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Did you see Rachael Ray's Weight Loss show this morning?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Did anyone see Rachael Ray this morning with Jorge Cruise and his book, "The Belly Fat Diet"? I saw last week when she had "The Carb Lovers Diet", but I didn't pay to much attention because I'm not really a carb lover. Jorge's book caught my attention for two reasons: 1) He says to stop counting calories and 2) It's about carbs and sugar. He explains that counting calories is a "thing of the past", something we don't need to do anymore, and we should focus on portion control!! He says that what determines weight loss is our sugar and carb intake. We should not be consuming no more than 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbs per day! If we stay within that range and get in some mild cardio, ex. walking 30 min - 3x/week, that we should lose weight. He also said that we should eat lots of little meals throughout the day.

Some of the foods that he said to stay away from were contradictory to everything we think is good for us. The things he mentioned on the show were:

Fruit - bananas and apples specifically, have to much sugar. Instead, he suggested berries, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries because they're the fruit with the least amount of sugar and are high in antioxidants.

Oatmeal - which is so heart healthy, has to much sugar. He suggested eating a piece of whole wheat/whole grain toast and eggs (including the egg yolk) for breakfast instead.

Crackers - have to much sugar, so eat nuts instead like almonds or walnuts.

Pudding - instead of a 100 calorie, fat free, pudding cup, he suggested fresh berries with a little whip cream. Those 100 calorie snacks can be misleading because they are low in calories, but high in sugar and carbs.

I was just curious as to what anyone else thought or if anyone has read the book or tried this "diet"? Some of the things he says, like lots of small meals, watching sugar and carb intake, make sense to me. But no oatmeal, bananas, apples?? Really?? I guess you don't have to give them up completely, everything is ok in moderation. But oatmeal is my go to meal in the winter. I'm going to stick with my counting calories....it works for me. Even if I'm eating proper portions, I can see how I could easily start eating more and more if I don't count my calories to keep myself focused and in check.

He does claim that you can lose around 4 lbs a week following those two rules and that is a safe amount of weight to lose. There was a lady on the show who used his book, lost 57 lbs and is preparing for her first half-marathon. 4 lbs a week seems a little intense and more weight than is safe for you to lose in a week.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, you can enter a giveaway to win the book. You can do so here: www.rachaelrayshow.com/c

Also, Rachael had 4 guests who all lost over a 100 lbs with out surgery. They simply started eating right and working out. One lady joined Weight Watchers, a married couple did NutriSystem (they didn't say specifically, but the packaging of the food looked familiar from when I tried NutriSystem. Why by the way I hated. Only 25% of the food tasted like food and not crap. If you're going to do packaged food sent to you like that I would recommend Jenny Craig, even though that's way more expensive than NutriSystem or eDiets, who will deliver fresh food to you). Anyway, my point was that all of these people, ranging from a 20-yr old to a 60- yr old were all able to do it. And we can do it to. I really needed to see that this morning because I was just starting to get overwhelmed about how much weight I have to lose and how long it was going to take. This is when focusing on and rewarding yourself for reaching small goals comes into place. When you have a long journey, like a year or more, you have to do things to keep yourself motivated. Even little things like a new nail polish, mani/pedi, new hairdo, small piece of jewelry, etc. I'm going to sit down, reassess my goals/time-frames, and think of new ways to treat myself when I accomplish them.

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    I didn't see the show. But I know from my experience with The South Beach Diet that if you cut sugar and "bad" carbs then you'll lose weight. Point blank. I sometimes follow the principles I learned while following that diet. When I really want to buckle down, I'll just stick with lean protein and vegetables. I'll limit my fruits and grains to once or twice a week of whole grains. When I do this, I lose weight. But, I find I'm not getting enough fiber. BUT, it's a lot easier. You really don't count calories at all. You eat many small meals (about 6) and you just eat when you're hungry (which really is about every 3-4 hours because the meals are just enough to SATISFY not to FILL.) So some of the aspects of the "diet" you mentioned sound familiar to South Beach for me. It's a simple way of living IF you're not a carb lover. LOL
    2300 days ago
    I eat a banana almost every day. Oh well I will be cutting that out. It's funny you bought this up, I downloaded the book to my nook yesterday. I haven't started reading it yet but my dear spark buddy is reading and follow his suggestions as we speak.
    2300 days ago
    I think that to get more dramatic results more quickly, he may be right. But as someone else said, how long is that going to last. It shouldn't be just about losing pounds quickly, but about a lifestyle change. If you can live your life on such a highly restricted diet, then hey, go for it. But for most of us, that's just not plausible.

