Exercise Exorcism...okay Just a Confession

Monday, May 30, 2011

I hate to exercise - there I said it. I'm going to start a team and we all have to wear this button:


What's that I hear? ...Crickets?...More crickets...

So you ALL love to exercise? That's how we all got as big as we did right? Because we love to sweat?

I have the worst time motivating myself to move, because it hurts so darn much. And to be perfectly honest, there are about 135 other things I'd rather be doing.


The truth is that my DH was ordered to stop all physical activity because he is going to have his appendix out next month. And so now that I have lost my exercise partner, I have lost all motivation to move. I need to move if I want to lose weight.

I used to be an athlete - gymnastics and softball mostly, but I was pretty good at all sports. I used to love exercising when it meant playing sports. Now it's just drudgery. Where's the spark?
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    You can do it!

    But even if you wait for your DH, life will go on.

    It's hard doing it alone - but You can do it!
    2483 days ago
    I hate it too!! I just bought a Wii and joined the Walk It Out group on SP. I haven't played it yet and it might get put in the closet along with my ball, bands, and all the other exercise stuff, but we'll see. At least I am going to give it a chance.
    2483 days ago
    Find something you really like :) I know, starting to exercise probably feels uncomfortable in the beginning but soon you will really enjoy it. I never really enjoyed walking but since getting a dog and having no option I love it! I know you will get there, just believe in yourself and your body and all the amazing things you can achieve! emoticon Start with small things a bit more walking, taking the stairs a bit of gardening and don't think about it as a chore emoticon emoticon
    2484 days ago
    You've already gotten some excellent advice ~ I agree that for me, it's all about finding what I love to do. I hate exercise machines. I love yoga. I love Callanetics. I love the strength training exercises I do. (I am limited to non-impact fitness due to my spine injury, which suits me just fine! lol)

    I do my fitness because I love it. I miss it if I don't do it. I used to be a member of your I hate exercise club, but I found what I love to do and I do it.

    If you like gymnastics, try Pilates. You don't have to go to a gym with reformer equipment, though I have a Sparkfriend who adores that. Try some of the videos like Lotte Berk, or Stott method or Bar Method. My sister almost got her certification for Bar Method last year, she loves it that much. I do the old school Callanetics from back in the 1980s but I know there are two more recent videos. There's various ballet DVDs that I've thought looked interesting but haven't bought yet.

    As someone else suggested, look for a softball league!

    Good luck finding something fun! If I can, you can too! emoticon
    2484 days ago
    I really like walking, especially outdoors. I also like to dance and I am going to try a Zumba class this summer. I do think that it is important to find something that you like to do. I think with summer coming, you will have extra time to explore different types of exercise. Do you have a community rec center? Check into activities there. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2484 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Have you looked into joining a women's softball league? What about dancing, do you enjoy that? If felt so wonderful tonight when I took a shower after working in the yard off and on all day. Being mobile when I get older (older than 58!) is pretty good motivation. If I have to turn 60 in one year and seven months, then I want to be in shape for it!! Your saying "I can handle pain until it hurts" made me laugh. But as far as motivation goes, I think it just comes down to that fact that we HAVE to exercise just like we brush our teeth, wash our hair, wash our clothes, etc. We don't have to like it, we just have to do it.
    2484 days ago
    The best exercise I've ever done is walking. The most fit person I've seen was a die hard walker - the dude was lean like a racehorse. It was amazing.

    Just find something you like.

    Have fun.
    2484 days ago
    Oh dear, yes, I can't say I'm a fan of sweating. I have grown to really like exercising though. I do bike with my DH and go for a walk once a week with my sister-in-law (that's new since I started working out and she asked to come too). If I'm alone ... I absolutely still exercise. I go up and do my stationary bike on yucky days. I ride my bike or walk alone. I know that I HAVE TO...there is no choice unless I want to slip back into the old, tired, overweight me. I'm still fighting that girl ... and I don't like her one bit. I'm afraid of going back. So far, that there are two things motivating me: 1) fear that I'll go back to the place that I was at and 2) I focus on the wonderful way I am starting to feel now. I know this is mainly because of exercise. I just do it.

