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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seems like I blinked and it went from Saturday to Wednesday in a moment! Yikes!

How come when you're losing weight, time moves so s-l-o-w-l-y, but when you're gaining, it goes by too fast??

I had one of the best days EVER on Saturday! It was truly a great great day. The scale was the same Saturday morning as it had been Thursday and Friday. I did stay on plan with my Big Lunch technique, but probably because I pushed it to 4pm and I ate a big portion of nachos (lots of salt) and also shared a big dessert, on Sunday morning, the scale had moved upwards by a whopping 1.4lbs.

On Sunday I felt as if I needed a break from Big Lunch, and was beginning to think maybe following the Big Lunch technique for another week was not a good plan. And whenever I get wishy-washy and uncommitted, I sort of let the food tell me what to do rather than the other way around. So Sunday I did eat several small meals throughout the day. I did not eat wild at all. Stayed within a very reasonable calorie range as well. I thought I had tracked it, but since computer time on the weekends is often difficult for me to get, I don't see it in my online tracker. I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup--lots of organic everything--veggies, lean beef, seasonings, broth.

Monday morning the scale was up AGAIN, another 0.6lbs. This shocked me since I ate very little on Sunday, just spaced it throughout the day rather than doing the Big Lunch thing. I thought perhaps it was more salt from the soup, which I accidentally over salted for my tastes, but The Sweetie liked it.

On Monday I ate several small, healthy meals throughout the day--lots of fresh fruit, veggies, chickpeas, taboule, mini pita. And on Tuesday morning, the scale was up AGAIN! Another 0.6lbs! Between Saturday morning and Tuesday morning, the scale had reversed itself by a total of 2.6lbs! I was SO discouraged.

So Tuesday I just didn't know what I was doing. Fruit obviously throws me off EVERY TIME, with one very rare exception. I ate the same things I ate on Monday, except no fruit, and then The Sweetie also wanted to go out for a really nice meal. Well, I can't do Big Lunch and have a really nice dinner out. It's a small local Italian restaurant that has fantastic lasagna. So that's what I ate for dinner last night. I'm sure the scale is up up up and away, but I'm already downstairs and the scale is upstairs and my knee is bothering me too much to be able to make the stairs again.

So the plan for today is going back to my Big Lunch technique, only I'm staying away from fruit. And salty things. I'll eat a small breakfast a little later this morning, and a Big Lunch around 2 or 2:30pm, and call it a day. Also, NO DIET SODA after 6pm, not even caffeine free (which is the only kind I drink). It's not about the caffeine or lack thereof, but the artificial sweeteners might also be derailing my efforts. Well, 16 oz of Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi seems to be worse for me in the evening than 12 oz of diet ginger ale.

That's the other thing that could've derailed me all those days of the scale either not moving at all or gradually shifting upwards. I had Diet Pepsi around for a change. Diet Pepsi is just so sweet, so I think it confuses my body and triggers the release of insulin, and when insulin is in the house, there is absolutely no fat burning going on! Insulin tells the body to store store store that fat! And if diet soda triggers that response, then of course there's no fat burning. So I'll watch that very very carefully for the rest of this week.

One thing I did not like about eating dinner last night was how I felt the rest of the evening, and then I awoke at 4:45am and just couldn't get back to sleep, feeling like my food hadn't moved at all during the night. I much much much prefer that wonderful empty feeling upon going to bed and again getting up the next morning when I follow the Big Lunch. My body feels better, too. I sleep better. It feels like all the digesting has been accomplished during the day, and by bedtime, my body is done with digesting and only needs to rest, rejuvenate, refresh, and burn fat. That's what I want to get back to. So today, that's the plan. I'm going to knock off these regained 2.6lbs quickly, and get back on that Big Lunch horse!

I'm also considering leaving Weight Watchers for good. It seems like a real waste of money, especially now that the leader hasn't exactly been inspiring me. While the new WW plan might be good for maintenance, for me for losing weight, it stinks. Fruit messes me up, and they are pushing fruit fruit fruit. And goodness forbid you dare say your body does not process fruit like most peoples'! They don't have room for that in their plan. they also push eating a lot of small meals throughout the day, and THAT doesn't work for me either.

Well, one thing at a time, and for today, it's back to the Big Lunch technique without fruit and with diet soda as part of a meal and not separate, especially in the evening.
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    The money that I paid to Weight Watchers always made me feel guilty. And when I feel guilty I EAT! Never worked for me. The New Atkins for a New "ME" is a good fit for me. I'm getting adjusted to it. Moved into OWL by adding nuts, seeds and berries and I'm just doing my thing and waiting for the scale to follow along. I cashed in my 14 pound chip in the first two weeks and now I'm just creeping to my goal. That's okay by me. I went shopping on Monday and trying on clothes in a size smaller gave me some good motivation to just keep doing what I'm doing.
    Hope your "BIG LUNCH" continues to suit you well.
    Have a great Wednesday.
    2463 days ago
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