Day 5

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ho Hum, I'm feeling pretty lazy today. For the past few nights I've been waking up at 5 or 6 am and feeling as wide awake as I could be. I guess, I should go ahead and get up...but ti's too dark! So I toss and turn and try to get some sleep and by the time 8 am rolls around I either don't hear the alarm or I snooze it cause I'm still tired. GRRR. To be honest, I think the TV wakes me up. I hate having the TV on when I'm trying to sleep. Andrew, the hubby, says he can't sleep without it. Gah, it's so frustrating.

Anyhow, I have tons of crap I need to do. Clean and exercise for the most part. However, I just don't feel like getting up. Hoping this blog will help me out. :D

So I've been trying really hard to drink my 8 glasses of water a day but I wasn't doing so well. I must confess, I am addicted to caffeine. (Do understand, I don't often admit this addiction and have yet confessed it to Andrew. Although, he already knows haha.) So when I'm thirsty I feel like I want a pop but I'm actually wanting a water. Then the pop doesn't quench my thirst and that thirst turns to 'hunger' then I feel like I'm starving so I eat something. See how dangerous pop can be!

I decided last night that I needed a way to gauge how much water I was drinking. I dug out a pitcher and found that filling it to the top will give me about 8 glasses of water! Then I got to thinking about how I drink about 2 cups while I'm at work. So I dumped out 2 cups from my pitcher. Now my goal for today is to down what's left of the pitcher!

Unfortunately, right now all I can think about is a Diet MT Dew... Gr. I told myself once I finish this glass of water that I can have a pop. :D I'm going to cut myself down to 3 a day, then 2, then 1. I don't want to give it up completely, that would make me sad. :( So I'm just going to limit it! :D

So I think I'm going to finish my glass, turn on the tv for one episode of Family Guy, and drink my pop. When I'm finished with that I'm going to exercise, shower, clean, walk-if it's not raining. The I'll go to work!

OH BTW, we are leaving for WV on Sunday night. So tomorrow is going to be very busy. It's the only day I have off before then and I've got to pack, clean the car, see my padres before I go, make sure the house is clean, decide what food goes in the cooler! So I guess if I wake up at 5 am I'm just gonna get up and get busy! :D (yeah right)
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  • TBBULL717
    Set the timer on your TV. My wife likes it on to help her sleep and I can't stand it. We set it for 20 min, she drifts off to sleep and the TV goes off.

    As for the caffeine, I used to be a 1 cup of coffee and 2 coke zero a day guy. It's definitely tough to make the change but just ween yourself off slowly like you said. So for my case it was to cut 1 can out for the first week. I'm on the second week now and I'm down to just the coffee. I'm not giving up this one cup and bust out the Tablespoon to measure 2 Tlbs to give it some flavor (no sugar).

    If that doesn't work, just google the downside effects of aspartame to realize the vicious cycle of artificial sweeteners and how they in turn make a person crave sweets.

    The water part is easy. Buy a large cheap thermos and measure out 8 - 8 oz cups of water to put into it along with some ice. Take it to work and finish it off before the day is up.

    2434 days ago
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