    You can't depend on other people. I just chug ahead on my own. This has actually been quite an eye-opening experience for me. I can do these things on my own. I might be a bit nervous from time to time but boy oh boy, I've never felt lonely.

    Do you have an iphone or ipod? I've been grooving to Eric Clapton, Three Dog Night and other music from my teens/20s with a little bit of current music thrown in just to be cool. That really makes all the difference in the world to me. I have the pedometer app. and tunes ... and I just keep moving.

    Do you feel you're ready to join a team? That might be something for you to think about too!

    Hang in there. Keep moving. Best wishes to your DH. He'll be up and moving again soon and you'll be soooo much further ahead in one month's time that he will be amazed.

    emoticon emoticon
    2484 days ago
    So sorry, my friend, I ADORE exercising in almost any way shape or form!
    I have to thank my copius endorfins as it all just makes me so happy!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2484 days ago
    I don't enjoy the process of exercise nearly as much as I enjoy the results - like lower blood pressure, less body weight, more flexibility, less exhaustion. I'm afraid if I don't keep going, all those things will go away again and I'll be right back to where I started. And that's not a trade-off I'm willing to make as long as I have the ability to keep going. The ONLY form of exercise I've ever enjoyed in and of itself is swimming, which is good for many things but not for weight loss. I walk a lot because I can usually manage to do that without losing my balance and falling over, but not because I love it. Like MESAMA said, I force myself to keep doing it, and I'm usually glad after I've done it.

    When my mother got older (about the age I am now) she just sort of stopped moving and eventually she could hardly get out of bed at all; the prospect of doing that to myself simply scares the liver out of me and keeps me motivating myself to ambulate, no matter how I feel about it at the time. The result is worth it. I haven't found anything yet that really inspires me to do strength training consistently; that's the exercise I'm most inclined to skip if I let myself.

    When your DH is done with the appendix surgery, is he going to want to get back into exercise? If you keep up with your own program, you'll be the inspiration for him to resume his and you'll be exercise buddies again. And you'll need your own added strength to help him rebuild his. Don't give up! It IS worth doing!
    2484 days ago
  • JET150
    The best way for me to get exercise is to get outside and commute by walking or biking. It's less stressful than driving and you get to know your neighborhood and neighbors in a whole new way. Sure, it takes more time, but that's time you don't have to spend faux walking or biking in a gym.
    2484 days ago
  • MAGA99
    I hate sweating
    I hate getting out of breath
    2484 days ago
    I think you have to find something you really like to do. I have to admit I thought working out was just another thing on my to do list. But, honestly, I like it now. Why? I've realized it's the only part of my day when everybody leaves me alone. I don't hear, "Mommy, can I do this?" or "Honey, can we buy this?". I can go to the gym or to my room and workout in peace and quiet. I cherish it. I don't push myself to the point of pain. I find a rhythm and give 100% (most of the time). If I'm not in the mood that day I can do a 30 min workout or yoga or something to let my mind know that my body is living and breathing and I have to take care of it! Ok, I'll shut up now. Good luck!
    2484 days ago
    Oh thank the heavens! I'm not alone!!! I have these days too! Ok, sometimes they are weeks.... I sometimes wonder... did someone come and suck every ounce of motivation/energy/umph out of me? How do we get it back? I wish I knew but a little is better than none right?
    What I do is I force myself to go walk. I mean sometimes, I have to literally FORCE myself even walk around the block. Soak in the sights and hopefully, usually I'm glad I did.
    I hope you find your spark and wish you well. We can do this even during our loathing of exercise and sweating. Take care!
    emoticon emoticon
    2484 days ago
    Where's the spark? Where's the sports? Do what you love, and the motivation will come - I've signed up for plenty of single sports, and LOVED it. Try googling your area and seeing if there are any leagues, or even just drop in casual soccer, softball, badminton, football sports going on. Do what you love, and it isn't a chore. emoticon Good luck to your DH.
    2484 days ago
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