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Met A Boy...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...and he took me shopping!

OK, so it wasn't exactly the scene from Pretty Woman, but it was a pretty damn good day and I'm feeling really great about where this is going.

Saturday was an epic date - 12 hours from start to finish, we basically had 5 dates in one, after which I was completely exhausted...and just a little smitten.

So for all my girls who want the sordid story, this blog is for you:

We made quick plans for another rendezvous after our great Cheesecake Factory date on Thursday night, so by the time he put me in a cab to go home, I knew we were seeing each other on Saturday and that he was planning on taking me on a picnic.

*Record Scatch!* - hold the phone! Yes ladies, HE suggested the picnic, and HE wanted to do the cooking and show off his culinary skillz. (And I can officially say - he's got some serious culinary skillz!) Haha.

I told him that I wanted to do some clothes shopping on Saturday and that I was interested in hitting up Macy's, so he agreed to meet me there with lunch in tow to start our date.

I woke up early Saturday morning for my Zumba class, showered and dressed in a cute jean skirt and white t-shirt, frowned at the crappy weather outside, and took off for downtown.

The weather was not in our favour. Cold, windy and drizzling in the morning - but the sun was fighting hard to clear it off, so we opted to stick with the plan. By the time he arrived on the 5th floor of Macy's to meet me (in the Petites section!) I already had selected a new pair of jeans, a couple of tops and a couple of dresses that I needed to try on. Keep in mind that this is my FIRST "real store" shopping experience where I walked in and pulled what I wanted off the rack, AND ALL OF IT FIT!!!! Holy crap. It was already going to be a good day. I ended up going with the Levi's 515 Bootcut jeans (so far so good - I need to wash them once to see what happens with their shape, but after 2 wears they seem to be doing pretty well in the stretch department). I also bought an adorable dress (Size L) that I can wear on dates (in fact I told him if he wanted to see it, he had to take me somewhere nice - haha) and to my theatre benefit in July.

After I cashed out, we decided to head towards the lake. The sun had come out and we had a bit of a walk through Millennium Park to get there, so we made our way through the crowds heading to the Blues Festival and finally found a quiet patch of grass by the water. He is Indian, and had made delicious chutney sandwiches with a variety of toppings - cucumbers, tomatoes & potatoes. Really wonderful. And for dessert - watermelon tossed in traditional Indian spices, which was also very good and a change from what I'm used to. I'm digging this cultural mash-up. I'm a WIMP when it comes to spice. But he made the chutney very tame for me :) We'll have to see how I do with the next round of spice!

Unfortunately, our picnic by the water was cut a little short because it got very cold & windy again. After he went chasing a bag that blew away, he offered me his jacket (so sweet) which I gratefully accepted, but then he got too cold again, so we had to pack it up and go. We decided to head for hot chocolate, and took off for the Mag Mile in search of a cafe that I had been to a few years ago.

Sadly that cafe was under construction, so we crossed the bridge and found a bench overlooking the Wrigley Building and, sheltered from the wind at this point, had a great discussion about his work and studies (he's half way through his MBA right now, so I got a better idea of where he's headed and what he wants out of his career).

The need for hot chocolate won out again, so we continued on our way and finally came across Goddess and Grocer - perfect! One hot chocolate and one skim chai latte later, we were huddled up in the restaurant together talking while he tried to figure out how to put my puzzle ring back together again. Haha. I finally had to show him the trick.

Once we had worn out our welcome in the restaurant, we decided that seeing a movie would be the next best thing to do. After a toss up over X-Men vs. Thor (X-Men won), we headed out into the misty night again in search of food on the way to the theatre. As we were walking back up the Mag Mile we passed Express (which he had mentioned earlier he'd like to visit for a new pair of jeans). So we stopped in! I helped him pick out a couple pairs of pants and then headed to the ladies side of the store and started pulling stuff off the racks. Every single thing I pulled fit. I modeled a couple of tops for him and he chose a couple that he liked, so I bought them. We joked around trying on sunglasses in line - so much fun. I have never had a shopping date with a guy before. Usually it's the guy sitting in the car or on a bench while you beg him to try on clothes, he settles on a couple of polo shirts that you insist he needs to buy, and that's it. This one has a sense of style, girls. Like, actually LIKES clothes, and it shows. He is definitely put together and pays attention to how he looks. LOVE that. And add to that my complete and utter excitement at shopping off the rack for myself for the first time ever - I was completely elated!

We checked out from Express and continued to the theatre, making a pit stop at Dominick's first to grab some sushi trays and what was left of the fried chicken sandwiches and home fries (I'll let you guess which food choice was mine!) for dinner and sailed out of the store just as they were closing. Got our movie tickets almost an hour early and held a bench hostage outside the theatre while we ate our dinner together. And talked, and talked. We didn't stop talking all day (besides for a few stolen kisses and the movie, of course).

The movie was great. Since I had never seen any X-Men movies before, I thought it was pretty awesome. Him, being a big comic book fan thought it was only so-so. But he confessed to me later that he didn't really care because he was with me and he was just wishing the movie was longer so he could have 10 more minutes with me. (How adorable is that???) Neither one of us wanted the date to end. But since it was pushing 2am, it had to. He walked me to the train (hoping out loud that my train came first so he didn't have to be the one to leave me - gah, ridiculously romantic). Mine did come first, so he kissed me, saw me on the train, and waved goodbye as the train pulled out of the station.

*Le Sigh*

Seriously. Trying not to be completely besotted, but this guy is kind of a gem.

We're seeing each other again on Thursday. Is it Thursday yet???

Cue the cooking date! I get to show him my skillz this time, though I'm gonna have to do it in HIS kitchen. This is gonna be fun :) On the menu - Melted Mozzarella Turkey Burgers on Foccacia Bread. He's taking care of the dessert. Wish me luck. Though, something tells me I don't need it.

Jenn = Happy Girl

I'll keep you posted *wink*
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