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Get Your Motivation Mojo Back!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do you sometimes feel itís all too much effort? That you canít be bothered? Or say to yourself, ĎI just donít feel like ití?

To some extent, weíve all had those thoughts and feelings and they always make us feel guilty, or feel as though weíve failed, or just plain angry at our own lack of willpower.

Not being motivated is simply that we become entrenched in routine. We are very much creatures of habit and once settled in our comfort zones, it takes quite some effort to budge us.

Pretty often, we need people to help us to get motivated, especially those around us, but itís places like SP that can really Ďsparkí us and spur us onwards.

The best way to become motivated is to realise that we are on a path towards whatever it is we wish to achieve. Our dream is out there along the path and we should place certain realistic goals along the way, with little pit-stops in between where we can stop to catch our breath and reassess our achievements so far. Itís important to realise that this is not a race, or a marathon, but a gentle stretching out of our comfort zone to attain our dream.

Whatever your personal dream, whether itís reaching a specific weight, striving for a healthier life style or wanting to be fitter, you will find along the way that you achieve more than the one thing you were aiming for.

Right now, just take some minutes to consider this. Consider your ultimate dream and hold that picture in your mind. Now look at the goals youíve already achieved in aiming for your dream. Now, assess yourself and write down those extra things youíve achieved on your way to your dream. For example, it might be that your dream is to be a specific weight and so your goals have been the loss of pounds along the way. But not only that, you now realise youíve gained other good things besides losing those pounds, such as a new dress size or better health, or more energy, or even more friends, or all of those things. Along the way, we gain at every level and itís important to realise that.

So, remember that itís not an uphill path but an enjoyable daily journey. The anticipation of our dream can be a strong motivator, but each little goal along the way is important, acting as a spur. At each milestone along the way, congratulate yourself and reward yourself in a small way. Itís also essential to give yourself those little pit stops in which to ease off, have a short rest and in which you can reassess your previous attainments and pat yourself on the back for those. Your pit stop is that reward, your fuel to motivate you further. So donít feel bad about that, we all need a break and then weíre motivated once again to capture that dream and get our Motivation Mojo Back!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So true!
    1959 days ago
    I hadn't thought about the 'pitstop' idea--especially as a reward. Interesting concept... For me, those things have been forced on me by circumstances beyond my control. LOL

    And some things I can't afford to take a break from, because they directly and immediately affect my health. But I understand about planning moments to ease up on things. That 'catching your breath' thing is rather like a meal plan that includes the occasional treats... and we all need a treat now and then, right? LOL

    Thanks for the 'food for thought.' I think I WILL take a few minutes here and there today for contemplation...

    Kathy emoticon
    1959 days ago
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