    This diet will probably be good to do for a set amount of time. Like maybe leading up to vacation, or before a big event. But seriously, it doesn't promote an ideal lifestyle change for most people. From what it sounds like, he definitely makes some good points. The other day I ate 5 bananas over the course of the day. I figure, he its fruit, and I should be able to eat as many fruits and veggies that I want. But then I learned that a medium sized banana has about hundred calories. That's 500 calories of bananas a day. That's 1/3 of my days worth of food.

    That being said, too much of anything is not good for you. But am I cutting out bananas in my diet, absolutely not.
    2300 days ago
    I'm in the middle on this. I applaud anyone who has dropped a large amount of weight without surgery who has done it safely and with proper nutrition. To each his own as far as plans go. That said, I don't think counting calories will every be too "old school" for anyone. You can use calorie control to measure how much food (calories) you consume offset by how much exercise you do to calculate fairly well what those numbers should be in order to lose weight or maintain the weight you are at.

    Oatmeal? Never gonna give it up. It fills me up and keeps me from eating too much at lunch. I try to get in a few bowls each week. My cardiologist says oatmeal is a great meal for cardiac patients and people with higher cholesterol levels and since he saved my life, I'm sticking with his advice.

    There is so much information out there good and bad in relation to carbs. High carb diets, low carb diets, etc. I was on Adkins years back for several months and got kidney stones. I tried South Beach about 5 years ago and the same thing happened after a couple of months and a doctor told me to get off of that diet because kidney problems are prevalent in people on these kind of carb restrictive plans. I will say the weight did drop pretty fast when I was on both diets, but the associated problems were NOT worth it.

    Your body doesn't distinguish 10 calories of sugar from 10 calories of lean meat in relation to weight loss. It DOES distinguish calories in terms of nutrients and how it utilizes them. You might lose weight consuming 1500 calories of only sugar-laden sweets, but you are NOT going to be getting healthy in regards to ingesting the necessary nutrients for your body to perform to its best ability.

    I just much prefer the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid!)formula
    in regards to health and weight loss. Eat a certain amount of calories each day chosen from healthier options and do a certain amount of exercise each day and eventually you will hit your goal.

    Very interesting blog, TaMara! Looks like it is drawing a lot of thought-provoking comments!
    2301 days ago
    I lost 20 pounds in a couple months by counting calories and trying to stick to a range, so I will always be a fan of that. Also, because I don't have diabetes or high cholesterol, I let myself eat anything I wanted within that calorie range. So yes, I eat cupcakes, birthday cake, chips and dip, and drink some alcohol. And I eat a banana every single day. There is sugar even in the non-dessert items I enjoy, like ketchup and pickles and bread.

    Then again, I also work out a lot more than the 30 minutes 3 times a week that you mentioned. That is not even enough exercise to keep your heart healthy!! Anyone who recommends only 3 short workouts a week but expects you to lose 4 lbs a week is a quack. Research suggests we should aim for an hour of cardio each day, or at least 5-6 times a week, for a healthy heart. The CDC just suggests 30 minutes a day because they didn't want to discourage sedentary people from getting started. It would not hurt anyone to walk for an hour each day with their dog or spouse or some friends!

    And here's how I feel about this guy's food restrictions:

    Fruit - I eat a banana nearly every single day. I like the energy it gives me and the fiber helps fill me up. It also has potassium to keep me from getting crampy. I also like apples. Berries are awesome, but I wouldn't give up my banana for them. Usually, I try to eat both. Berries also have great fiber and vitamins. All of these fruits are much better sources of sugar for me than cupcakes, so I'd rather eat them everyday than eat some other sweet stuff or drink Coca Cola.

    Oatmeal - I know a lot of women who swear by oatmeal, especially steel-cut oatmeal, and they are mostly leaner and stronger than me. So I don't buy this, either. Unless you are eating those pre-packaged oatmeal pouches with the added sugar in them. Better and cheaper to make your own out of the Quaker oatmeal container and use berries and maybe just a little maple syrup or brown sugar to sweeten it. Myself, I prefer toast with an egg or egg substitute omelet.

