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Paranormal Investigation at Ghost's House!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

While my handle is Ghost, I am not at all sure I want one living in my house. If they must live here, they can be courteous (Keep your grimmy hands to yourself) and help in the expenses, like the mortgage and utilities (I don't care if they don't use any of utilities but they can help pay for it because that's why I leave a light on all night!) and a little help in keeping me on the right grove with healthy living. I mean - come on! Help out instead of hanging out! Life ain't free! Why should death be any different - if you're still hanging around somewhere? (Personally, I have other plans after death! It isn't hanging around someplace or something here.)

So I asked SE Paranormal Investigations to come out and check it out because it was getting way out of hand, as far as I was concerned. I had reached a point where I didn't even want to be in my bedroom or bathroom night or DAY! Getting touched, hearing things, like breathing, my name, answers to unspoken questions, bazaar dreams, and seeing things like unexplained shadows and having my cat run around the house like a wildly shot billiard ball bouncing off the walls and furniture, yowling and screaming and the look of total fear on her face is nowhere near fun, as far as I'm concerned.

They arrived last night, Andrew, Brittney, Gadget (bet you can figure out her roll) and another super lady that I have forgotten her name. Anyway, they left a digital recorder going the entire time and I really hope they got something unheard by our ears and while we talked about the things that happened. I kept a journal for about a month and I will keep going on it for future reference.

One of the things that happened was the question and answer time, beyond the ghost and shadow, noises and incidents aspect. It was a little strange but as Andrew asked the questions, I could understand the reason for him asking them, in most cases. One question he asked was, do I have any skin irritations or allergies and my answer was no.

Then the team went around the house, inside and out, and took pictures, and checked with the MALmeter, EMF meter and other instruments of interest to a person like me. Andrew is a Master Electrician! Yes!!! He checked my circuit breaker box and was telling me that I should have an electrician check the service ground as it was a little high and that would be the fix to the problem. It wasn't an urgent thing at that moment. Then they found a GFCI in the master bathroom was spiking out high EMFs, too, so now it became more urgent.

The final kicker in this was when he checked the head of both sides of our bed. I had an old telephone, clock/alarm, radio sitting on top of the headboard (a bookcase headboard) and it was only functioning as a clock and had no battery in it any longer. It was spiking at 30+. As soon as he left, I ripped it out of it's place and threw it in the trash. My DH's little alarm clock was spiking high, too, so we moved it and will move it farther away. DH and I discussed the age of these two items, the phone had to be about 40 years old and the little alarm clock was probably about 25 years old, maybe a bit older. Perhaps United Labs should check out the EMFs on the electronic stuff we buy. Seems like the older they get, the more EMFs they spill - at least thats the way it appears here.

My circuit breaker box was high, but it only projected out about 3 or 4 feet so it wouldn't make much of a difference as far as me having problems from it farther away than that. Nothing to worry about all night.

When I went to bed, I noticed a lot of the fear feelings had disappeared and I wondered if it was all EMF and nothing more, except there have been things that I can't explain. But we will see as they are coming back to do the real hunt around the end of June. So there are two more things to investigate and that is the possibility that when they built this house, a worker was killed and is still hanging around or there maybe something much older, as in native American village or something else. When this community built up, it was pasture land. I haven't had any cattle or horses irritiating me, spirit or physically so that isn't it, but it could be something Native American. So I'm off to the county later in the week to see if I can find a historical keeper that can help me out and I will be chicking death records on the builder site.

When I woke up this morning, I realized I had slept very well as was suggested would happen if I moved the telephone clock from over my head. And then I made another discovery on my own.

I do have a skin problem! The doctor said it was Rosacea but I don't think it is - I've considered skin cancer and other things, like sun allergies, old age (Yuk!) but this morning I remembered what J & G from GH always say about EMFs. It can cause skin irritations, etc. So now I am going to see how the constantly peeling skin on my nose heals or continues because if it heals, like I think it will, I will know what was causing it.

We will get an electrician in here as soon as possible, have the service ground checked and worked on as needed.

So things are improving and if I have a ghost living here, it can stay as long as we can communicate much better and it shows me some respect, like space, etc. If that isn't an option - it should know how to leave on a permanent basis.

Ghost or no - I'm feeling better already. Suggestion to everyone, get your house checked for Ground service and radon. Both can be deadly and very hazardous. Also, check that compressor in the bottom of your refrigerator. It can start a fire! (Another story in my life.) Ah! The continuing saga of my life! At least it can't be coded boring!

Keep Sparkling my friends.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow..very interesting to read.
    2436 days ago
    WOW..i never knew that emf stuff could cause problems like that. I hope thats all it is. When I moved into my first home, I was so afraid of the guy we bought from would be there...as he had died in his water bed...and was there for 10 days before anyone found him. Yea..YUCK... i know.

    The first thing I did was went thru the house by myself and had a talk with him..I discussed that I was sorry for what happened to him...and explained I would take good care of his house and to please not scare me or my children... Never had any signs other than the door slamming shut during that time...

    Good Luck!
    2478 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Glad you are looking into it and making the necessary changes.
    2480 days ago
  • LUCY2270
    Sounds like they did a very thorough job. Glad you got rid of the electronics that were leaking EMF's too. Can't wait to hear what the results were of the EVP sessions! I think you need to post this experience & the deets on the GH Fans team. You & Rel can compare notes!
    2482 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/30/2011 8:05:46 AM
  • GINNJEN2000
    Wow, thats is alot going on. And crazy how much stuff can leak and cause such awful feelings too
    2483 days ago
    That is something about all that electrical stuff happening-EMF's, etc. Who knew! I hate to tell you this but, when you mess with the paranormal stuff (read all the cases from people just watching the Exorcist)it can lead to demonic visitation. They are out there and in most all reported cases it isn't pleasant. Hope all gets worked out one way or the other! emoticon
    2483 days ago
    You can go to the County Clerk's office to find when the house was built and who owned it. Then, you can go to the newspaper office and look through the archived newspapers for articles for that date. The library will have City Directories for the year the house was built, also. The previous owner might be able to give you the builders name.
    2483 days ago
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