to 99, then over 100, before finally making its way to 103.8 and it stayed there.

The hell part came from my crazy feverish dreams of a man trying to kill me, a man I determined in my dream to be the devil. He had killed my husband was trying to kill me. Why can’t fever dreams ever be good ones?? You know dancing around with Care Bears singing songs about jellybeans or something?

Apparently when you get a very high fever you aren’t actually cold, but I didn’t care. I felt cold! I wanted every single blanket we owned on top of me. This is also apparently not the best plan, but it’s what I wanted. Eventually I started to feel warm and then hot, but my temperature didn’t want to go down. I took some fever reducers, laid a cold washcloth on my head and went to bed. Sunday morning I felt a lot better, my temp was down to 99.5, but I still had a major cough and a runny nose.

Today my temperature is back at normal, which for me is 97 degrees even. I still have a major cough and a massively runny nose. Does any of this have to do with my gluten eating? I have no idea. Maybe eating the gluten weakened my immune system enough to let some bad germy guys in to wreck havoc? No idea. But I’m not going back there again. Ok, I don’t make that promise. But I’m certainly not doing anything like that anytime soon!

What makes me feel better when I’m sick? Well, like the title of my post says. Beans and greens! Beans are full of protein and fiber and greens are full of antioxidants and yumminess to satisfy me and make me better. Green monsters might not plague my dreams but they sure are tasty.

Looks like green mud, tastes like chocolate! Yum. Oh, and that bean salad I showed you above is pretty darn tasty too. I saw it on Angela’s blog here:

I followed her recipe except I subbed bell pepper in for the onion and regular mustard in for the Dijon. Used what I can tolerate and what I had on hand. It was really tasty!

Blended up the spinach from this:

To this:

Then took that out and put it in the bowl with a drained and rinsed can of chickpeas. Then I made the cilantro pesto mixture.

Poured it over the top of the chickpeas and spinach.

And made myself a little portion; smaller than I would have for a meal, but I wanted to see if I liked it first so I had it as a snack.

There’s definitely a punch of flavor! And hopefully I’ll just keep getting better and can make even more yummy stuff. Because yummy food is SO much more fun than having the devil coming after you.

Tried anything new recently? I’m in a food rut again! Please share!!

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  • *AMBER512
    I'm glad too, silly boy :)
    2424 days ago
    I am glad that the devil did not kill me! I am sorry that gluten is still a problem for you honey. I love you.
    2424 days ago
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