Non-Scale Victories

Friday, May 27, 2011

I learnt a new phrase recently called Non-Scale Victories or NSVs. NSVs are milestones or successes, however big or small, which are not related to the amount of weight you lose according to the scale. Here are my NSVs;

Yesterday I was able to fit into some white trousers that where so tight on me before despite only losing 4lbs in 6 weeks. Words cannot describe the feeling, when I was not only able to wear them but I could also zip and button them up. Yes, they were tight but they were not uncomfortable. I was so excited I wore them all through yesterday even at work (even though they were not office wear). I even wore them at the gym & they didn’t split. So, although I have been feeling disappointed that my weight loss, as shown on the scale is slow (I even gained a pound one week & was considering abandoning this journey), I am now very happy that I am obviously losing inches all over my body. This proves that I am losing fat, if not weight. I just wish I had used a tape measure at the beginning of this journey to see how many inches I have lost so far. Bring on another 6 weeks.

Another of my NSVs, is that I am getting stronger. I was able to do 2.5 chin-ups & 2 bench dips at the gym yesterday. 2 months ago, I was not even able to lift a small bucket of water. That was how weak I was. Using 500ml bottles of water for arm exercises was difficult, & I could not manage up to 10 reps. Now, I am able to use 10-15lb weights, depending on the type of muscle I am working, for at least 12 reps. I have also realized that I am now able to run up the 3 flights of stairs at home without having to stop. A few weeks earlier, I couldn’t walk up those steps without feeling like I was about to die & I would take multiple breaks in between. These points are beneficial to me because I am a pharmacist by profession & lifting boxes, climbing up & down ladders, standing on my feet, & running upstairs at various times in a day are part of my job description. I am finding myself less tired after work & look forward to going to the gym.

So all in all, I have now realized that I can get some much needed benefits from this healthy living lifestyle asides from the number on the scale. I need to be happy that all my hard-work is paying off in some way. The weight will come off in time even though not as quickly as I would want, but I will reap some other successes that will be beneficial to my life in general. With NSVs, I will be able to find other healthful ways (apart from the scale), to celebrate my overall progress during my weight loss journey.

What are your NSVs?
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    Great! emoticon
    191 days ago
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    1808 days ago
    I am with you 100%
    2434 days ago
    Reading this made me feel a lot better. Ive been exercising regularly and eating healthier for three weeks and the scale has not budged but now I realize I have more energy and sleep better. So even though the scale doesnt move, good things are coming from my lifestyle changes. Thanks!!
    2445 days ago
    What a great thing to bring attention to. I know I get caught up with the number on the scale not budging as quickly as I'd like. My non-scale victories - fitting into a pair of shorts I found in the bottom of a box that I wore in high school, buying a swimsuit that actually looked good on me, and being able to run distances that are greater than I ever thought possible.

    Congrats on your NSV's!
    2447 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!!
    2454 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
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    2454 days ago
  • LINDAS813
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    2455 days ago
    2455 days ago
  • THOMS1
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    2455 days ago
  • JOJOBEE318
    Wonderful blog!!

    NSVs are, to me, more important than seeing the scale drop.

    They show you are improving your overall health, building muscle, and moving in the right direction.

    I know I need to focus on NSVs, as I do get frustrated when the scale isn't moving like I want it to.
    2455 days ago
    Great blog. I have been having a hard weekend, taking care of my wheel-chair bound Mom by myself. Sometimes she isn't so pleasant, and yesterday was hard. I wasn't really able to exercise... and I just felt like a beached whale. Your blog made me think of some of my own NSV's. One is that I have been strong enought his trip to lift my mom with out hurting myself or her. when I was here in February, I hurt my back lifting this is a big NSV for me. And whie I didn't exercise yesterday (escpet for a short walk) I did exercise on Thursday amd Friday...something I not accustomed to doin here either. So thanks a lot for sharing
    2455 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon What an honor to see your blog featured as "Blog of the Month."

    2456 days ago
    My NSV: less pain in my knees!
    2456 days ago
    i went shopping to by summer clothes and dropped a size but no weight lost
    2457 days ago
    Congrats! That is amazing, and thank you for sharing. I love NSVs!
    2457 days ago
  • MIZPAM25
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Best wishes on your journey! emoticon emoticon
    2464 days ago
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    2464 days ago
    My NSVs are similar to yours: clothes in smaller sizes now fit, I don't get winded using the stairs (and actually seek them out rather than use the elevator), I don't hate the steep hill on my normal walk route anymore, I can see my toes when I'm doing crunches (too much belly in the way before).... The one thing I wish I could celebrate is having people notice the 30 pounds they can't see anymore, but I guess folks feel it's impolite to inquire.

    2464 days ago
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