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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just this last week I started exercising again. I couldn't for a really long time. I was just too sick. And even in the last two months, I've been recovering from major surgery. Back in August I went with three friends to go hiking. It was just going to be a simple day, nothing too complicated or intense. I got 1/2 a mile in before losing my lunch. I felt bad. My friends kind of lost a day of more fun. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so I understand why I was so sick.

My left arm still hasn't been working quite right since the surgery. It is hard to push, pull, or lift really anything like 4 pounds or more. But I have physical therapy starting this Friday, so hopefully they can help me with gaining strength there.

With all of my new goals, exercising regularly was definitely in the plan. I mapped out that the route from my front door, to the park, around three times, and back equals just under 2 miles. I started walking that. I don't want to do too much at first or to get too discouraged. But I've already begun adding sprints and a bit of jogging in the mix. Just the other day I managed to create the perfect analogy to my experience. There I was, walking along the path, doing all that I was supposed to do. All the sudden, blocking my path, was a bloody dead snake. It creeped me out. I stared at it, stopping. As soon as I did so, it started to move!! It was still alive! That made it all the worse. I decided to stop staring at it and to continue on my way, not letting it take me away from the task at hand. This can be applied so nicely to goals and accomplishment in life. Sometimes when we're doing the right thing and heading down a new path, things, the snake, crosses our path. What we need to do is identify what they are, but continue, keep going. Don't get distracted focusing on the snake and what the snake might present to us.

I have a new cell phone that can hold quite a bit of music on it, and so I use it as my MP3 player while out "Wogging" (as my friend put it.) Whether it is fast music or just a song I really like, having that to listen to gives me the motivation to keep on going. I believe it is important to find those little things, those "tricks" that can help you stay excited about the exercising you're doing. The more exciting something is, the more motivated you can be to do that. Walking/running isn't for everyone, so find that niche that you enjoy and polish it to keep it exciting.

The weather was a bit poor today, so I didn't go down to the park. Instead, I decided to pop in my Biggest Loser Cardio DVD.

The idea of workout DVD's seemed stupid and silly to me at first. I had seen countless roommates use a plethora of different styles, yoga, dancing, etc. I got this one for Christmas a few years ago. It is perfect! I really like it. It takes you through a warm-up, cardio, and a cool down, all within 35 minutes. There is lots of stretching and yoga like stuff, but weights and a variety of exercises are used. Except for one 2 minute part, I can do all the poses and exercises easily and still work up a sweat. Everything is used.

As I was going through the motions earlier, I felt I was starting to wane, to lose a bit of focus. Then Bob had us do some boxing. Right in front of my face happened to be my Vlad ball.

This ball my aunt Lorena and uncle Carl gave to me when I was in the hospital recovering from my cancer surgery. Vlad was the name I gave my tumor, and he just happened to be the size of a football (even bigger than the one here, because this isn't NFL regulation sized.) When I came back home after recovery, this ball was put up on my television set. I wanted to display it. It's a constant reminder to me of what I went through and just how blessed I am. SO here I was, losing spirit while exercising, and I saw my ball on top of the TV. Guess what I did? I pretended I was punching the friggin' lights out of Vlad. My boxing became intense and pointed. My juices were up and I was ready to fight. A few minutes later, we did kicking--to which I once again took aim at my target.

If you feel like your passion and drive for exercising is waning, find a motivational piece that can get you up and moving again, just like I have with my Vlad ball. For the future, I intend to take this with me to keep my spirits up. Never again will something like Vlad take away my freedom and months of my life, and to make sure of that, I am going to continue to fight and exercise.
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