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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Each one of our cells is like a tiny plantet with thousands of processes running and millions of things to track.

This was from a book about microbes, not diets or nutrition!

Our fabulous cells need a little pampering from their universe--from us. How about a green pepper, little cell? I bet you would love a spoonful of garbanzo beans. Let me swallow down some crisp clear H2O with a side of salad greens and mix it all up with a walk through the park and a giggle with my guy.

Feeling good about the processors. Diligently working at keeping me alive and healthy.

Know what? I was at the wake for a relative of my sister's. He passed away at only 55 years of age, from cancer. I was (typically) mumbling something to his wife about his passing being a reminder to all of us to live healthfully, and she returned that he had CANCER. As in, there was nothing he could do, health-wise.

But But but. I wanted to gently explain to her all I have learned about nutrition and its link to health problems. No, perhaps it was too late for nutrition to do anything for him after his Stage IV diagnosis, but I was also referring to before the diagnosis. All the prevention that a healthy diet can give a person. All this info on anti-inflammatory diets, phytonutrients, pH, and even about caffeine depleting my mineral reserves is rolling through my head and making me hyper-conscience about the link between health and diet.

But of course I held my tongue! This was hardly the time or place to proselytize about nutrition! I didn't even tell her that I had cancer, but I think she remembered me and my story, but my sister has four sisters, so she couldn't be sure I was the one. I so did not want to make it about me, but keep it focused on her and her devastating loss.

I thought that I must come from a different planet when it comes to nutrition and cancer when compared to most people. Not that I am firmly grounded on that super-nutrition planet, but I can see it, I can touch and feel it, have brushed my skin across it but I haven't quite grasped this planet and dug my feet in, planted. But I know it's there. The sugar-free planet, the low acid planet, the anti-inflammatory planet, the low glycemic index planet, the green with veggies planet, the high-fiber carb planet, the planet where even the best of us take a break from perfect nutrition now and then.

I know it's out there, and I want it!

I was stunned this afternoon when I heard myself thinking that I wanted to be free of the cravings and bad food choices. Wanting to be free is right! I knew I needed to think about more of the situations I find myself making bad choices. I need to analyze them to see what the cues are, what the urges are, and to work out a rule that will help me express my desire to be healthy. A rule which will also keep me from following the urges of the craving ending up with bad food choices.

What was stunning was that I was resisting this analysis, not because it is hard to do, but because I did not want to be deprived of the thrill of satisfying my cravings. I wanted to preserve my cravings so that I could enjoy the reward. Even though I did not crave anything at the time, STILL I wanted to leave the crave path intact so I could get my dopamine reward. I didn't want to eat bad food, but I also didn't want to lose the dopamine hit.

I was stunned that I could figure that out, stunned that I wanted to keep my cravings, stunned that the thrill was such a part of the experience.

Once I figured out that I was afraid of losing the dopamine, I realized that I truly need to focus on getting my dopamine hits from other activities, and I need to recognize them, and I need to let myself actually enjoy them!

I need to find and enjoy my "guilty pleasures" and I need to put the thrill back in life so that I don't need to look for the thrill in my bad food choices.

Now I get it. I understand why Kris Carr puts such preposterously cool adjectives with her veggies. It is to make them sound glamorous, special, and especially, thrilling. Why not? The food industry has no qualms about over-doing their descriptions of their junk food. Who is there to call a green pepper "fabulous" but me? Me and Kris Carr! Now I know I gotta glamorize my healthy foods because the grocery store is only going to go so far to get me to buy them. Especially the green ones.

Tomorrow, I get some racy strawberries for breakfast, and some awesome oatmeal. Perhaps a luscious egg on the side? My planet is right there, waiting for me to jump on. I'm grabbing it. I'm putting my foot down. I'm there! And it is thrilling!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lots of food for thought in here - pun intended! It's true, there is a lot of info out there regarding nutrition and cancer, but there's a part of me that is reluctant to put my faith in that. I've had some pretty bad experiences with the 'current medical wisdom' being wrong, and delaying my thyroid cancer treatments by 3.5 years. On the other hand, I am rediscovering the joy I had as a child picking and eating fresh veg from the garden, and slowly letting go of that whiny brat that insists that I won't be 'told' to do anything!
    2434 days ago
    woo hoo lets all get on planet veggie, I was reading a blog about peoples perception of food when 2 grouops were told that the same food had indulgent cals or sensible cals there brain registered different satiety factors, have a great week
    2436 days ago
    This is really making me think about how I sabotage my healthy living journey by having the wrong mind set. It seems to me it is all about perspective. I am going to have to work harder at changing how I think about things. Thanks for sharing.
    2437 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2011 2:42:12 PM
    Again, you've made me think! Since switching up my diet to be more healthy, I find that I AM getting more excited about eating fruits and vegetables than ever before. And don't get me started on grains! I just discovered amaranth, and it's amazing!
    2437 days ago
    Your blogs are always so interesting. I have been working on rewarding myself in other ways as well--mostly with music for my iPod which I then use as walking music.
    It's good to come up with new ideas!
    2437 days ago
    Your blogs are always so interesting. I have been working on rewarding myself in other ways as well--mostly with music for my iPod which I then use as walking music.
    It's good to come up with new ideas!
    2437 days ago
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