Done with school/CAMPING DOWN THE SACO/Couch to 5k

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've been really busy as of lately. I FINISHED ALL MY GRADUATE CLASSES!!! But there were some crazy papers, quite a few all-nighters, etc. I almost quit my job... (long story!) And the BF's father needs 24/7 care and I've started doing shifts on my own to help them out. Between all of that, phew, it's been crazy!

That being said, luckily, I haven't gained weight, I've been staying at the same number for a few weeks. I am GRATEFUL that I didn't put back on any weight. Now that I have things under control, I am going to step it up!

I started doing the first week of training for the Couch to 5k plan. My new Gymboss interval timer helps a ton and I LOVE it! I have to go running soon before it gets too hot for the day. (I really, really hate running when it's hot out. I'm going to have to start waking up early to run when it's still beautiful!)

This weekend, the BF graduates from graduate school. NEXT weekend, however....... is something I've been waiting to do for almost 6 years!!!



wait for it.....



I'm finally canoeing down the Saco River!!!!!! (I know, doesn't sound as exciting as the buildup.. haha) (here is the backstory for those of you who didn't read it in an earlier blog - the BF and all his guy friends go on MANTRIP every year. They canoe down the Saco and camp on the beaches. There are no bathrooms. Anything you bring with you has to fit in the canoe. ..etc. Also, since I hang out with mostly guys, MANTRIP = Everybody but Amanda trip)

So this year, I finally convinced the BF and a couple other guys to do a "general public trip" meaning girls included. haha However, I'm still the only girl going. I am SO very excited, however, there are two things I'm nervous about. A) pooping in holes haha b) what if I have my period when I go!!

On that lovely note - I'm going to go for my run before noon hits! Thanks everybody for the warm wishes the past two weeks while I've been missing from SP!
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