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Bucket List

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So last night I tried my first kick boxing class.....well it kicked my ass I'll tell ya! I was a hot mess by the time it was over, but........I still did it!

That got me thinking...mmmmm.....what else have I always wanted to do and not tried? Lots and lots. I'm feeling pretty brave now a days, so I thought I'd write them down and put them out to the universe.

Kerri's Bucket List

1. I want to wear a bikini before I'm too old, (which might be optimistic since I'm 41...not sure when you are too old)

2. I want to go on a trip with a lover......when I was married we travelled a bit with the kids, like amusement parks, Prince Edward Island etc, but now I want to check out a resort with some hot sexy man, and I happen to know one too!

3. I want to run 5K, just because.

4. I want to take cooking classes, I never thought of myself of domestic, but I've been groovin' in the kitchen lately, so bring it!!

5. I'd like to get married again, this time maybe even to the right man

6. I'd like to live by the beach, even if it's just for one summer. I want to be able to dine El Fresco.....sounds awesome.

7. I'd like to get really good at yoga, maybe even instructor level.

8. I would like to face retirement with a that I'm not eating cat food, (not sure if this should be on a goal list, or a bucket list but....)

9. I'd like to skydive

10. I'd like to visit Asia, and/or India.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is very much a work in progress....subject to change on a whim, quite literally!

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