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People make the difference

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yesterday, Luv and I participated in yet another Cancer Relay for Life. We've been doing this for several years now because it's a cause that is very close to our hearts. We like just about everyone else in the world have lost loved ones to the many demonic faces of cancer, including Luv's mother a few years back. So we walk for the cause and we earn what money we can for the research that we hope will bring a cure sometime soon.

This time we listened to a man that appeared to be in his mid thirties speak of the pain of watching his wife lose her battle in less than 6 months time. He spoke of the difficulty of trying to live as normal as possible while this went on while raising two children, keeping up with his job, spending as much time with her as he could each day. We all sat there and listened, and shared his pain and knew the impossibility of the task that faced him. A nightmare shared by thousands of others at any given time.

...and then he spoke of what makes it possible to get through this - other people - compassionate people. People from church, people from work, people from his neighborhood, friends from all over, distant relatives. People that brought food, people that sent cards, letters, emails of support; people that volunteered to pick up his kids and get them to their sports and school events; people that visited his wife and made sure she knew she was loved and cared about; people that showed up at his house and weeded his flower beds and mowed his lawns; people that were just there for him. It was people that cared that got him through this terrible ordeal.

Today, Luv and I visited her father in the nursing home that he now calls home. He's been blinded by diabetes and has suffered considerable losses over the past year. What does he talk about now when we visit? "His girls" that take care of him and make sure that his needs are met each and every day. Again it's people that get him through a very tough situation.

People that care....I'm so very lucky to know so many of these people in my life and that includes so many of you - my friends here at SP. Thanks for being "these people".

Life is good!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OK...I was wondering what it was that was going to "unfreeze" me from my dilema I am having with one of my clients. She has emailed me from her cell phone and writes that she is now "in hospice care" and really needs/wants a shampoo haircut, would I give her a call back as ASAP to talk about how we would do this......and I am just devastated by my gut reaction!! I am so shocked at my responce as I would think I would have called her and would have already of done the haircut thing by now! Instead- I find myself, saddened her treatments have not worked (Leukimia blood cancer- came on suddenly at 60 years old) and interpretting the hospice care as she is now being assisted in dying. This is freaking me out, doubted that I could go to see my dlient dying, possibly looking terrible, and I can't even seem to call her back or respond in any way- and I do not understand this peralysis!! I am scared to see her, I dont want to say goodbye, but my husband says this is her way of saying goodbye to me.....I get so sad and scared I dont think I can do this!
    Then I read your blog...... feels like Im getting set back on track to be "one of those people " that helps, that is always there for people.....im going to call her while Im on my hike, its a good place to interspect....I think you just helped me get over my fear, I hope its not too late...thanks Wood, I owe ya one. ***SNOW***
    2036 days ago
    So true, it's the people we rely on to get us through, the "things" just sit there, and really are little comfort in the trying times...
    2036 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    Yes, indeed, people do make all the diffeerence.
    2038 days ago
    You could not have said a wiser thing, Wood. Unexpected or expected or whatever, people reaching out is a very powerful thing. I love this post.
    2038 days ago
    What a story to share with so many - I'm not sure I could get through it. Our small and close-knit community have lost more than a couple in the past few months, with a couple more struggling towards the end right now. Do I see it more now because I am also older, and it is affecting the friends my age? Or is it just more prevalent?

    I did the Cancer Relay for LIfe with my boys a few years ago, and it was quite emotional. Like you said, most people have lost someone to cancer.

    People around us that care...it's so much of what gets us through every day. Thank you for being one of my "people who care". I hope you have some kind of idea of how much you have contributed to my own "life is good" days!
    2040 days ago
    Oh Wood...this is so true. And timely. I was feeling a bit down lately. We have lost a few people in our lives recently but they were elderly and lived long lives. But I also have watched a few close to me struggle. My sister...in congestive heart failure and recently put on oxygen 24/7...and my cousin whose MS has had a bad turn...struggling to gain some strength back. All I can do is support them. Be there for them. During my run this a.m. I thought about how life is constantly changing and all we can do is move along with it. Thanks for a great blog. You and Luv are wonderful people.
    2040 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    thanks for sharing wood, you guys are wonderful caring people!!!!
    2040 days ago
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