Reflecting on Victories Throughout My Lap Band Journey

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It was on Feb 26, 2009, 2 years ago my new life as a post op Lapband Begin. I know it's has been a while since I've posted. But I have truly been Living life to the fullest. I'm training for my first 10k run for Sept 2011. I'm so excited! I was recently featured as a Weight loss Success Story of the Month on my Dr's Website. Check out my story below : ( picture of me and my biggest supporter my Husband.

Cassandra: LAP-BAND Success
!Reflecting on Victories Throughout My Lap Band Journey

When I think back to February 26, 2009, I was at my highest weight of 235 lbs with a BMI of 50. Half of me was fat! I was digging my own grave with a knife and fork. Now it’s my 2 year Anniversary. I’m at a Healthy Normal BMI. I weigh 149 lbs. And I have maintained this weight for the last 2 years. since reaching my goal weight in 8 months. I lost a total of 86 lbs. I’m so proud of myself. Consistency, Commitment, and Compliance from Dr. Cywes and his staff has truly made all the difference.

With Hard Work and Determination, and refusing to Give up or Give in, I’ve consistently lost weight. The journey is not easy, but it is worthwhile. My biggest challenge was certainly overcoming bad habits. What most people don’t realize is that losing weight is not just a physical battle; it is not just about eating healthy and plenty of exercise, but more importantly the mental and physical habits that you have to break along the way. I had to change the way I thought about food, exercise, and I had to stop caring about what people thought of me and start focusing on myself and what I needed. I owe it all to re-learning how to eat and re-learning about food. how exciting and motivating those changes have been. I continue to celebrate victories every day. Some of them are mine personally, and others are those shared with the many people in this community . Thanks for having the ear to listen and the heart to receive



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