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5K with pics and some thoughts

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A few months ago I knew that running was the answer to my weight loss goals. I needed something that was time efficient, high calorie burning, and something I could do with my kids. I had tried running many, many times in the past and just couldn't get into it. Since I wasn't immediately good at it, I gave up. I needed to change. Spark blogs gave the inspiration to do that. I read about people walking their first 5K, the Couch to 5K program, time and speed improvements, marathon runners and more. All those blogs gave me the courage to search for a race in my area.

I found the Father's Day 5K and emailed my 3 siblings and their partners about it. A gift for my marathon running Dad. Everyone was on board. A little background: my brothers are both very athletic and play together in an adult basketball league. My sister is a yoga nut and has done 5Ks with my dad before. My brothers both married uber athletes: a marathon runner and a yoga instructor that ran cross country in college. Let's just say that I am not the fittest of the bunch.

I was in show choir in high school (before Glee made it cool), I drank a lot in college, I am much much curvier than my sister and mom. I have always felt a little out of place with my family when it came to sports. The race gave me some serious motivation. We are a very competitive group!

I really wanted to beat my older brother. So I started training. My husband was a huge help, an incredible coach. When I was with my family we'd all make jokes about the race. I knew my older brother was laughing at me in an olderbrother -lovingly-competitive-jerky kind of way. Meanwhile, I was falling in love with running, becoming a total addict in a short time. Always in the back of my mind was beating my brother. He had always won at everything. Always.

Last night I talked to my sister and she said, "Don't let beating H ruin this for you. You're a runner. You organized this for all of us and Dad is ridiculously happy. Don't let sibling rivalry overpower that." I knew she was right. I went to sleep feeling great. I was about to run a 5K in a real race. I'd have a number bib thingie and everything. That's what mattered.

This morning the weather was perfect. Everyone was on time and in great moods. My mom told me that my dad could hardly sleep. He was that excited. I felt good. I felt better as the run started. You sparkers are right: the energy of a race is uplifting. We all started together and slowly broke apart. I ran with my dad for a bit and it makes my heart happy to know how proud he must have felt. I ran with my older brother and we bonded over LeBron's pathetic exit after Game 6. Then I took off. My husband promised to stay with me. And he did. I am a lucky lucky girl. We ran the last 1.5 mile together. Like I said before, he's an incredible coach.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

We won. 26:33!!!!!! Not bad for a first 5K.

My brother came in 2 minutes behind, high fived me and didn't say a word. He didn't need to.

(His wife and my husband were both pushing a double jogger, which makes running pretty difficult! and affects their times.)

The point is: I ran a 5K. I had FUN running a 5K. If you're reading this and have any feelings about wanting to become a runner: DO IT!!! Sign up for a 5K and see where it takes you.

And the other point is: I won.
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