    Crackers - I swear by lowfat crackers like Wasa crispbread or OK-Mak crackers. And eating reduced-fat Wheat Thins with a little Laughing Cow cheese wedge has saved me from plowing into a bag of chips with dip too often.

    Pudding - I eat these sometimes or the 100-calorie cookie things, but more often in the summer I eat sugar-free popsicles or fudgesicles or those Philly Swirl. You can ususally have more than 1 for less calories than the 100-cal treats. And I still lost weight eating this kind of junk. So it's totally do-able, as long as you're willing to exercise more than he suggests, which is much healthier for you anyway.
    2301 days ago
    I think you can lose weight just about any way you want to if you cut out things that are bad for you and you move more.

    I agree with prior comments that calorie control and portion control are similar concepts. I think Spark should count sugar.

    And 4lbs does seem a bit much per week. It's a lovely number, but if you crash and decide you can't handle that little carbs, I don't want to see the binge that follows the next week. Apples are bad for you? Really?

    (As I sit here and imbibe my sandwich on wheat bread with cheez-its for lunch. But hey, I have water!! And it fits into my calorie intake ;) I blame PMS)
    2301 days ago
    I didn't see the show, but one thing from your post that jumped out at me was the "stop counting calories, it's all about portion control" thing. Counting calories is portion control! They're the same! I also agree with you and others that 4lbs/week would be awesome but is too much, and I think limiting apples, bananas, and oatmeal is silly. No one ever got fat from eating too many apples- it was all the other stuff.
    2301 days ago
    I didn't see that, but I will have to go and check youtube for that! I agree with the small goals, I am a fan of it. I have 10lb goals until I reach my main goal of 50lbs, and each "reward" gets better than the last... but it's all just 10lbs! It seems so attainable :) You can do it, we can do it! I will check the books out and see what the deal is though.
    2301 days ago
  • MONIQUE1908
    I didn't see the show but it sounds interesting. I think the thing we tend to forget is just what you said: it's not about the calories. When I stop focusing on how many calories I'm eating and focus on much fruits and vegetables I've consumed for the day or for my meal, I tend to lose weight. Portion control is the key to it all.

    Thanks for this reminder. i'm feeling a bit more encouraged now.
    2301 days ago
    I have read the book and DO, to a degree, follow the plan. Lemme 'splain:

    1. Spark does not count sugar (which honestly pisses me off because I would like to see how much sugar I am ingesting).... and I am much too lazy to do it myself to be completely honest.

    2. According to other sources, that carb intake Spark suggests is MUCH higher than it should be. Most women who are not professional athletes really only need around 13-150 carbs a day.

    So, when I read this book back in October (I think it was) I decided to try lower my carbs and lo and behold, I lost about 8 inches in my waist like BAM! No joke. I highly recommend lowering your carbs down to about 120. Seriously. I am not strict about it, but keeping it under 180 is kinda a thing I try and do now. I feel better with less carbs in general.

    I recommend to everyone that they try eating close to 120 carbs for 2 weeks and see how your body likes it------ some people are not made to do it, don't get me wrong. I think some people DO thrive on more carbs. But, you don't really know unless you try it.
    2301 days ago
    I didn't see the show, but it sounds a little extreme to me too. I've never found that losing more than a pound a week is good for me. While I'd LOVE to lose 4 lbs a week, it's not going to happen for me! I admit, I do limit bananas and apples, but mostly that's because they taste too sweet for me. I also tend to eat bananas when they're still partially green because that makes them less sweet.

    The interesting thing to me is that he says to stop counting calories. I didn't start my plan by counting calories. I started just by making healthy decisions and paying attention to hunger cues. When I joined Spark and started counting calories, I found that the food I was eating led me right into the range I was supposed to have, so that worked really well for me. I think the whole "stop counting calories" thing is mostly because many people who count calories then stick to a range but eat bad foods. That's what i used to do when I started weight watchers. I dont' think it's the counting that's bad, but the quality of food people justify as long as it fits within their calorie ranges, you know?
    2301 days ago
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