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Very important mistake lesson learned.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Last shift I ran, or should I say attempted to run. I normally have a lower heart rate. Resting a lot of times is in the upper 40's and to the upper 30's during sleep. Last shift I put my gear on to run and my garmin was reading a heart rate of 111. Hello, I haven't done anything yet so why is it so high or its not reading right. So I took my pulse and sure enough it was right there. That's interesting, maybe I'm a little nervous because I haven't been running much lately. I did have coffee today but usually the caffeine doesn't have that effect on me plus I gained 15 pounds over the last month for eating like an idiot. To heck with it and went running. I did my normal warm up and stretched before starting. Then I started running. It was a nice easy pace from my normal but was feeling tired quick. I looked at the garmin and my heart rate was now approaching 200. I know this can't be right and must be picking up the movement. I barely got a mile and had to walk a little. This is nuts, I can barely run a mile now? So then I ran more till I hit two miles and then walked some. Then ran to 3 and finished at 3.3 miles. The garmin was reading almost a heart rate of almost 250. This couldn't be right. I kept walking to walk it down. Where I normally would be down to under 100 again and I usually drop pretty fast, I was still beating away. So being at work (being a Paramedic has its good points), I put myself on the heart monitor and sure enough I was at 162. I wasn't feeling bad so I just went inside and relaxed and drink some water. After an hour I was still at 120. So I took my shower and went to bed. In the morning it was still in the 90's. I was so mad till I got home and started thinking.

I have been under a lot of stress along with Katie's Father and Step-mother coming over from Nevada. I haven't been sleeping much as the kids have been intermittent with their sleep and someone wakes up a couple of times during the night and I will always spring out of bed and go. So I have been drinking more coffee lately, but haven't been drinking anything else during the day. We are talking 7 to 8 cups of Ice coffee per day. I also took Sudafed for my sinuses. I was freaking dehydrated. So the last two days I left the coffee alone, no Sudafed and lots of water. My heart rate is back to normal and I went running today with only drinking 3 cups of coffee this morning but also lots of water. My average heart rate was 149 with a max of 165 during my sprint at the end. I did 3.3 miles and ran it all. Still need to gradually increase, but carefully with the Florida heat and humidity. Very important lesson learned.
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    I'm glad to see you're paying attention! Definitely take care of yourself, and HYDRATION is so important...especially with the humidity!!
    2468 days ago
    Wow Barry! Be careful! You have to take care of you!

    2470 days ago
    aacckk that is scary emoticon and I'm so glad you figured it out! It sounds like you have ALOT going on now so don't be too hard on yourself. Getting back to running will definitely help with the stress relief!!

    I remember those days of little kids and little sleep soo well. Soon enough they'll all be sleeping soundly emoticon and then before you know it they are teens you'll have trouble waking them up LOL!

    Take care of yourself...
    2479 days ago
    WATER WATER WATER!!! Can't say it enough, and with your heat, can't drink it enough!

    2479 days ago
    Barry - you are being way to hard on yourself - take running slow and you definitely need to hydrate Florida heat has started extra early. Don't push the pace - do the distance, the time doesn't matter either - your body will remember what you want it to do and how to do it. I am here for you if I can help.
    2480 days ago
    That combo of coffee and heat, makes BIG differenct on the heart rate. I use the HR, while running, mainly to watch for dehydration. I'm getting use to the running in the heat, most of my training up to now has been in cooler weather.
    Well done on the self monitoring! emoticon
    2480 days ago
    Wow, that is some pretty dramatic effect. Dehydration, stress and excessive caffeine definitely DO NOT mix! Glad you figured out what was going on and it was not more serious. Happy running and hope you keep feeling better and hope that ALL the kids start sleeping the entire night to you can get more of the rest you need.
    2480 days ago
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