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Friday, June 10, 2011

50 REASONS TO LOSE 50 LBS (in no particular order)

1. to like myself again

2. to be able look in the mirror and not cringe

3. to avoid the dreaded DIABETES (the family curse)

4. to look GORGEOUS for my daughter's wedding

5. to be here for my daughter's wedding

6. to dance all night at my daughter's wedding

7. to chase after the grandkids (if and when)

8. to be here for my kids (should they need me)

9. to enjoy a long and healthy retirement with my wonderful husband

10. to feel sexy again (that may be a stretch.. but worth striving for nonetheless)

11. to wear 4 inch heels (if I choose to)

12. to look good in 4 inch heels :)

13. to be able to wear regular boots (and not wide calf ones)

14. to wear knee length skirts

15. so I can stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible

16. so I can cross my legs comfortably

17. so I can bend over and tie my shoes without feeling like I'm going to pass out

18. so my back doesn't ache every day

19. so my knees don't hurt from climbing stairs

20. so I don't look 6 months pregnant all the time

21. so my love handles go away

22. so I stop spilling over my waistbands

23. so my waist reappears

24. so my thighs stop rubbing together (summer is brutal)

25. to have more energy

26. self-esteem

27. Confidence

28. my career

29. be a better role model for my kids

30. cellulite

31. double chin be gone!

32. To avoid heart disease (another family heirloom)

33. Smaller boobs

34. To do a 5k run (and not walk)

35. To be able to do 45 minutes on the elliptical (again)

36. so I can wear more fitting clothes (instead of frumpy)

37. to outstmart illnesses that come with aging

38. to not feel like an embarrassment to my kids

39. to not feel controlled by food

40. to not think about losing weight every minute of the day

41. to have firmer abs (a six pack is not in my future I'm sure)

42. so I can look at photos of myself and not cringe

43. so I can wear my original wedding band again

44. so I can stand taller

45. so my hubby and I can cruise for many years to come

46. so the Wii person stops telling me I'm obese

47. so I can justify a new wardrobe in a single digit size

48. to get off medication

49. nothing tastes as good as thin feels (not my quote btw)

50. I want to finish what I started and not wimp out again

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